9 Ways To Make Your Apartment More Cozy This Winter

As fall nights get colder reminding us that winter is just around the corner, “cozy” becomes an important word.

At Arcadia Run, our apartments give you lots of space to live, work, and be happy.

And each of these luxurious spaces can be made cozy with the right touches.

Because we know you’re now wondering “how to make my apartment cozy,” we have put together a list to help.

This winter, cozy up your Arcadia Run apartment with these nine tips:

1. Big, fluffy blankets

The bigger and fluffier, the better. A shag or sherpa blanket is just the thing to cuddle up in and instantly feel cozy. Just imagine sitting near the extended windows of your Arcadia Run apartment and watching the snow fall as you’re wrapped in the embrace of the plush wonderland that is your blanket. You could even find a good weighted blanket for a bit of extra comfort.

2. Plush or fake fur rugs

The vinyl “hardwood” flooring that runs throughout your Arcadia Run apartment is durable, stylish, and beautiful (we wanted you to only have the best). But one thing that can help your space feel more cozy is a plush or fake fur rug. Such a rug gives you something soft to wiggle your toes in—toe wiggling being a very cozy activity.

3. Slippers

And if you don’t want to interrupt the elegant flooring of your apartment with a rug, then get yourself a nice pair of slippers. Slippers are like portable plush rugs for your feet! They wrap your tootsies in cozy warmth and remind you with every step that comfort is always underfoot. Slippers are also a great tag team with a blanket or rugs in making your Arcadia Run apartment feel extra luxurious.

4. Decor with warm wood colors

Just like the aforementioned floors in your Arcadia Run apartment, warm wood colors help evoke a feeling of coziness. These shades conjure images of ski lodges and wooden cabins in the snow—two very cozy locations. So, use this to your advantage and add some decor and furniture in warm wood colors. This can be as simple as adding some photos in chunky natural wood picture frames on your coffee table to as elaborate as upgrading to a beautiful stained wood TV stand. Build the vision of cabins and lodges around you while you nestle into your fluffy blanket.

5. Flowers and greenery

Especially as they begin to disappear as the seasons change, flowers and greenery become very important decorative items. They complement the warm wood colors, ornamenting your apartment with reminders of spring and summer, and bringing the natural world outside into your apartment. They can be real or fake (depending on how green your thumb is), but their mood and cozy-enhancing properties will still be effective. Try clustering some succulents on your kitchen counter, or adding a hanging ivy (very easy to keep alive!) in a corner of your living room.

6. LED string lights

Quite simply, LED string lights bring the stars into your apartment. And nothing is cozier that snuggling up under the stars—especially when you can do it in the comfort of your Arcadia Run residence! We recommend decorating with LED string lights with warmer color temperatures (3,000K or less), as most decorators agree warmer color temperatures increase a room’s cozy appeal. There are also LED string lights that twinkle, pulse, or subtly change color, which can create the feeling of holiday lights—definitely a cozy touch.

7. LED candles

LED candles take LED string lights to the next level of realism. They look like real candles and often feel like real candles with a wax coating, but you’ll rest easy knowing you can’t be burned. Some LED candles come with a remote control and an automatic timer, meaning you can have them turn on and off at the same time each day. If you put several LED candles of various heights on a mirrored tray, the flickering light will bounce all around your apartment. Cozy magic!

8. Cozy scents

Never forget how important scents are. Not to get too sciency, but the location of your nose fast-tracks information straight to the parts of your brain that control emotion and memory. So, having cozy scents, like pine or cinnamon, from candles or other air fresheners can make your Arcadia Run apartment constantly conjure feelings of coziness from days gone by. And those are some of the best kinds of cozy.

9. Warm beverages

Warm beverages have two cozy benefits. First is their tantalizing scents (and you already know about those) which can float from your decadent kitchen throughout your Arcadia Run residence. And second, is the warmth they produce inside you as you drink them. Be it tea, coffee, mulled wine, hot cocoa, or an adult spiced cider, drink a little coziness.

Those are nine ways to turn your spacious Arcadia Run apartment into a cozy retreat this fall and winter season. They are simple, little touches that surround you with warmth and softness and flickering lights, making a smile curl across your relaxed and reminiscing face and your eyelids droop in cozy and contented bliss.