Spring Cleaning Made Easier at Arcadia Run

How many of us are ready for spring cleaning?  It may seem odd, especially with recent snow and freezing temperatures, but the spring season is upon us!  Packing up your winter clothes and belongings is a necessary evil for many, and if you have limited space to store your things, it can be incredibly difficult.  Well, at Arcadia Run, this seasonal activity is anything but a hassle – when you live in one our new luxury apartments, spring cleaning might just be made easier!

Along with the incredible features and finishes included in an Arcadia Run apartment, residents can also enjoy an abundance of closet and storage space.  In fact, some apartments even have spacious walk-in closets!  Instead of using external storage units that can be pricey, our renters have the comfort of having everything they need right in their own apartment.

But aside from using their adequate closet and storage space, what else can residents at Arcadia Run do to help make spring cleaning more tolerable?

Clean, then Pack

Nothing is worse than pulling out last year’s clothing only to find that it needs to be dry-cleaned before you can wear any of it.  Thoroughly cleaning and sorting your clothes before you pack them away will save you time and hassle the following season.  Skipping this extra step can cost you – especially if you have to throw out clothes because of it!

Label Everything!

This is another extra step that will save you tons of time.  Maybe you’re not ready to unpack everything, but you’re looking for a specific top or jacket that’s been stowed away.  By labeling your clothing containers, you can easily find what you’re looking for.  This saves time but also preserves all of your perfectly packed bins.

And…Clean Some More

Part of what makes spring cleaning so refreshing is the feeling of readiness for the season.  After cleaning your apartment from top to bottom, you’ll feel organized and recharged, and ready to tackle anything new.  With easy-to-clean surfaces like granite countertops and vinyl ‘hardwood’ flooring, cleaning your Arcadia Run apartment is a breeze!

Bring in Something New

If you really want to feel ready for spring, why not bring in a few new pieces to your apartment?  New pillows, decorative centerpieces, and colorful throw rugs are great ways to brighten up your apartment and welcome the spring season.

There you have it; spring is nearly sprung!  With the recent snowfall, it’s not hard to get excited for cherry blossoms, warmer weather and a fresh start at Arcadia Run.

What’s Next for the Multifamily Market?

As many experts have praised again and again, the multifamily industry performed consistently well throughout the recession.  Now with the recovery in full swing, we’re seeing that this section of the market continues to prosper along with the rest of housing market!  We can’t help but ask ourselves, “What’s next for the multifamily market?”

A recent article published by Multi-Housing News quells any fears that this incredible time in the apartment market is over.  The article, written by renowned industry expert Michael Bull, notes that “with demand from Millennials and Echo Boomers expected to remain strong, 2014 should be another good year for the multifamily market.” And looking back on how rents and occupancy rates continued to grow throughout much of 2013, we’re excited to see the same progress this year!

But it’s not just Millennials pushing the apartment market forward; many retired professionals and grown families are seeking luxury apartments for rent as well.  These spaces offer an alternative living option for those who no longer wish to be in the housing market or settle for the risks involved.  In fact, there are many benefits of renting for retirees, and it’s a viable option for many.

Additionally, Brett Finkelstein, CEO of CFLane, an Atlanta-based investment and real estate management company, believes that “amenity packages are still key to attracting and retaining renters.”  He adds that “tenants want a lifestyle, not just somewhere to live.”  Here at Arcadia Run, we are in tune with what our renters want!  In 2014, we’ll be introducing a pool, clubhouse, fitness center and much more to our community.  With everything brand new, our renters know they’ll have access to the best updated equipment and facilities.

But some of Arcadia Run’s most unique features are the incredible apartments.  How often do you find a truly luxurious apartment community?  Or a newly built one at that?  Not only are Arcadia Run apartments extremely conducive to active professionals and young families alike, but they simply offer more to the tenants.  Living in an apartment at Arcadia Run is so much more than renting an apartment!  It’s embracing an active and fulfilling lifestyle, surrounded by neighbors just like you.  Take a look at our one- and two-bedroom apartments that are as spacious as they are luxurious. Updated appliances are included in every unit, as well as tall ceilings, extended windows, granite countertops, and designer cabinets.  Get used to getting more!

Source: Multi-Housing News

Why Renting Makes Sense for Retirees

When you think of retirement, renting an apartment may not be the first thing that comes to mind – but there are plenty of reasons why it should be a consideration! Though owning a home does offer benefits for those in any stage of life, including retirement, renting an apartment could very well be the logical choice for many retirees. Read on to find out why retirees may want to consider a lease in lieu of a mortgage:

·      Financial benefits: Though there are certainly long-term financial advantages associated with homeownership, renting can make more financial sense in the short-term. Monthly rent is typically cheaper than a monthly mortgage payment, and living in an apartment also means not having to pay out of pocket for broken appliances or home repairs. Additionally, if you’re planning on moving out of your current home, renting could make more sense than buying another home because you can avoid closing costs and down payments.

·      Take advantage of your home equity: Selling your current home and moving to an apartment means you can finally reap the benefits of your home equity. Depending on your financial situation, that equity can be used as a source of income, instead of using it to re-invest into a new home.

·      Flexibility: Retirement means more flexibility for your lifestyle. So shouldn’t you take advantage of this flexibility with your living situation? Renting an apartment in retirement means you can easily move closer to family or experience a new area, without having to commit to living there for an extended period of time. Our Arcadia Run apartments, for example, would be the perfect opportunity for retirees who have always wanted to live near Washington, D.C., but haven’t had the opportunity to do so previously.

·      Less space to maintain – both inside and out: Living in a multi-level, multi-bedroom home simply doesn’t make sense for many retired empty nesters. Since an apartment unit is typically smaller than a single-family home, there’s less indoor space for renters to worry about maintaining. As we age, less space to clean (and less stairs to climb) could certainly become increasingly important. Living in an apartment also means that you can cross “mowing the lawn” off your to-do list – and less cleaning and yard work means more time for you to enjoy your retirement.

Our apartments at Arcadia Run are an excellent choice for prospective renters at all stages of life, including retirees. The convenience that comes along with being an Arcadia Run resident may be particularly attractive for retirees, however. And convenience is around every corner at Arcadia Run – whether it’s the convenience of living in a D.C. suburb, the convenience of an on-site fitness center – coming this year – or simply the convenience of having a full-size washer and dryer in your unit. The impressive features in our apartments, including over-sized kitchens, 9-foot ceilings and granite countertops, allow renters of all ages and at all stages of life to enjoy their Arcadia Run apartments in beautiful Manassas, Virginia.


SOURCE: Market Watch, MSN Money

Renting & Its Positive Impact on the Economy

When most think of ways to stir the economy, their minds don’t always jump straight to the apartment industry.  However, renting your space has a hugely positive influence on the economy, improving everything from spending to employment.  And best of all, renting is a more viable option for many, meaning everyone can contribute just by choosing to rent.

Last year, The National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) worked with the National Apartment Association (NAA) to compile data and research on the performance of the apartment industry in 2011.  Much of this research was gathered by Stephen S. Fuller, Ph. D., a professor at George Mason University, neighbors to Arcadia Run.  This report was one of the first of its kind and fully detailed the industry as a whole and its impact on a national level.

The report concluded that in 2011, the “apartment industry and its 35 million residents generated an economic contribution of $1.1 trillion to the national economy and supported 25.4 million jobs.”  Best of all, these overwhelming numbers are only set to grow as the industry grows, strengthening its effect on the economy.

A new interactive campaign coordinated by WeAreApartments.org goes into further detail about how individual markets contribute to the overall economy.  In Virginia, home to Arcadia Run, there are nearly 920,000 residents living in 493,200 apartments.  These residents and their apartments support over 750,000 jobs and contribute $31.6 billion to the state’s economy.

So yes, renters do carry their share when contributing to economic recovery.  And it’s quite a significant share if you ask us!  For many, renting just makes sense, and with Arcadia Run, there’s no better choice than one of our luxury apartments!

The available apartments at Arcadia Run are everything you’d expect to find in an upscale, newly built multifamily community.  Each unit is spacious with tall ceilings and extended windows – some even feature walk-in closets.  All apartments come standard with new carpeting, granite kitchen countertops and designer cabinets, things that may be considered ‘extra’ in other apartment developments.  And, available in various floor plans with either one or two bedrooms, these apartments are ideal for a fresh start.

But it’s not only the apartments that draw families to Arcadia Run.  The amenities and community culture help to make Arcadia Run one of the most extensive and well-rounded developments in Manassas.  This year, we will be building a resort-style swimming pool, brand new fitness center, ball courts and playground all for residents to enjoy.  Family events, like fall festivals and holiday parties, as well as activities going on in Manassas, allow residents to mingle with their neighbors and create lasting friendships.  Having all of this and contributing to the improving economy in a big way – does it get any better than Arcadia Run?

Source: National Multifamily Housing Council, WeAreApartments.org