Moving With The Family Made Easier

Moving can be very stressful and laborious for any family, especially if it is your first big move to a new apartment home. There are a few ways in which you can make the transition of moving more enjoyable for the whole family just by following a few simple tips. At Arcadia Run, we strive to make your move go as smoothly as possible, so check out our recommendations below!

1. Research the Moving Company

Many people think that researching a moving company takes too much time. However, it is crucial that you find reliable help who will not only move all of your belongings into a truck, but someone you are willing to trust with all of your belongings. Take the extra time and choose a company who you feel you can trust. That being said, a reliable and helpful mover may not be the cheapest option, but spending the extra money will ensure the safe arrival of your truck with all items still inside.

2. Get the Supplies

Two of the most critical supplies needed when moving are boxes and tape. Make sure that the boxes are sturdy and can withstand the weight of plates, books, and any other heavy objects that will neatly fit inside. Bubble wrap is always good to have when moving fragile items such as glasses or picture frames that you would prefer not to bounce around on the drive. Making a checklist before the big move is always helpful when trying to gather the packing materials.

3. Plan Your Move

Everyone is aware that moving takes a lot of time and energy. If you are moving with children, you know that this is doubly true! However, your time can be more efficiently managed if you plan ahead and write down everything that you want to finish before the big day. Making a list of everything that must be completed is a good way to set goals and have them visualized in front of you If you are moving with small children, plan extra time for breaks so the kids stay happy!

4. Label! Label! Label!

After you have set your goals, made your lists, bought the supplies, and researched the movers, don’t forget to label your boxes! If you forget to do this, moving into your new apartment will take double the amount of time than it should have. Make sure you write the room where each box belongs, and whether the content inside is fragile. Giving movers a heads about the fragile objects will decrease the chances of opening boxes to broken items. If you want to get even more detailed with labeling, you can choose to label the boxes by priority, such as “high” for items that should be unpacked immediately and “low” for boxes that can wait a few days.

5. Pack an Overnight Bag

Finally, make sure that everyone packs an overnight bag. This is the most forgotten item when families move into their new apartment!. A few items that should be packed in the overnight bag include a change of clothes, toilet paper, toiletries, water bottles, phone charger, plastic utensils, garbage bags, any necessary medications, and entertainment for the little ones. This way, you won’t be digging around through all of your boxes trying to find your PJs!

Hopefully, these tips have been helpful and can help you better prepare for the big day! For more information on how you can enjoy a brand new apartment home at Arcadia Run, visit the

Apartment Must-Haves

Here at Arcadia Run, we specialize in luxury apartment living and we want our residents to be just as excited about their new apartment home as we are! Whether you are a seasoned apartment renter, or you have found your first apartment home here at Arcadia Run, we are here to help you gather our top picks for apartment must-haves!

Mirrors – These are the miracle workers of interior design. They can rework any space and are so versatile. Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes and styles to choose from, and the best part? They give the illusion of making spaces look larger and more open.

One awesome piece of artwork – Sometimes people think that they need a lot of decorations throughout the apartment, when in reality; all you need is one statement piece in each room, with accessories to compliment it. Think a nice canvas painting, photo collage, or light fixture.

Area rugs – Area rugs are not only comfortable, they help define a space and add some style to any room. Area rugs are great for underneath of a coffee table or in hallways to transition your style from room to room. Check out all of our available floor plans here!

A spot for mail & keys – Any home needs a space for important things so that they don’t get misplaced! Create a spot by the front door to keep mail and put your keys so that you always know where they are. You can use a nice basket, or look into hang-able wall options.

Cleaning supplies – It sounds silly, but you really do need to think about cleaning supplies when moving into an apartment. Luckily, there are so many multipurpose cleaning solutions and products that you can pretty much use throughout your entire apartment. Apartments at Arcadia Run also have lots of storage space, so you can fit all of your cleaning supplies with no problem.

Kitchen gear – Before buying things for your kitchen, think about how much you cook, what types of food you cook, and which kitchen supplies will be versatile for you. It’s also important to keep focused on quality rather than quantity, so you don’t have to re-buy poor quality kitchen utensils that might break. The 42” designer kitchen cabinets in Arcadia Run’s brand new apartment homes will hold everything you need!

First aid — You never know when an accident will happen. If you accidentally cut yourself, fall & scrape your leg, or have no idea where that scratch came from, you are going to want to have medical supplies on hand right away.

A personal touch – This is the most important apartment must-have! Your apartment home at Arcadia Run will be your space and personal oasis. The space should reflect your personal style and living needs. New apartment homes at Arcadia Run already come with amazing features, so the rest is up to you!

Styling Tips to Use In Your Living Room

It’s certainly an exciting time to move into a new luxury apartment at Arcadia Run! We can’t wait to meet our newest residents in 2015.  And, moving into a brand new apartment also means a blank canvas to decorate your new digs!  So, here are a few of our favorite style tips to use when furnishing your new living room:

1. Pick a Theme

  • A cohesive theme is the first thing to determine before furnishing your new living room in your Arcadia Run apartment. Whether you choose nautical, whimsical, or anything else imaginable, make sure everything you buy for this space falls into your chosen category.

3. Avoid the Overly Trendy

  • While essentially every style is a trend in some way or another, some trends have more staying power than others.  Stay away from overly trendy pieces, as they will likely go out of style sooner rather than later.


2. White on White

  • Speaking of trends, want an en vogue look without investing too much? Opt for white-on-white décor in your living room instead. This crisp look is trendy without limiting you to white-on-white forever.  Down the road, white furniture and decorations can be seamlessly incorporated into other themes.


4. Metallic Accents

  • For a fresh take on a little glamour, add small metallic accents to your living room. These could be in the form of a gold picture frame, silver bookends, or even a bronze accented coffee table.  Whatever you choose, be careful not to overdo it as too many metallic finishes can make a room feel cluttered.


5. Stylish Organization

  • Chances are, you’ll want to include some organizational features in your new living room.  Instead of stacks of items in the corner or unsightly bins, try to find an elegant storage solution.  Stores like Ikea and Crate & Barrel offer plenty of shelving units that are as stylish as they are functional.

6. Nature Inspired

  • Want to have a living room that’s welcoming and refreshing?  A natural themed space may be just the option for you. Choosing natural colors and textures gives you more flexibility when searching for pieces.  And, as long as they stay within the same theme, furnishing your new space will be a breeze.

Half the fun of moving into a new Arcadia Run luxury apartment is making your new space your home.  The other half is enjoying the amenitized community, friendly neighbors, convenient location, and the charming town of Manassas, Virginia!

Check out our latest new apartments for rent and find the one that suits you best!

Source: Real Simple

Why Apartment Living is Perfect for Millennials

At Arcadia Run, we can attest to the fact that apartment living can be a great choice for consumers in all stages of life. Whether you’re single or have a family, in the city or in the suburbs, apartment living can make sense for many people in many different situations. But there are plenty of reasons why renting is the perfect choice for millennials in particular, including the following:

Flexibility: The flexibility of renting an apartment is ideal for millennials who don’t want to be tied down to one particular area. Once a lease is up, renters have the option to renew – or to pick up and move to a different area, city or state! The ease of renting and the flexibility offered by short-term leases are key factors in the attractiveness of renting for many millennials.

Financial freedom: Many millennials aren’t willing or able to taken on a mortgage for a home, especially when many members of this generation are busy paying back student loans while also trying to put away money into savings. An apartment can be particularly appealing when there’s the option to split the rent with a roommate (or a few roommates)!

Modern living: Many apartments offer the modern lifestyle that millennials crave. One factor in modern living is the apartment building itself, and at Arcadia Run, you’ll find modern apartment features such as over-sized kitchens, granite kitchen countertops and extended windows. Amenities are another factor that can make apartments modern, and at Arcadia Run, millennials are sure to love the resort-style swimming pool, fitness center and clubhouse coming to Arcadia Run this year!

Less stress and less maintenance: if something breaks in your apartment, you don’t have to worry about the stress of replacing or fixing it – you just call the front desk! This ease of maintenance that apartments offer is perfect for on-the-go millennials who don’t have the time to deal with these issues that often arise when owning a home.

Perfect amount of space: Single family homes can often have way too much interior (and exterior) space for busy millennials to keep up with. And unused space translates into more cleaning – and who really wants to clean space they don’t even use? Many modern apartment buildings, such as Arcadia Run, offer units that are spacious enough to live very comfortably, but they’re not unnecessarily large either.

Millennials who are interested in taking advantage of all the benefits of apartment living in beautiful Manassas, VA, don’t need to look any further than Arcadia Run! Our spacious, modern apartments units are offered in several floor plans, so you’re bound to find the perfect unit for your needs and lifestyle!


Small Ways to “Think Green” In Your Apartment

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 1.19.17 PM

Moving into a new apartment gives tenants a chance to revamp their green living habits.  With growing concerns to preserve the environment and reduce our ecological footprints, more and more people are taking proactive steps to live in a more environmentally responsible way.

Here are a few small green ways you can make a big difference when living in your new apartment at Arcadia Run!

  • Buy eco-friendly cleaning products to use when cleaning your apartment. Or better yet, make your own cleaning products from natural materials you might already have.  Most organic cleaners are just as effective as the others – and without filling your space with strong chemical odors!
  • Why not try out your green thumb and care for a small herb garden on your balcony or patio – or even on your kitchen counter! You’ll always have your favorite herbs handy, saving you a trip to the grocery store.
  • Who doesn’t love their single-cup coffee maker? Unfortunately, those little empty k-cups easily find their way into landfills, and they’re building up fast. Opt for a reusable k-cup instead – it’s cheaper in the long term and helps reduce waste.
  • When we’re rushing out the door in the morning, it can be hard to remember to unplug small electronics or turn off a lamp. Try writing yourself notes or setting reminders to do so – you’ll end up preserving energy, which could translate to a smaller utility bill!
  • Instead of buying bottled water, invest in a water filter pitcher instead. You’ll avoid a trashcan full of plastic bottles and will always have fresh water when you want it.
  • Build your collection of canvas grocery bags. Using reusable canvas bags are sturdier and better for the environment than the plastic ones.  Plus, some grocery stores even offer incentives to use canvas bags instead!

In truth, these are green living habits that can be implemented anywhere. And at Arcadia Run, we love to see our residents do more to preserve the environment – every little bit helps!  So what better time to adopt a few easy green habits than the spring season? Warmer weather and blooming flowers will be here in no time at all!

Apartment Hunting Mistakes to Avoid

It might seem like an easy task, but believe it or not, there can be many pitfalls to apartment hunting.  There are so many things to consider before signing a lease, and renters should settle for nothing less than their ideal apartment – at least, residents at Arcadia Run didn’t!

So, want to avoid a few of the major mistakes that apartment hunters make?  Take a look!

Forgetting to View the Apartment

It’s easy to do – it’s in the town you want to live in and the price is just right, so you sign a lease!  But without seeing the apartment yourself, how can you really know you want to live there? With Arcadia Run, our detailed website provides everything there is to know about our brand new apartments in Manassas, Virginia.  You can even view floor plans and photography right from your computer.  Want to come in and see an apartment for yourself? You can drop us a line here!

Not Researching the Surrounding Town

Where your future apartment is located is just as important as the apartment itself. You’ll want plenty of things to do and places to go all within a short distance to your new home.  Luckily, Manassas, home to Arcadia Run, is filled with all types of experiences.  Take a look at our map to find dining, recreation, shopping and entertainment options nearby!

Considering the Building’s Age

In our opinion, a new apartment building is always better! Arcadia Run continues to grow with new, fully modernized apartments. When you move in, you can expect luxury features like vinyl hardwood flooring, pristine carpeting, designer cabinetry, granite countertops and updated appliances.  Spacious and roomy floor plans, along with extended windows and nine-foot ceilings, offer apartments that are easy and fun to live in.  You won’t find the same dedication to comfortable living anywhere else!

Beyond the Apartments?

It’s easy to fall in love with an apartment that seems perfect – but does it really have everything you need?  Apartment buildings today should come with more benefits beyond luxury units.  At Arcadia Run, we offer amenities that only make living here more fun.  With plans for a swimming pool, fitness center, and community clubhouse, you’ll have to get used to having it all with Arcadia Run!

What Makes It A Home?

And lastly, don’t forget to find an apartment that fits you and your family’s lifestyle. At Arcadia Run, we’re not just a new apartment building; we’re a community. With events happening year-round, you will quickly become acquainted with your newest neighbors & begin lasting friendships!

All About the Lifestyle at Arcadia Run

Like any traditional community, Arcadia Run has its own personality, its own heartbeat, and its own atmosphere that makes it so different than the other apartment complexes in the area. In fact, it’s this same attitude and zeal that appeals to our renters – rarely do you find an apartment community quite like ours!

So, what type of lifestyle can renters expect to find when they move into their new Arcadia Run apartment?

Residents Are Active

Arcadia Run was created with the energetic professional in mind.  Our residents want to stay active and get out and explore all that this region has to offer.  At Arcadia Run, a new clubhouse with full fitness center is currently in the works and will be available for residents to enjoy. The clubhouse will feature the latest fitness equipment, a swimming pool, lounge area and more.  This, paired with the ultimate playground we know as Northern Virginia, provides endless ways for residents to stay fit.

Residents Are Social

Arcadia Run itself is a very social community.  With yearly events celebrating various holidays and seasons, getting out and mingling with the newest neighbors is second nature to our residents.   Not to mention, Manassas also offers numerous ways for Arcadia Run families to be social beyond our community.  Between the Manassas Museum, the Ben Lomond Manor House, Signal Bay Water Park, and Manassas National Battlefield Park, weekend activities are as fun as they are educational!

Also a great social event, on the first Friday of each month, participating shops and restaurants in Historic Downtown Manassas extend their hours for themed events.  So head downtown, grab a bite to eat, and shop ‘til you drop!

And Lastly, the Residents Here Want to Have Fun!

They don’t want to hang back and watch as life passes them by!  Residents at Arcadia Run are energetic, upbeat, and ready to catch the next performance at Jiffy Lube Live or try the latest restaurant in town.  And when you live in an apartment community like Arcadia Run, living life to the fullest is so easy to do.

When you build a community as great as Arcadia Run, in an equally as great city, the two together are bound to leave lasting impressions.  This unique combination of rich history and modern conveniences helps to set Manassas, as well as Arcadia Run, apart as a wonderful place to call home.  With luxury features including granite countertops, tall ceilings, new carpeting, designer cabinets, updated appliances and more, there’s no doubt you’ll quickly fall in love with the lifestyle at Arcadia Run when you move into your new apartment!

Most Popular Features In Apartments That Renters Love

If you’ve ever lived in a new apartment, you know that it pays to be picky. Even if it takes you awhile, finding the perfect apartment with all the features you love can certainly be worth the time. Though not every apartment renter has the same exact preferences, the following are features that renters generally desire. Do any of the following popular apartment features sound familiar to you?:

· Modern: Modern features in apartments are key for many renters. Homeowners may enjoy the charm of an older home, but there’s usually not much charm to be found in old, outdated apartments. Thankfully, our Arcadia Run residents are able to enjoy the benefits of our new construction apartments with modern features, such as granite kitchen counters, pendant lighting and ceramic tile in the bathrooms

· Location, location, location: Like any type of real estate, one of the most dominant factors when searching for an apartment is its location. Renters will cross off even the most beautiful apartment units from their list if it’s not close to their ideal location. For many of our Arcadia Run residents, our location in beautiful Manassas was a strong factor in their apartment choice. Close enough to enjoy all the benefits of our nation’s capital but far enough removed from the hustle and bustle of the city, our location in the D.C. metro is ideal.

· Flowing floor plan: There’s no doubt about it – renters love an open floor plan that allows for the most efficient use of space! The kitchen area flowing into the living room area is particularly attractive for both renters and homeowners, as it’s great for entertaining. Our Arcadia Run residents are able to take full advantage of this open floor plan in their apartments, as their modern kitchens open up to their spacious living areas.

· Convenient access to laundry: One of the last things that apartment residents want to deal with is lugging their laundry up and down the stairs and to the nearest Laundromat. It’s important for many renters to have access to an on-site laundry facility, but at Arcadia Run, we take it one step further with full-size washer and dryers in every apartment.

· Parking: Access to a parking spot is clearly a huge factor for renters with cars. The cost of parking when living in an apartment can be truly staggering, especially if you’re in the middle of the city. But parking may be even more important for renters in the suburbs or the metro areas of cities, since they likely don’t have the same access to public transportation as city dwellers do. We’re glad that we can offer the convenience of an open parking policy to our Arcadia Run residents, making parking for residents and guests a breeze!

· Outside area: For renters, one main attraction of an apartment could be the lack of a yard, which means no time or money spent on lawn maintenance. However, many renters may still want at least some outdoor space with minimal maintenance required, and that’s where balconies and patios come into play. Arcadia Run residents are able to sit outside and enjoy beautiful Manassas with their outdoor spaces, and we’re glad we’re able to offer this opportunity to them!

The Arcadia Run apartments offer the best of apartment living – just ask our residents, who all enjoy all the above features of an ideal apartment! And we’re continuing to expand our new apartment community, which means that even more residents will be able to experience all the incredible features available in our Manassas apartments for rent.


Choosing a Community That’s Right For You

With new apartment communities popping up all over the D.C. metro area, it seems like renters have endless selections.  However, many of these ‘apartment communities’ don’t offer much as far as a community goes, and many residents might not even know their neighbors!  At Arcadia Run, we have a different story.

Arcadia Run will soon grow to incorporate excellent planned amenities, including a swimming pool, clubhouse, fitness center and much more.  Our annual and seasonal events bring tenants together and foster lasting friendships between residents.  Think you’ll find this in any other apartment complex?  Think again!

So, when you’re looking for the right apartment community for you, here’s how you can tell you’ve found the one:

The Tenants Like It

Just take a look around; are the existing tenants happy living here?  Are they the type of people you can imagine yourself living next door to?  At Arcadia Run, it’s true – our residents do love living here, just take a look at our latest resident testimonial. If they enjoy it so much, you might too!

You Get Everything You Want

There’s no need to give and take when searching for a new apartment, especially not with Arcadia Run.  With the best features and finishes available, our apartments are every bit of luxury.  Residents don’t need to sacrifice one thing for another, they get it all with Arcadia Run!

You Can See Yourself Living There

If you can imagine yourself living in a luxury apartment, utilizing all that Manassas has to offer, socializing with your newest neighbors, and taking total advantage of the soon-to-be amenities at Arcadia Run, then yes, you’ll be a perfect fit at Arcadia Run!

Best of all, Arcadia Run offers more beyond the amenities and friendly neighbors.  Our luxury one- and two-bedroom apartments make living here the best choice.  With the newest appliances, tall ceilings, spacious floor plans, new carpeting and vinyl flooring, designer cabinets and even granite countertops, these apartments are everything residents look for and more.  Take a look at our available spaces and see for yourself – you’re going to love living at Arcadia Run!

Why Renting Is A Great Option For You

It’s impossible to say that renting is always better than homeownership, or vice versa, because the decision to rent or buy is heavily influenced by many different factors that can change over time. There are certainly circumstances when renting makes the most sense for consumers, especially when they want to have the flexibility to be mobile and experience a certain area, for example. Our Arcadia Run residents have found that renting is the right option for them to experience beautiful Manassas, Virginia and the surrounding D.C. metro.

The flexibility that renting offers isn’t the only circumstance in which renting is a great option, however. If the following aspects appeal to you and fit with your lifestyle, then renting just may be perfect for you:

· Less maintenance and repair: One great advantage of apartments is that you’re not responsible for routine upkeep and repairs of the unit itself. You won’t have to worry about the headache of replacing broken appliances, for example, or the out-of-pocket expenses for that replacement.

· Amenities galore: Many apartment complexes come with the added bonus of on-site amenities. For example, having a fitness center on-site in your apartment complex not only offers convenience and influences residents to maintain a healthier lifestyle, but also can help residents save money on gym memberships they would otherwise have to pay for. We’re currently working on a wealth of amenities for our Arcadia Run residents – including a resort-style pool, fitness center, ball courts, playground and jogging trail – which will come later this year.

· No green thumb? No problem: Living in an apartment means you don’t have a yard, and for many renters, this is a huge advantage. Not being responsible for yard work and landscaping means that you’ll have more time to focus on things you enjoy. Not having to worry about lawn upkeep not only saves you time, but money as well.

· Financial benefits: Any upfront costs associated with moving into an apartment are typically lower than a down payment for a home. Also, renters don’t have to worry about downturns in markets or depreciating home values. A stress-free financial commitment detached from the short term risk associated with certain real estate purchases is a big draw for many.

For those who feel that renting is the right choice for them and are looking for an apartment in the D.C. metro, Arcadia Run offers all the above benefits of renting – and many more! As we do with all of our communities, we built our Arcadia Run apartments with only the highest standard in quality construction in mind. The features included in our Manassas apartments – including over-sized kitchens, granite kitchen counters, nine-foot ceilings, and full-size washer and dryers – make Arcadia Run the perfect choice for renters looking for luxury apartments in Prince William County.

SOURCE: Forbes/Trulia