Back-To-School Checklist

Back to school season is upon us!  It may still be summer, but schools are busy readying for the upcoming school year – and parents at Arcadia Run are too!  This weekend is perfect time to do so, as it’s Virginia’s back-to-school tax holiday.  From August 1st to the 3rd, there will be special tax benefits for Virginian residents; clothes, shoes and school supplies will be tax exempt for shoppers!

To get ready for back-to-school shopping this upcoming weekend, here is a definitive checklist for our Arcadia Run residents:

Clothing – It’s true that children grow unbelievably fast, meaning they’ll quickly outgrow last year’s school wardrobe. In Manassas, there are so many places to shop and find new clothes for the school year.  Try to think ahead – what will your child need during the cooler months? Think jeans, jackets and socks!

New Shoes – Just like clothing, growing children will quickly grow out of their school shoes.  While it might be warm for another month or so, and tempting to wear sandals for as long as possible, it’s important to take advantage of the tax holiday and buy a new pair of closed-toed shoes.  These will come in handy when the temperatures drop!

School Supplies – Depending on the grade your child is entering, they may need different school supplies.  Most schools will supply a list of necessary items each student will require during their year.  But whether in pre-school or a senior in high school, this tax-free weekend is the perfect time to stock up for the months ahead.

Backpack – It’s easy to forget the backpack, but it is a crucial school supply!  Most students can reuse the same one for many years, but there will come a time when they’ll need a new one.  If this is the case, this weekend is the ideal time to find one that will last!

And, while these might not be things you’ll get done during the tax holiday, they are still important to start considering before the school year begins:

Lunches – It doesn’t hurt to have a few lunch ideas in mind.  Planning meals ahead of time will help to maintain a budget and keep lunchtime exciting.

Books – The older your child gets, the more books they’ll need for the school year.  Most public schools provide the textbooks, but private schools will not.  It’s important to factor this into your costs!

Schedule – Figuring out a schedule early on will save you and your family precious time in the morning.  Getting the kids fed and ready to go, getting them to the bus stop, and still arriving to your work on time requires expert coordination.  But we have confidence our Arcadia Run residents will get it down pat!

Arcadia Run is ideal for families for many reasons, one of them being access to excellent education.  And, when living in a newly built luxury apartment, getting ready for the school year is even more exciting!  For more information on the back-to-school tax holiday in August, visit the Virginia Department of Taxation website.

Which Generations Are Shifting to Renting?

Renting is a popular choice for many Americans, and for many different reasons. But according to personal finance site, there are two generations that have particularly been turning to renting in recent years instead of homeownership – millennials and older Americans. For various reasons, renting is increasingly viewed as a viable alternative to owning a home and paying a mortgage for these generations, allowing them to achieve the lifestyle they crave.

Millennials are being drawn more and more to renting for the following reasons, according to the Main Street article:

· A “transient lifestyle”: Renting allows for millennials to have the freedom in their location that they desire. Millennials may not be ready to settle down and put down their roots in any one particular area, and for those who prefer this lifestyle, apartments are the clear winner for a place to call home. For millennials interested in living in the D.C. metro – the nation’s capital is the most popular city in the country for millennials, after all, according to an article from The Atlantic – Arcadia Run offers the perfect opportunity to explore beautiful Manassas, located in Virginia’s Prince William County.

· Less risk: Renting is the perfect choice for millennials who aren’t willing to take on the risks associated with mortgages quite yet.

· Tougher lending requirements for homes: Tight lending standards for homes might not be an issue for non-millennials, but members of Generation Y might have a tougher time meeting these requirements – making renting an apartment look all that more attractive.

It’s no secret that millennials have increasingly turned to renting over recent years – but may what come as more of a surprise is that older Americans are, too. The Main Street article lists the following as reasons why renting has become more popular with older Americans:

· Less upkeep: Older Americans who are empty-nesters are drawn to the lower maintenance and less space that apartments offer when compared to single family homes. Downsizing to an apartment means less time and money spent on upkeep and maintenance– something that older Americans continue to value.

· Amenity-rich lifestyle: Many rental communities offer a wealth of amenities available for renters, the convenience of which is extremely attractive for older Americans. At Arcadia Run, renters don’t only have an excellent location and beautiful apartments to enjoy, but also can look forward to various amenities – including a resort-style swimming pool, fitness center, ball courts, playground and jogging trail – coming soon!

· Perfect for the in-between stage: Apartment renting is a great solution for older Americans who want a temporary place to stay while they figure out their next move – for example, a permanent move closer to children or grandchildren. An added bonus is the ability to explore a new and exciting area, such as the D.C. metro, while renting an apartment in this in-between stage.

It appears that renting has certainly become more popular for both millennials and older Americans recently, but at Arcadia Run, it’s clear that our Manassas apartments for rent have an undeniable appeal for renters of all ages. Whether it’s the location, the apartment features, the spacious layouts or a combination of these factors, there’s a lot to love for renters of every generation at Arcadia Run!

SOURCE:, The Atlantic

How To Tell When an Apartment is “The One”

As the old saying goes, “when you know, you know!” And, according to Apartment Guide, a popular website that provides articles and tips for renters, there are a few definitive ways to know if an apartment is ‘The One’ for you and your family.

1. It’s close to your heart, and everything you need.
The absolute first thing that should influence a renter one way or another is the location of a potential apartment. Or, as Apartment Guide puts it, “the perfect apartment doesn’t feel like a ball and chain.” Is it close to everything you love? How long would your commute be? Is there enough to do in the area? These are all questions renters should ask themselves, and at Arcadia Run, they’ll know they’ve found the perfect place. Manassas is so close to all the fun – Manassas is the fun! Just take a look at our Neighborhood page for dining, recreation, shopping and entertainment options in the area.

2. It’s low-maintenance.
Apartment Guide also stresses that a new space should be relatively low maintenance. If you find yourself constantly calling the maintenance crew or are making your own home repairs, then you aren’t exactly reaping the benefits of renting in the first place. At Arcadia Run, all of our units are newly built and with the best quality. Renters know they are getting truly luxurious apartments that are easy and fun to live in!

3. It’s a looker.
When searching for a new apartment, the attractiveness and design of the space should be an important element. At Arcadia Run, all of the included features and finishes go far above the standard of other apartment complexes. With granite countertops, designer cabinets, vinyl ‘hardwood’ flooring and so much more, this is the best of apartment living!

4. It has nice neighbors.
What good is a nice apartment without a nice apartment community? While this might not be at the top of everyone’s list, having a warm and welcoming community, or not having one, can certainly make or break a decision, especially if you have a family. At Arcadia Run, neighbors are friendly and connected. Community events like the Winter Holiday Party and the Fall Festival are held right here at Arcadia Run and open to families of all ages!

As you can see, Arcadia Run has everything anyone is looking for in a new apartment: the central location close to all of the greatest things Manassas has to offer; the low maintenance designs that make for easy living; the attractive interiors with updated appliances and other luxurious features; and the growing apartment community that is so sought after by renters. Who knew you could have all of this with one apartment? Arcadia Run is ‘The One’!

Source: Apartment Guide

Apartment Hunting Mistakes to Avoid

It might seem like an easy task, but believe it or not, there can be many pitfalls to apartment hunting.  There are so many things to consider before signing a lease, and renters should settle for nothing less than their ideal apartment – at least, residents at Arcadia Run didn’t!

So, want to avoid a few of the major mistakes that apartment hunters make?  Take a look!

Forgetting to View the Apartment

It’s easy to do – it’s in the town you want to live in and the price is just right, so you sign a lease!  But without seeing the apartment yourself, how can you really know you want to live there? With Arcadia Run, our detailed website provides everything there is to know about our brand new apartments in Manassas, Virginia.  You can even view floor plans and photography right from your computer.  Want to come in and see an apartment for yourself? You can drop us a line here!

Not Researching the Surrounding Town

Where your future apartment is located is just as important as the apartment itself. You’ll want plenty of things to do and places to go all within a short distance to your new home.  Luckily, Manassas, home to Arcadia Run, is filled with all types of experiences.  Take a look at our map to find dining, recreation, shopping and entertainment options nearby!

Considering the Building’s Age

In our opinion, a new apartment building is always better! Arcadia Run continues to grow with new, fully modernized apartments. When you move in, you can expect luxury features like vinyl hardwood flooring, pristine carpeting, designer cabinetry, granite countertops and updated appliances.  Spacious and roomy floor plans, along with extended windows and nine-foot ceilings, offer apartments that are easy and fun to live in.  You won’t find the same dedication to comfortable living anywhere else!

Beyond the Apartments?

It’s easy to fall in love with an apartment that seems perfect – but does it really have everything you need?  Apartment buildings today should come with more benefits beyond luxury units.  At Arcadia Run, we offer amenities that only make living here more fun.  With plans for a swimming pool, fitness center, and community clubhouse, you’ll have to get used to having it all with Arcadia Run!

What Makes It A Home?

And lastly, don’t forget to find an apartment that fits you and your family’s lifestyle. At Arcadia Run, we’re not just a new apartment building; we’re a community. With events happening year-round, you will quickly become acquainted with your newest neighbors & begin lasting friendships!