Cozy Apartment Trends This Winter

When the temperatures drop, it’s a great excuse to cozy up and stay warm inside your new luxury apartment at Arcadia Run.  And we can’t blame you!  With high-quality carpeting, a beautifully designed kitchen perfect for cooking up your favorite seasonal treats, energy efficient windows keeping your space warm, and plenty of room to bring in comfy furniture, a night indoors certainly looks appealing.

This fall and winter, there are several trends with staying power that are so much fun to incorporate in a new apartment home.  Here are a few of our favorites!

False Candles

False candles are the ideal solution for those who want the glowing feel of lit candles, but without the fire risk they present.  With incredibly realistic products available, the difference will barely be noticeable.  Arrange candles of different heights like this for a warm and dreamy atmosphere.

Shag Rug

Yes, you read that correctly, shag is making a comeback!  And we’re sure glad it is, because it can bring a whole new level of warmth-under-foot to any apartment.  Many retailers out there are now selling eye-catching designs at reasonable prices, making this a great option for any resident.  Take a look at this rug we pinned – how cool!

Plenty of Pillows

Don’t be afraid to bring in several pillows to adorn your couch, chairs or bed.  Pillows are not only great for tying home décor themes together, but also for curling up to watch a movie.  Incorporating different designs and colors like this is a popular trend this winter season, and for good reason!

Switch Up Your Bedding

If you’ve slept with lighter bedding all spring and summer long, now’s the time to mix it up.  A big fluffy comforter will keep you warm at night – but might make it impossible to get up in the morning.  With looks similar to this bedding design, how could we not spend all day in bed?


And lastly, many of these apartment winter trends tie into one major theme: layering.  Layering pillows, with blankets, with more pillows is the way to make a new apartment incredibly warm and cozy this season!

Getting the Most From Your Apartment Community

With all there is to enjoy at Arcadia Run, we want to make certain that our residents take full advantage of the many perks that come with living in a new apartment community like ours.  It’s not just above-average apartment designs that bring new residents to Arcadia Run – it’s the whole package!

So, here are a few ways to get the absolute most from living in our active, on-the-go apartment community:

Join in Seasonal Events

Arcadia Run offers many seasonal events for residents to partake in.  These include the Fall Festival (check out the photos from our recent event!), the Taste of Prince William Block Party, and more.  Having fun alongside great neighbors is a wonderful way for growing families and young professionals to reap all the benefits of a buzzing apartment community!

Meet Your Newest Neighbors

What fun would living in an apartment community like Arcadia Run be if you didn’t befriend the latest neighbors on your floor?  Immersing yourself in any new setting helps to make transitions easier – and more fun.  Go ahead and introduce yourself, you might find that many of your neighbors at Arcadia Run are just like you!

Decorate Your Way

Moving into a luxury apartment at Arcadia Run gives tenants a blank canvas.  Our newly built apartments with expansive windows, open floor plans and upscale features and finishes set the perfect scene to create an apartment home that is uniquely yours.  Bring in your favorite furniture, along with your best throw pillows and place settings to feel right at home.

Enjoy the Amenities

In no time at all, Arcadia Run will also feature even more amenities for residents to enjoy.  The clubhouse development, which is currently in progress, will include a resort-style pool, fitness club and more.  Ball courts, a jogging trail and a playground will also add to the exclusive amenities available to residents.  We can’t wait for these extraordinary new features to make their debut!

Our studio, one- and two-bedroom apartment homes are ideal for all types of renters, and with Phase 2 now available for leasing, we can offer even more options for future tenants.  With all there is to enjoy and experience right here at Arcadia Run, as well as the entire Manassas area, our residents get exactly what they’re looking for with our apartment community!