Why Renting Is A Great Option For You

It’s impossible to say that renting is always better than homeownership, or vice versa, because the decision to rent or buy is heavily influenced by many different factors that can change over time. There are certainly circumstances when renting makes the most sense for consumers, especially when they want to have the flexibility to be mobile and experience a certain area, for example. Our Arcadia Run residents have found that renting is the right option for them to experience beautiful Manassas, Virginia and the surrounding D.C. metro.

The flexibility that renting offers isn’t the only circumstance in which renting is a great option, however. If the following aspects appeal to you and fit with your lifestyle, then renting just may be perfect for you:

· Less maintenance and repair: One great advantage of apartments is that you’re not responsible for routine upkeep and repairs of the unit itself. You won’t have to worry about the headache of replacing broken appliances, for example, or the out-of-pocket expenses for that replacement.

· Amenities galore: Many apartment complexes come with the added bonus of on-site amenities. For example, having a fitness center on-site in your apartment complex not only offers convenience and influences residents to maintain a healthier lifestyle, but also can help residents save money on gym memberships they would otherwise have to pay for. We’re currently working on a wealth of amenities for our Arcadia Run residents – including a resort-style pool, fitness center, ball courts, playground and jogging trail – which will come later this year.

· No green thumb? No problem: Living in an apartment means you don’t have a yard, and for many renters, this is a huge advantage. Not being responsible for yard work and landscaping means that you’ll have more time to focus on things you enjoy. Not having to worry about lawn upkeep not only saves you time, but money as well.

· Financial benefits: Any upfront costs associated with moving into an apartment are typically lower than a down payment for a home. Also, renters don’t have to worry about downturns in markets or depreciating home values. A stress-free financial commitment detached from the short term risk associated with certain real estate purchases is a big draw for many.

For those who feel that renting is the right choice for them and are looking for an apartment in the D.C. metro, Arcadia Run offers all the above benefits of renting – and many more! As we do with all of our communities, we built our Arcadia Run apartments with only the highest standard in quality construction in mind. The features included in our Manassas apartments – including over-sized kitchens, granite kitchen counters, nine-foot ceilings, and full-size washer and dryers – make Arcadia Run the perfect choice for renters looking for luxury apartments in Prince William County.

SOURCE: Forbes/Trulia