Apartment Features Renters Adore

As a new apartment home community, Arcadia Run knows how important it is for our residents to have the best experience possible while living here! This is why we have brand new community amenities and luxury apartment features to fit the growing needs of apartment renters. Take a look below at what we concluded to be the top features that renters adore!

top features

Tips for Entertaining in Your Apartment Home

Although apartment homes at Arcadia Run are spacious and allow lots of room for guests, sometimes it can be a hassle moving around and creating enough space for everyone. Below we shared some tips on how to most efficiently entertain a group, party, or crowd in your new apartment home at Arcadia Run!

If you choose to utilize your beautiful granite countertop as your main kitchen seating area, move the chairs and set up a buffet-style spread on the counter when you have guests over. This way, people can grab what they want and then move about the apartment to sit anywhere they feel most comfortable.

Set the atmosphere with small details around your apartment home. If you’re having people over to watch the big game, hang up some fun décor supporting your favorite team!  If you’re hosting an intimate wine night, light a few candles and set out some hors d’oeuvres.

Utilize the numerous closets in your Arcadia Run apartment home by letting guests keep their larger belongings, like coats and bags, in a closet. This will allow more space for your guests to sit, mingle, play games, and eat!

Use disposable dishes and utensils so that you don’t end up with a large pile of dirty dishes in the sink. This makes for easy cleanup and more time to have fun with everyone!

You may not have enough room in your refrigerator for the all of the (beer)verages you plan on serving at a get together. There are two alternative options for keeping your drinks ice cold when you are entertaining. The first option is to use a cooler filled with ice that can also double as an extra seat when closed. The second option is to fill your sink with ice and use it as an open cooler!

For a nice breeze, open your windows or sliding doors, as lots of body heat in a space can warm up the room quickly. It is especially nice in the summer months to get some fresh air!

Now that you have all of the tips and tricks of having a successful get together in an apartment home, there’s no better time to rent a brand new one at Arcadia Run! Visit www.arcadiarun.com for more information!


Around the Neighborhood: Jiffy Lube Live


Right around the corner from Arcadia Run, is our favorite entertainment venue Jiffy Lube Live! Check out the infographic for some fun facts about the venue and all of the upcoming shows happening this summer!


Quiz: What Is Your Apartment Style?

When you move into your new apartment home at Arcadia Run  what do you picture it looking like? Take the quiz below to find out what your apartment style is!


1. What would your coffee table look like?

A.     An antique wooden table painted white

B.     Metal frame with a glass surface

C.     The funkiest color and shape I can find

D.    Natural wood

2. What TV show are you most likely to watch in your apartment?

A.     Grey’s Anatomy

B.     Entourage

C.     Game of Thrones

D.    Narcos 

3. What would you most like to hang on your wall?

A.     A framed piece of art 

B.     Abstract or sculptural pieces

C.     A variety of different things 

D.    A tapestry or string lights


4. What excites you the most about Arcadia Run?

A.     The pool, fitness center, and outdoor space at the Clubhouse

B.     The media center and theatre in the Clubhouse

C.     Proximity to downtown Manassas – the place for food & shopping

D.    Proximity to Jiffy Lube Live – the place for outdoor concerts

5. What does your bed/bedding look like?

A.     A large headboard with a 15-piece bedding set

B.     A boxy frame with simple bedding

C.     My bedding is a variety of colors

D.    My bed is on the floor (or close to it) with neutral bedding

6. What would your welcome mat look like?

A.     It says, “Welcome”

B.     It’s just plain black

C.     It is a colorful print

D.    It’s made of all natural materials 

7. What feature attracts you most to an Arcadia Run apartment?

A.     Luxury apartment features

B.     Modern kitchen finishes

C.     Lots of Storage Space

D.    Balcony or patio

Mostly A’s – Your apartment style is Traditional: You stick with what you know and like traditional décor and features.

Mostly B’s – Your apartment style is Modern: The more geometric and technologically advanced, the better!

Mostly C’s – Your apartment style is Eclectic: You love to collect anything and everything that catches your eye creating a mix of cultural décor.

Mostly D’s – Your apartment style is Boho: A modern day hippie, you connect best with music and nature, which your apartment style reflects.

7 Apartment Hacks You Need to Know Now

We know that you’re already excited about moving into a brand new apartment home with luxury apartment features and brand new amenities at Arcadia Run. But, even with plenty of storage and modern finishes in your apartment home, it’s always good to learn new ways to save even more space and time. Below we have put together a list of some of the best apartment hacks for apartment living, decorating, and storing!

best apartment hacks

If there is just not enough room at your place for everyone you invited to your morning yoga session, this is where stackable chairs really come in handy. They create more space if you’re entertaining, and are easier to move around when you are cleaning! For super space savers, you can also buy stackable end tables and stools. 

Mason jars can be used to store any kind of small household item, and better yet, they are a relatively inexpensive purchase at your local craft store. You can attach them to the wall or line them up along the counter for a nice way to store and display small items. 

Wires from your television, cable box, Internet router, etc., can be a real eyesore. Look for creative ways to hide these wires like a strategically placed stack of books or photo frame. 

Let’s face it, some of us are “collectors” and like having lots of things, but anyone with their own space knows that those boxes take up too much room! Some of the most common culprits are shoeboxes, cereal boxes, boxed freezer items, and electronics. If you have used an item more than a few times, throw away the original box. If there is only one ice-pop left, take it out of the box!

Don’t forget that height is your best friend in an apartment home, so think about how you can use the entire space. Utilize the beautiful 42” designer kitchen cabinets to store all of your kitchen needs and more. If you love to decorate, but need more surfaces, purchase wall shelves that create dimension in a room. 

It is a lot easier to justify buying a piece of furniture when it also doubles as something else! Some of our favorites are trundle beds, coffee tables that double as an ottoman, pieces with storage space inside, or anything foldable. 

Today, Pinterest is our go-to for everything do-it-yourself. DIY projects are a great way to save some money to put towards other things or create something that you wouldn’t be able to buy in a store. 

For all of our favorite apartment hacks and DIY ideas, check out our Pinterest board here: http://ow.ly/4mJYKo For more information about how you can rent a brand new apartment home at Arcadia Run, visit our website www.arcadiarun.com.

10 Upcoming Events in NoVA

Looking to get out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather in Northern Virginia? Be sure to add a few of these upcoming events to your spring calendar!

Shakespeare in the ‘Burg Theatre Festival (Middleburg, VA)

April 2-3

Head on over to Middleburg for the American Shakespeare Center’s annual shakespeare festival, with a champagne brunch, playwriting competition, and stagecraft and acting workshops. Tickets range from $25-$40—visit the Shakespeare in the ‘Burg Theatre Festival website for additional information.

Manassas Bicycle Tours (Manassas, VA)

April 2, 9:00 – 11:00 am

Manassas, VA

Spend the afternoon cruising through our beautiful hometown and learning more about a few of the many hidden gems of historic Manassas—with a Manassas Bicycle Tour. Bike tours are $5 per person.

Festival of Spring (Haymarket, VA)

April 8-29

Burnside Farms’ annual Festival of Spring is well-known as the largest Pick-Your-Own-Flower event in North America! Peruse 8 acres of beautiful blossoms and flourishing flowers, and take a break for an afternoon picnic! Visit the Festival of Spring website for additional information.

The North Face Endurance Challenge (Sterling, VA)

April 9-10

The North Face Endurance Challenge is back once again this year, in Sterling’s Algonkian Regional Park & Golf Course! This course is sure to keep runners on their toes—with a 50% single track, 30% dirt / gravel doubletrack, 10% gravel carriage road and 10% paved road. For start times and registration information, visit The North Face Endurance Challenge website.

Design & Wine (Herndon, VA)

April 12, 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Unlock your creativity and imagination, with an acrylic paint class, where you’ll be able to create your very own, one-of-a-kind wine glass. Cost is $30 per person—visit the Design & Wine website for additional information and registration details.

Live Well Festival (Manassas, VA)

April 16, 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

The 10th Annual Live Well Festival offers Manassas residents a chance to clean out their closets, and recycle gently used household items by donating them to a worthy cause.

The Northern Virginia International Film & Music Festival (Fairfax, VA)

April 21-30

NoVA Fest is well-known across the region as the biggest film festival in the Mid-Atlantic. Stop by this exciting festival for a little slice of Hollywood, just minutes from the Capital! Visit the NoVA Fest website for additional information.

Cherry Blossom Celebration (Purcellville, VA)

April 9, 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

Stop by the Breaux Vineyards in Purcellville, VA for their annual Cherry Blossom Celebration—complete with live music, wine tastings, craft vendors, with The Cured Food Truck and 3 Barrel Food Truck onsite selling delicious food as well. Visit the Breaux Vineyard website for additional information.

Leesburg Beer Fest (Leesburg, VA)

April 30, Noon – 6:00 pm

Live music, souvenir glasses, delicious food and over 75 beers to sample—need we say more? Visit the Leesburg Beer Fest website to purchase tickets and access additional information.


March Events At Arcadia Run

We are so excited to be adding more weekly events for our amazing residents at Arcadia Run! Take a look below to learn more about the upcoming events that are happening right here in your new apartment home community!

Clubhouse Events:

Brackets and Brews: Join your neighbors and friends for a March Madness party Arcadia Run Clubhouse! Come on over and fill out a March Madness bracket while drinking a cold brew!

Bunny Brunch: Celebrate the arrival of springtime with Arcadia Run’s Bunny Brunch! Food will include assorted omelettes, Belgian waffles, and more!

Fitness Classes: These classes are brought to you by Power For Life Fitness. Power For Life Fitness is a premier fitness company who offers various classes in communities. The classes being offered at Arcadia Run include Yoga, Cardio Kick, and Cardio Sculpt.

Movie Matinee: Bring the kids over for a Movie Matinee in the Arcadia Run Clubhouse Theater. Movies being shown this month include The Croods, Goosbumps, HOP, and Kung Fu Panda!

March Events Calendar 2016

Manassas Events:

Trivia Night at Heritage Brewing Co.: We love supporting local businesses like Heritage Brewing Co.! Join them every week for Trivia Night.

Spring Restaurant Week: Take advantage of sweet deals during Manassas’ Spring Restaurant week in downtown Manassas. Participating restaurants will include Macky’s, Mariachi’s, CJ Finz, Carmello’s, Monza, El Cactus, The Bone, Philadelphia Tavern, Zandra’s, and Okra’s!

Get used to getting more every day with free exclusive resident events at Arcadia Run! If you have any questions regarding upcoming events at Arcadia Run, please contact our leasing office at (888) 451-1187. Discover how you can rent a brand new apartment home at arcadiarun.com today!