Apartment Trends to Try Now!

Another year has come and gone which means it’s once again that time when you feel like your apartment home needs a refresh. Fear not, because we have collected all of the apartment trends for 2018 in one place just for you to make sure you are in the know about what is looking hot right now. Whether you want an entire apartment re-do or you just want to swap out a few stale accessories, we have the scoop on what everyone is predicting will be the big bad wolf of décor trends in 2018!


The happiest color of the rainbow: Yellow

If you have been to our model apartment home here at Arcadia Run, you know that we love the color yellow. It is truly one of those colors that can brighten up any room and put you in a good mood whenever you walk in! If it’s too bright or loud for you, go for a pastel shade or include yellow hues in accents throughout your apartment instead of a large piece.


‘70s style

We know that there are many people who wish that style from the 70’s never came back, but this year, we are putting a modern twist on the classic trends from this decade. Earthy and olive tones, fuzzy rugs, wood, and lots of plants are sure to make a resurgence in the popular home goods stores.


Modern inspiration from Italy

One of our favorite places to find this style is over at CB2, Crate & Barrel’s more modern younger sibling. The ultra-modern furniture silhouettes and gold-focused accessories will give any space a luxe look straight out of a modern-day Italian loft.


Mixed metallics

If you are one of those people who can’t decide between silver and gold, this year, you’re in luck! Mixing metals is one of the newest trends we will start seeing, and we are all about it. M


Pattern and more pattern

Although some of the more traditional designers will say that mixing patterns is crazy, we think it’s a great way to create a fun living space. The trick to pattern is choosing specific color schemes that are found throughout all of the textiles in your apartment home.



This Japanese inspired design can make your apartment home even more of a relaxing space. Think spa meets sushi restaurant when it comes to the details. Woven textures, lots of candles, and ancient-looking vases are some of the key elements when looking to incorporate this trend.


If you’re ready to find your perfect apartment home to decorate with the latest trends, visit us at Arcadia Run in Manassas, VA today!


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Sweet Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Your Apartment Home


Whether you like or hate Valentine’s Day, there is always a way to enjoy yourself on this day of celebrating love! If you’re not looking to go out and get fancy, there are so many ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day right from your brand new apartment home at Arcadia Run.


DIY Tasting

Visit Pinterest for ideas on how to create a tasting in your own apartment home! It can be with chocolate, beer, whatever you’re interested in. Make a cute little setup on the kitchen island for you and your special someone or a group of friends. Even better – make it a blind tasting and guess the things you are tasting to see who gets the most right.


Romantic dinner

If you and your significant other want to have a nice sit-down dinner without shelling out tons of cash in a nice restaurant, make a meal at home! Make your own fondue spread, order in and put everything on fancy plates with candles, or create a home-cooked meal from a family recipe.


Movie Marathon

Whether you want to gather some of your all-time favorite movies or choose a selection of films that you haven’t seen yet, movie marathons are a couch potato’s dream. Sit back and relax with your favorite snacks in your own apartment home on your own comfy couch. We know you’ll want to make it an annual Valentine’s Day tradition.


Spa night

By yourself or with company, what better than to pamper yourself in the comfort of your own home? Before the evening, go to the dollar store or even a drug store and grab some skincare, body care, nail care, etc. that will give you a refreshing spa experience. You can even prepare some healthy snacks, cucumber water, and sweet treats to enjoy!


Galentine’s Day

Especially when everyone has a job, pets, significant others, etc., it’s rare that you can get together with a group of girlfriends and catch up! Have everyone bring a snack or food item to enjoy and binge watch one of your favorite reality TV series or pick a classic game to play.


Guys night

Take a few cues from your favorite movies and set up a cool poker night or get your buddies together for a video game tournament! Nothing says, “I appreciate your friendship” more than some healthy competition with your best guy friends. For food, buy a bunch of sandwich ingredients and let everyone make their own sub sandwiches – we know everyone has their own go-to sandwich combo!


With so many ways to celebrate this holiday of love in your own apartment home at Arcadia Run, you may never go out again!