Manassas Featured on Huffington Post Travel

You may have heard of the Huffington Post before, and if you haven’t, we could sum it up as a popular online news publication. In their article “Top 25 Things To Do In Northern Virginia”, our city of Manassas was featured in three items on their list! Not only can you live in a brand new apartment home at Arcadia Run in Manassas, but you can also enjoy some of the best attractions in the region nearby! Check out the features from Huffington Post below:

12. Discover how “Stonewall Jackson” got his nickname at Manassas Battlefield aka Battles of Bull Run. Two battles were fought here- both Confederate victories.

manassas battlefield

Source: Huffington Post

13. Plan to spend an afternoon and night in Old Town Manassas, nary a Big Box Store or Chain Restaurant in sight. Formerly Manassas Junction, this railroad town, where two lines crossed, was strategically important during the Civil War. Dine at the fine Portuguese restaurant, Carmello’sor adorable casual-Italian restaurant Monza.


Source: Huffington Post

14. Stay at the 2-room Bennett House B&B in Old Town Manassasfive blocks downtown and within a few minutes walk from the train station (“an hour and $18 roundtrip to DC!”). Amiable couple, Jean and Curtis Harrover outline the many reasons it makes sense to stay in Manassas and take daytrips into Washington DC – no city parking woes, relative quietude, cost – and to top it off, Jean’s wonderful breakfasts are included in the room rate.”


Source: Huffington Post

Although the Huff Post hit the nail on the head, there are also some hidden gems in Manassas that we want to share with you! Below, we add some more of our top picks for things to do in Manassas:

Jiffy Lube Live

This outdoor concert venue is NoVa’s top place to go for the summer concerts you won’t forget! Another plus – it’s less than 3 miles from Arcadia Run! More info here:

Brewing Companies

Manassas is home to two different brewing companies: BadWolf Brewing Company and Heritage Brewing Co. Both of these top-rated brewing companies are great options if you’re feeling thirsty for an ice-cold brew.

Hylton Performing Arts Center

Although Jiffy Lube Live is great for a large concert venue, the Hylton Performing Arts Center is a more intimate venue for all types of live performances.

For more information on all of the great attractions in Manassas, VA, go to To keep up with everything going on at Arcadia Run, visit our Facebook page.


Features and Amenities at Arcadia Run

There are so many perks our residents get to enjoy while living at Arcadia Run. Our noteworthy new apartment home designs, unexpected features, and brand new resort-style amenities are just a few examples of why you need to come check out our apartment community and see how you can get used to getting more!


Located in Manassas, Virginia, our new apartment home complex offers more features than you could imagine! They include everything from oversized kitchens with gorgeous granite counter tops and designer kitchen cabinets to 9-foot ceilings with vinyl hardwood flooring. It doesn’t stop there, however. For your convenience, a full size washer and drying, a walk-in closet, and extended windows are included in Arcadia Run apartments. With a variety of floor plans to choose from, you’re sure to find a new apartment that suits you and your needs.

Not only are our apartment homes beautiful on the inside, but each apartment boasts balconies or patios attached so you can enjoy time spent outdoors. Also, our apartment community welcomes not only friendly neighbors but your furry friends as well.


Whether you choose to sign a 6 or 12-month lease, you’ll have the chance to make use of our amenities for as long as you’re a resident! With a resort-style swimming pool, a fitness center and ball courts, we provide ample means for you to keep up with your energetic lifestyle. Our apartment community has so much to do you won’t know where to start!

Arcadia Run is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression with all of the features and amenities included. Arcadia Run provides more of what our residents want when renting a new apartment. After choosing the perfect floor plan, enjoying all the features our apartments have to offer and staying active with all of our amenities, Arcadia Run residents will have to get used to getting more!



Reasons to Live in Northern VA

Northern Virginia is in the heart of it all and if you’re looking to lead an active lifestyle this is the place to be. There is so much to do for night owls and daytime adventurers alike. Here are just a few reasons why Northern, VA living is the way to go.

Museums and Monuments

Located near the Nation’s capital means tons of free museums and monuments to visit. But aside from what near-by DC has to offer, Northern Virginia has a lot of historical landmarks to visit as well. In fact, we have over 50 free museums and historical sites. From the George Washington Masonic Memorial to the National Inventors Hall of Fame, there’s endless fun for history buffs.

Fitness Enthusiasts 

If you are in to staying fit an active, then Northern Virginia is the place to be with over 20 5Ks, 10Ks and triathlons to choose from. And that’s just in the fall. Also, Turkey Trots are a popular event out here, so you’ll be sure to find one at a community near you.

Lifestyle Variety

One of the many things that make Northern Virginia unique is its lifestyle variety. Loudoun is great for those seeking a more rural, small-town feel while Arlington and Tyson Corner offer the hustle and bustle nightlife. And if you’re looking for a nice neighborhood suburb, you can find that too! There is truly a place to call home no matter what environment you’re looking for.


If shopping is what your after, we have some very well-known destinations like The Fashion Centre at Pentagon City and Tysons Corner. And don’t forget about the Galleria, which is a very popular tourist location as well as a favorite stop for the locals.


Northern Virginia prominently displays all four seasons with perfectly hot summers and beautifully snowy winters. We get the warm scenery of the changing leaves in the fall and nothing is quite as beautiful as the cherry blossoms in the spring.

 Outdoor Activities

There’s plenty to do outside in Northern Virginia with bike trails that extend through DC and all the way to West Virginia. There are plenty of youth and adult sports to get involved in and if you’re into boating, fishing or camping we have those options as well.


Northern Virginia is famous for its nightlife with restaurants and activities for all tastes. From sports bars and cocktails to music and dancing, there’s never a dull night out on the town. One of Northern Virginia’s claims-to-fame is the Wolf Trap National Park, which hosts a variety of concerts all year round.

With Phase 2 now open at Arcadia Run, it’s a perfect time to stop by and see if Northern Virginia living is a good fit for you!


Best Indoor Plants For Your Apartment

There has been plenty of buzz around the benefits of having plants in your apartment or home.  As natural air purifiers, plants can bring a refreshing ambiance to any space.  And, with the amount of natural light in our new apartments at Arcadia Run, any sun-loving plant is sure to thrive.

Here are a few of our favorite indoor plants that add a little greenery to your new apartment home. And, if you furry friend is joining you at Arcadia Run, we’ve also noted whether or not a plant is safe for pets!

English Ivy

English Ivy is a beautiful plant and when cared for correctly, can grow into a dramatic, cascading centerpiece.  It looks great when placed in a hanging planter or displayed on a pedestal.  It’s adaptable to different locations and also helps filter your air.  English Ivy is in fact toxic to pets, so be sure to keep at a safe distance.

Aloe Vera / Succulents

While you may recognize Aloe for its soothing qualities, the term ‘succulent’ is lesser known.  Succulents are typically fleshy plants, like cactus or aloe, that require very little water and maintenance. Their easy-to-care-for qualities make them a great choice for busy professionals. And, while most succulents are safe for pets, Aloe is not.



Snake Plant

Don’t be alarmed by the name, these plants are quite friendly and easy to care for. They absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air, helping to make your apartment feel its absolute freshest! While a snake plant is great for your apartment, it’s not great for pets.  So be sure to keep in a safe spot, or choose another plant!

Mini Herb Garden

Maintaining a mini herb garden is a wonderful way to incorporate some green in your apartment, especially if you love to cook.  Nothing is better than having fresh herbs nearby by for seasoning or garnish.  Parsley, Greek Oregano, Basil, Rosemary, Lemonbalm, Sage and Thyme are all pet-friendly herbs.


Christmas Cactus

Lastly, if you want a little extra brightness come winter, a Christmas Cactus is a wonderful choice.  Green year-round, this plants blossoms with brilliant flowers mid-December. They are easy to maintain and are safe for both cats and dogs!


Source: Huffington Post, Apartment Guide, Better Homes Guide, ASPCA

Overcoming Challenges When Moving With Kids

Moving should be an exciting venture – you’re going to have a new place to decorate, a new town to explore and new neighbors-soon-to-be-friends to meet. But oftentimes, the reality of moving overshadows the excitement, especially when facing the struggles of moving with kids.

Apartment Guide recently compiled a short list of guidelines to help make moving with kids a painless experience – here are a few tips to help ease the transition!

Include Family in the Search
Including your children in the apartment search and bringing them along for tours will help brighten their spirits about moving in the first place. If they help pick your new digs, chances are they’ll feel right at home when you do move.

When moving to any new location, it’s always fun to explore and see what your new hometown has in store. Kids will be especially pleased to learn that Manassas VA, home to Arcadia Run, has so many fun things to do – from playgrounds and parks, to kid zones and community events!

Find the Positives
It can be difficult for kids to move; it could mean leaving their friends, their school and their room they’ve grown to love. But this doesn’t mean they won’t make new friends, love their new school and have a room that’s even better than their old one! Accentuate the positive points to moving – and when you choose Arcadia Run, there are several!

Keep the Favorites Close
Pack your kid’s favorite stuffed animal or nighttime story last so it’s nearby if you need it. Chances are you won’t be able to unpack every box on your first night in the new place, so it’s important to have the necessities easily accessible.

Don’t Shy Away from Childcare
When the day comes to physically move your belongings from place A to place B, it might help to find childcare for your children. It’ll make your job of coordinating the move a little easier and you’ll be able to tackle the hectic process with little distraction.

Host a Small Get-Together
Once you get settled, Apartment Guide suggests throwing a small get-together with your children’s friends, as well as any other children you’ve met in your new apartment community. This help shows your kids that moving doesn’t mean leaving your old friends behind; it simply means you have more opportunities grow your existing circle of friends!

With these tips, moving your family to a new apartment can be the fun adventure you’re hoping for. And, with the opening of our Phase 2, we’re so excited to welcome new families to Arcadia Run!

Source: Apartment Guide

Keeping Your “Apartment Resolutions” in 2015

Along with the other resolutions we set for ourselves, like hitting the gym more often or focusing on our careers, why not also make 2015 the year you find the perfect apartment?

The ideal apartment should fit your lifestyle and provide all you’re looking for in one community – you deserve nothing less in 2015!  Here are a few “apartment resolutions” to keep in mind when searching for your best apartment yet:

Upgraded Features & Finishes

Think luxury! With newer apartment complexes offering quality apartment homes at reasonable price points, it’s more attainable than ever to live somewhere with luxury features and stunning finishes.  When renting, life is only made easier with upgraded kitchen appliances, easy-to-clean surfaces, and bright floor plans with natural lighting.

At Arcadia Run, tenants will find all this and more.  Granite countertops, luxury “hardwood” flooring, upgraded appliances, extended windows, Shaw carpeting and intuitive designs are all part of living in an Arcadia Run luxury apartment!

Community Fun

Anyone can live in a ho-hum community, but why should you?  At Arcadia Run, we’re dedicated to providing our residents with an apartment community that complements their active lifestyles.  This year, we have plans for a new clubhouse featuring a fitness center, swimming pool and residents’ lounge.  This exclusive amenity, along with our walking/jogging trails, playground and ball courts makes for a buzzing apartment community that is so much fun to be part of.

Not to mention, Arcadia Run also hosts several community events throughout the year – giving residents a good excuse to mix and mingle with their newest neighbors (as if they needed one!)

Unbeatable Location

And lastly, the location of your future apartment carries significant weight for many renters.  Most of us want to live in a city or town that has its own character, is close to our work, and provides endless things to do.  Manassas, Virginia, home to Arcadia Run, can deliver just that!  With charming, historical qualities and several major employers, Manassas is an incredible mix of small town ideals and big city opportunities.  Nearby Washington D.C. only provides more venues for employment, exploration and entertainment.

If you want to fulfill your apartment resolutions in 2015, look no further than Arcadia Run!  Phase 2 is now open and leasing, adding to our diverse selection of apartments available.  Have it all and more with Arcadia Run!

Getting the Most From Your Apartment Community

With all there is to enjoy at Arcadia Run, we want to make certain that our residents take full advantage of the many perks that come with living in a new apartment community like ours.  It’s not just above-average apartment designs that bring new residents to Arcadia Run – it’s the whole package!

So, here are a few ways to get the absolute most from living in our active, on-the-go apartment community:

Join in Seasonal Events

Arcadia Run offers many seasonal events for residents to partake in.  These include the Fall Festival (check out the photos from our recent event!), the Taste of Prince William Block Party, and more.  Having fun alongside great neighbors is a wonderful way for growing families and young professionals to reap all the benefits of a buzzing apartment community!

Meet Your Newest Neighbors

What fun would living in an apartment community like Arcadia Run be if you didn’t befriend the latest neighbors on your floor?  Immersing yourself in any new setting helps to make transitions easier – and more fun.  Go ahead and introduce yourself, you might find that many of your neighbors at Arcadia Run are just like you!

Decorate Your Way

Moving into a luxury apartment at Arcadia Run gives tenants a blank canvas.  Our newly built apartments with expansive windows, open floor plans and upscale features and finishes set the perfect scene to create an apartment home that is uniquely yours.  Bring in your favorite furniture, along with your best throw pillows and place settings to feel right at home.

Enjoy the Amenities

In no time at all, Arcadia Run will also feature even more amenities for residents to enjoy.  The clubhouse development, which is currently in progress, will include a resort-style pool, fitness club and more.  Ball courts, a jogging trail and a playground will also add to the exclusive amenities available to residents.  We can’t wait for these extraordinary new features to make their debut!

Our studio, one- and two-bedroom apartment homes are ideal for all types of renters, and with Phase 2 now available for leasing, we can offer even more options for future tenants.  With all there is to enjoy and experience right here at Arcadia Run, as well as the entire Manassas area, our residents get exactly what they’re looking for with our apartment community!

Neighborly Love at Arcadia Run

Living at Arcadia Run has many, many benefits.  Aside from our new luxury apartment homes with the latest features and finishes available, and our masterfully planned community that only continues to grow, residents at Arcadia Run also have great neighbors – each other!

Our residents choose Arcadia Run for the same reasons: to live among like-minded professionals, families, retirees, and students that appreciate a luxury apartment in a bustling town with so much to do.  And of course, those who want an apartment community that can keep up! Without a doubt, these shared mindsets help make the newest neighbors fast friends. And, according to Apartment Guide, one of our favorite sources for all-things-apartment-living, these are a few of the reasons why you should get to know your lovely neighbors at Arcadia Run:


Ever been in the middle of a recipe when you realize you’re short on one ingredient?  Believe us, you’re not the first, but if you’ve kept in touch with your neighbors, chances are they’ll be happy to help you out.  It’s a part of being a good neighbor!

Murphy’s Law:

Murphy’s Law says that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. A flat tire, lost keys or a missing pet can all be easily remedied with a little help from your neighbor!

Pet Sitting: 

Arcadia Run is a pet friendly development, so it wouldn’t be uncommon for your neighbor to love your furry friend as much as you do.  If you ever have to go out of town last minute, a pet-loving neighbor might not mind watching over your pet for the weekend. That’s the beauty of a community!


Aside from easily finding a pet-sitter, living in an apartment community also opens up a huge resource for potential babysitters.  If you and your partner want a night out on the town – without the kids – knowing your neighbors on a personal level will certainly give you more options.

Party Time:

Who doesn’t love a good party?  If you’re planning on having company one night, or looking for a few more to play a card game, you’ll have plenty of friends nearby to include!

Cooperative Efforts:

Lastly, when you know your neighbors on a personal level, it’s easy to team together and accomplish something great.  That might be organizing carpools to work, starting a dinner club, or initiative efforts in the greater Manassas area.

Here at Arcadia Run, we provide even more ways for residents to grow their friendships with each other.  Seasonal events, like the Annual Taste of Prince William County or the annual Fall Festival, are great ways for the entire Arcadia Run community to get together and have a good time.

Who wouldn’t want to join a welcoming apartment community like Arcadia Run?  And now, there are even more options for potential tenants.  Phase II is now leasing, adding to our already diverse selection of luxury apartment designs.  Take a look at floor plans here – we can’t wait to welcome you to the neighborhood!

Source: Apartment Guide 

Reasons Autumn is the Best Season to Move Into a New Apartment

Autumn is our favorite season here at Arcadia Run for a number of reasons. Simply put, everything is prettier in autumn. The novelties of fall and winter are still fresh and exciting, but the temperature hasn’t dropped to the winter norm yet. Autumn is the season best known for apple picking, pumpkin carving, hot apple cider and scenic drives through beautiful fall foliage. Not only is autumn a great time to partake in your favorite fall activities, it is also the best time of year to move into a new apartment! Below are a few reasons we believe autumn is the best season to move into a new apartment.

1. Perfect moving weather—a happy medium.

Everyone enjoys a sunny summer day, but most change their tune when the temperature starts hitting the mid-90’s. Summer is the best season to visit the beach or go sailing for the day, but heat and humidity make moving a miserable experience this time of year.

Most enjoy cuddling up next to their fireplace with a mug of hot apple cider, but few look forward to trekking through the snow to work to slipping on black ice when they walk up their front steps. Winter is not the best time to move either, with freezing cold temperatures and dangers like black ice and snow.

Though spring tends to be a medium of summer and winter, moving during this season tends to lead to more packing. Some are still wearing their heavy winter clothes or haven’t had time to pack their winter favorites away yet.

With crisp fall mornings and cool evenings, autumn is the best season for moving—it is a happy medium between summer and winter! By mid-autumn most are about to break out their sweaters and coats they packed away earlier in the summer once more. Why not move before breaking those boxes of cold weather clothes out again?

2. Save money on utilities.

Autumn tends to be the season with the mildest weather, which means you can turn off your air conditioning and enjoy the fall weather, which will help reduce your electric bill! While the weather is mild, take advantage of the climate and open your windows before the temperature starts to drop. Apartments generally use less water, power and gas than houses, which can save you money on your utility bills if you choose to lease an apartment in place of purchasing a house.

3. Snow Shoveling & Other Services

Are you the type of person who avoids mowing the lawn every month? Someone who enjoys watching the snowfall but dreads shoveling out the driveway and icing the path to your front door? Most apartment communities provide these services. While homeowners are pulling weeds or clearing their driveways and sidewalks of snow, apartment residents can relax, as Arcadia Run takes care of all of that for them.

4. Enjoy the fall festivities!

Autumn in most areas involves road trips to fall festivals, pumpkin patches and corn mazes. Manassas, VA is fortunate to have a number of fall-related events in the local area including the local farmers market—open every Thursday, fall festivals and spooky spirited tours. These events are yet another reason autumn is the best season to move into this area—there is so much going on!

The greater Manassas area has a number of fall events to enjoy including the Manassas Fall Jubilee and Oktoberfest.

Manassas 32nd Annual Fall Jubilee

Saturday, October 4th 10:00am-5:00pm

Manassas, VA

This year’s Manassas Fall Jubilee is free to the public and includes live music and entertainment for children and adults, over 100 craft and community booths, a pumpkin patch, wine tastings, and much more! Check out their website for more information.

4th Annual Oktoberfest

Saturday October 18th 11:00am-5:00pm

Haymarket, VA

Haymarket’s Annual Oktoberfest features music, pumpkin decorating, an assortment of German foods, draught beers and a Halloween costume contest. This event features over 100 booths and last year had over 10,000 attendees! For more information on Haymarket’s Annual Oktoberfest, visit their website.

As Manassas is a town known for its rich Civil War history, the town’s Spirit of Manassas tour is not one to pass up. The Spirit of Manassas tour series is led by the Manassas Museum through the streets of historic downtown Manassas, with many spooky stories and strange happenings from the past and present in the area. For more information on these Manassas tradition, visit their website.

The winter holidays are a very busy time for most; autumn is also the best season to move into a new apartment because it gives you time to move and get settled into your new apartment before the holidays. You’ll be ready to host family and friends in your new Arcadia Run apartment by Thanksgiving! Arcadia Run’s oversized kitchens are perfect to cook dinner for the whole family this holiday season. Fall is the best season to move into a new apartment, check out Arcadia Run’s available apartments for lease today!


Making a New Apartment Your Home

So you’ve moved into your new apartment at Arcadia Run – now what?  Time to make it your home!  New carpeting, luxury vinyl flooring, granite countertops, designer cabinetry, updated appliances, and bright and open floor plans set the perfect stage for you to personalize and get comfortable in your new space.

Here are a few ways to turn your new apartment into your home!

Use Color

When decorating, stay true to your own style but don’t be afraid to embrace bright colors and bold statements.  Not ready to buy a bright red couch?  Pick a color and use it as an accent instead.  Red pillows or a throw blanket can go a long way in making your new apartment uniquely yours!

Be Mindful of Lighting

Thanks to extended windows, residents at Arcadia Run have an abundance of natural light in their apartment homes.  Other renters in other complexes, however, aren’t always so lucky.  Lighting makes a huge difference when trying to make a new space cozy and welcoming!

Art & Pictures

An easy way to immediately make an apartment feel like home is to bring in pictures and sentimental décor, especially if you had these displayed in your previous home. Being surrounded by your favorite pictures of family and friends keeps those closest to your heart close by!

Meet Your Neighbors

Here at Arcadia Run, our residents have great relationships not only with each other, but with the community as a whole.  Events like the Fall Festival or Taste of Prince William Block Party bring everyone together to mingle, socialize and have fun.  And, aside from making friends, meeting your neighbors brings you closer to feeling right at home in your new apartment.

And lastly, Love Where You Live!

Loving where you live is the easiest way to make a new space quickly feel like home.  At Arcadia Run, it’s not hard to do!  We have it all: beautiful apartment homes, an ideal location, and a welcoming community.  So take a look at the spaces available at Arcadia Run – we’re now pre-leasing for Phase 2!