Continue Making Mindful Changes in Arcadia Run

A new year is, of course, the perfect time to take a look back on the past year and reflect. 2022 may have looked a little different, and your New Year’s Resolutions may look different this year too. As these past few years have taught everyone a lot about health, wellness, and proper lifestyle choices. 

Perhaps you want to try smaller goals, instead of one overarching goal for the year. Or find a word that inspires your choices this year. Just make sure you set a goal that works for you! Here are some ideas to get you started. 

There are the usual ideas of getting healthier or eating better, and those are always great! Find ways to stay active during the day, even in simple ways. You could purchase a standing desk so you’re not hunched over all day. Or you could buy a healthy eating subscription service and have less junk food in the house.

Some other non-typical resolution ideas include being more polite, meeting new people, learning a new skill, becoming more romantic, and so many other things!

No matter your New Year’s Resolution, stay dedicated, create realistic goals, and walk into this new year with your head held high!

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9 Ways To Make Your Apartment More Cozy This Winter

As fall nights get colder reminding us that winter is just around the corner, “cozy” becomes an important word.

At Arcadia Run, our apartments give you lots of space to live, work, and be happy.

And each of these luxurious spaces can be made cozy with the right touches.

Because we know you’re now wondering “how to make my apartment cozy,” we have put together a list to help.

This winter, cozy up your Arcadia Run apartment with these nine tips:

1. Big, fluffy blankets

The bigger and fluffier, the better. A shag or sherpa blanket is just the thing to cuddle up in and instantly feel cozy. Just imagine sitting near the extended windows of your Arcadia Run apartment and watching the snow fall as you’re wrapped in the embrace of the plush wonderland that is your blanket. You could even find a good weighted blanket for a bit of extra comfort.

2. Plush or fake fur rugs

The vinyl “hardwood” flooring that runs throughout your Arcadia Run apartment is durable, stylish, and beautiful (we wanted you to only have the best). But one thing that can help your space feel more cozy is a plush or fake fur rug. Such a rug gives you something soft to wiggle your toes in—toe wiggling being a very cozy activity.

3. Slippers

And if you don’t want to interrupt the elegant flooring of your apartment with a rug, then get yourself a nice pair of slippers. Slippers are like portable plush rugs for your feet! They wrap your tootsies in cozy warmth and remind you with every step that comfort is always underfoot. Slippers are also a great tag team with a blanket or rugs in making your Arcadia Run apartment feel extra luxurious.

4. Decor with warm wood colors

Just like the aforementioned floors in your Arcadia Run apartment, warm wood colors help evoke a feeling of coziness. These shades conjure images of ski lodges and wooden cabins in the snow—two very cozy locations. So, use this to your advantage and add some decor and furniture in warm wood colors. This can be as simple as adding some photos in chunky natural wood picture frames on your coffee table to as elaborate as upgrading to a beautiful stained wood TV stand. Build the vision of cabins and lodges around you while you nestle into your fluffy blanket.

5. Flowers and greenery

Especially as they begin to disappear as the seasons change, flowers and greenery become very important decorative items. They complement the warm wood colors, ornamenting your apartment with reminders of spring and summer, and bringing the natural world outside into your apartment. They can be real or fake (depending on how green your thumb is), but their mood and cozy-enhancing properties will still be effective. Try clustering some succulents on your kitchen counter, or adding a hanging ivy (very easy to keep alive!) in a corner of your living room.

6. LED string lights

Quite simply, LED string lights bring the stars into your apartment. And nothing is cozier that snuggling up under the stars—especially when you can do it in the comfort of your Arcadia Run residence! We recommend decorating with LED string lights with warmer color temperatures (3,000K or less), as most decorators agree warmer color temperatures increase a room’s cozy appeal. There are also LED string lights that twinkle, pulse, or subtly change color, which can create the feeling of holiday lights—definitely a cozy touch.

7. LED candles

LED candles take LED string lights to the next level of realism. They look like real candles and often feel like real candles with a wax coating, but you’ll rest easy knowing you can’t be burned. Some LED candles come with a remote control and an automatic timer, meaning you can have them turn on and off at the same time each day. If you put several LED candles of various heights on a mirrored tray, the flickering light will bounce all around your apartment. Cozy magic!

8. Cozy scents

Never forget how important scents are. Not to get too sciency, but the location of your nose fast-tracks information straight to the parts of your brain that control emotion and memory. So, having cozy scents, like pine or cinnamon, from candles or other air fresheners can make your Arcadia Run apartment constantly conjure feelings of coziness from days gone by. And those are some of the best kinds of cozy.

9. Warm beverages

Warm beverages have two cozy benefits. First is their tantalizing scents (and you already know about those) which can float from your decadent kitchen throughout your Arcadia Run residence. And second, is the warmth they produce inside you as you drink them. Be it tea, coffee, mulled wine, hot cocoa, or an adult spiced cider, drink a little coziness.

Those are nine ways to turn your spacious Arcadia Run apartment into a cozy retreat this fall and winter season. They are simple, little touches that surround you with warmth and softness and flickering lights, making a smile curl across your relaxed and reminiscing face and your eyelids droop in cozy and contented bliss.

10 Amazing Ways To Transform Your Apartment Walls

The walls of your apartment surround you and keep in all your stuff.

They are also blank canvasses waiting to be adorned, personalized, and made fabulous.

Apartment living precludes putting holes in your walls, but there are so many other ways to transform your apartment’s walls.

While a few of these suggestions have also appeared in our previous blog[CM1]  about apartment decorating, they are important enough to re-mention here and expand on.

Here are ten of the best wall ideas for your apartment to make it feel even more like you… like home.

1. Art and photographs

Art and photographs are naturals for decorating your walls, but you have to take care not to harm your walls in the process. Good thing that science has caught up with decorating! There are many name-brand and generic non-permanent, wall-safe hanging solutions available, from simple poster hanging tape to hooks that can support art up to 16 lbs. Try clustering inexpensive art prints in matching frames or black and white photos in colorful or ornate frames for a gallery wall. You can even create your own art (even if you’re not an artist – really, you’re allowed!) using low cost art materials found in ubiquitous craft stores or online. Whether it’s one piece or a collection, art will instantly add personality to your walls.

2. Temporary wallpaper & vinyl decals

Wallpaper is another way to add uniqueness, color, and texture to your walls. But it’s not the wallpaper of old—this wallpaper is removable. Like a giant sticker, temporary wallpaper goes on easy and comes off even easier, leaving no trace it was ever up. If you just want a little decor on your walls, there are many removable vinyl images you can find—of famous quotes, famous video game characters, famous views, and so much more. Peel-and-stick (and-remove) wall decor at its finest.

3. Mirrors

Mirrors add instant depth to a room, but they don’t have to be heavy affairs. A search at any “everything” store will find lightweight mirrors that can easily be hung the same non-harmful way as art and photographs. Checking thrift stores will often yield really fancy-looking mirrors that are actually in painted plastic frames (meaning they aren’t heavy and can easily hang via a removeable hook). Try hanging a group of mirrors of different sizes, or creating a pattern out of many small mirrors (this works best in mirrors without frames). To brighten your apartment, try hanging a mirror where it will reflect the light from a window or sliding glass door into the room.

4. Tapestries

Tapestries have adorned walls for generations. Once needed as a pretty form of insulation, they are now fully decorative pieces of textile art. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, patterns, and weights—meaning there’s a tapestry out there that will add more “you” to your space without needing industrial hardware to hang. Try layering tapestries to bring more dimension and depth to a smaller room.

5. Draperies

Changing up your drapes—your curtains—is one of the easiest ways to add a splash of pizzazz to your apartment. Changing the length of your curtains can also create a different feeling of space in the room, anywhere from taller to cozier. Curtains can also be added anywhere there are walls in close proximity with the use of tension rods, which can be a great way to divide a room (for example, to create a WFH space).

6. Maps

Some people like accent walls, but why stop there? Maps can create destination walls! Maps are not only colorful, but can also be full of memories. You can find scratch off maps that allow you to mark places that you’ve visited, or corkboard maps that come with push pins to mark off your trips. They are a great backdrop to ornament with details, photos, and mementos of places you’ve been. Or, they can be a platform on which to plan future memories and adventures.

7. Sticky notes

Sticky notes have one job: to stick without harming surfaces. So, use them to your advantage. They don’t have to just be for shopping lists, birthdays, or other messages you want to remember. They can also be arranged to make art, paper pixel by paper pixel. Doodle on them. Write poetry on them. Use them for a wall of ideas. The best thing about them is that they are completely portable, so your “art” can move all around your apartment walls—wherever you need a bright spot of inspiration or color.

8. Cork board or whiteboard (or chalkboard)

And while we’re on the subject of ideas, you could always hang or stick up a cork board or whiteboard (or chalkboard) to use as your idea or art factory. There are so many colors of markers for whiteboards and chalkboards you really can create actual works of art on them now—art that you can change in an instant! Or, just like our maps suggestion, use them as a base from which to build a collection of memories, photos, and mementos. Swap out inspirational sayings, seasonal holiday decoration, or any other bits of happiness your fancy desires. These are great for kids too (just remember to hang them at kid level for easy access), and you’ll be inspiring your little artist(s) to create masterpieces.

9. Color-change lighting

Okay, now we’re getting a little more high tech, but high tech doesn’t have to mean difficult. Accent lighting can be as simple as a smart, color-change bulb or as complex as bias lighting for your TV with color sync technology (that changes color and brightness based on what’s on your screen). No matter which type of lighting you use, being able to quickly change the color of your walls is a great way to make a space feel exciting, or intimate, or professional, or…well, you can create nearly any atmosphere with the right lighting.

10. Fake windows

Fake windows can add vistas to your apartment otherwise not possible: another country, another planet, another time. They can be as simple as adding dark tape to a photo (or photos) to simulate the window frame and grilles, or as complex as building a fake window complete with hidden lighting and speakers to simulate outdoor conditions. Regardless of the complexity, fake windows can be portals to your imagination and create something new for your wall space.

The walls of your apartment are all around you. They are functional, but they are also large blank canvases where you can add more personal touches to your Arcadia Run residence. When you feel like adding some style to your home, try some of our best wall ideas for apartments—and let your decorating inspiration flow!

6 Places to Enjoy Live Music in Manassas, VA

There is nothing like live music.

The energy of actually being there and feeling the sound waves as they are produced is magical.

It’s a uniting experience, a transformational experience, and an experience that’s just a lot of fun.

And Manassas is a haven for live music.

Here are 6 of our favorite live music venues in Manassas, VA—and they’re all right around the corner from Arcadia Run!

1. Philadelphia Tavern

Philadelphia Tavern has been a mainstay in Manassas for 30 years. Featuring upscale pub dining with a Philly flair, Philadelphia Tavern has the feel of an authentic Philly tavern (probably because the original owners brought the recipes and traditions of a 100-year-old bar from Philadelphia). Enjoy brews from local distilleries and breweries as you snack on elevated pub fare, including the best Philly cheesesteak in town (if they don’t say so themselves). And all this deliciousness pairs perfectly with Philadelphia Tavern’s live music.

2. Monza

Monza is a noteworthy casual bar and restaurant in Old Town Manassas. As you tap your toes to live music (most weekends), you’ll be enjoying some delicious food and drink. With home-made pasta, subs, burgers, salads, and sandwiches, there’s something for everyone. Especially if you love authentic, brick oven pizza (it’s one of their specialties). Plus, sip from a drink list that’s one of the (if not the) largest in town—including made-to-order sangria.  

3. Okra’s

Okra’s is a flavor not to be missed, serving Cajun and Creole dishes to Manassas residents for over 22 years. Where else can you snack on alligator bites, sink your teeth into voodoo chicken, and chow down on some of the best gumbo you’ll ever taste? And where can you do this while enjoying live music? Only at Okra’s, of course. Okra’s also offers a straight-from-the-chef delivery service to make sure you can enjoy their mouth-watering food in the comfort of your own home.

4. Battle Street Live Concert Series

The Battle Street Live Concert Series is a joyous celebration of coming together. When Public House Kitchen & Brewery first opened, they were envious of the live music offered at Okra’s and Monza. So, they decided to team up together and create The Battle Street Live Concert Series. Running from the first weekend in May through the first weekend in October, you can enjoy alfresco dining and live entertainment every Friday and Saturday night. These concerts are a great way to really unwind on the weekends.

5. Farm Brew LIVE

Farm Brew LIVE calls themselves “a destination brewery campus.” 8 acres of beautiful Virginia countryside (on the site of the historic Thomasson Barn) full of food and craft brew venues accompanied by live music. Right now, Farm Brew LIVE features 2 Silos Brewing, Co. and tasting room, The Pit BBQ and beer garden, La Gringa Food Truck, and The YARD outdoor live music venue. But Farm Brew LIVE is also growing, meaning there will be more food and fun coming soon. It’s no wonder Farm Brew Live was the winner of Virginia Restaurant Lodging Travel Association’s 2018 Travel Attraction of the Year—and still going strong!

6. Harris Pavilion

Not only does the Harris Pavilion host a weekly farmer’s market, but it’s also home to an annual free summer concert series right in the heart of Old Town Manassas. Take some time off from shopping in Old Town and hear both visiting artists and local bands perform almost every genre of music imaginable: country, jazz, rock, R&B, and everything in between.

While some of the live music performances at these venues have been impacted by the pandemic, more and more are returning. If it isn’t clear on their website (or you just want to double check), contact the establishment to see the current state of their music—and then let the good times and tunes roll at these amazing Manassas VA live music venues!

5 Reasons to Eat at Food Trucks in Manassas

Our favorite thing to eat is food.

And there is nothing like the gastronomic excitement of getting that food from food trucks.

Be they at a special event, office park, or anywhere else, food trucks have a magic and mystique that makes us feel young again. Plus, they have really delicious food.

But eating at food trucks near Arcadia Run apartments is good for more than just your stomach. Here are five reasons you should eat at food trucks in Manassas:

1. Taste the creations of masterful chefs.

Though we already mentioned eating delicious food, one reason to try food trucks is the skill of the chefs inside. The Frenchman Food Truck’s chef, as a great Manassas-serving example, has a resumé of working with top chefs and at highly accredited establishments in the area—and that’s after finishing his culinary studies at Johnson & Wales University.

You’re not just getting food from someone who decided to run a food truck. More often than not, you’re eating the creations of highly trained chefs and/or recipes and cooking skills that have been passed down through generations of cooking professionals. And you get to be the beneficiary of all that love and training when you eat at local food trucks.

2. Explore new cuisines.

Food trucks create and offer a variety of international dishes. Normally centering on one theme or cuisine, each food truck brings you another slice of the world in an easy-to-eat and authentic package.

They can also be culinary experimentation labs, fusing street food, fine dining, and comfort food from various parts of the world into one delectable foodstuff. And sometimes, food trucks park in packs, meaning you can combine your own food adventure by getting things for a few different food trucks. Either way, you’ll be expanding your palate and food horizons, which is a great way to begin learning about other cultures.

3. Learn the community.

Food trucks provide not only great food, but a great reason to explore your community. Food trucks often congregate in specific locations: office parks, neighborhoods, community festivals, and breweries. Finding where food trucks can help you learn the area better and discover new places to explore.

A great example of this is Ornery Beer Company Taproom. Just five minutes away from Arcadia Run, Ornery Beer Company Taproom hosts weekly (and rotating) food trucks. Visit these food trucks and you might see bits of Manassas you didn’t know about before. 

4. Meet neighbors.

And food isn’t the only thing you’ll find at food trucks: you’ll also find your neighbors! Eating together is a great way to really get to know someone. You’ll share opinions on the food, thoughts about the weather, condiment recommendations, and so much more.

Food trucks provide a great community service of giving neighbors a place to meet with a purpose (even if that purpose is just filling your face with yummy things). If you find food trucks in Manassas, you’re bound to meet neighbors from Arcadia Run, Manassas, and probably even other places in Fairfax. Your pool of friends will expand, all thanks to food trucks.

5. Support small, local businesses.

Most food trucks are local to the locations they serve. By eating their tasty creations, you’re directly helping the economy of your community. An oldie-but-goodie study from Civic Economics found that 68% of money spent with locally owned businesses stays in the community, compared to only 43% of non-locally owned businesses. Eating at food trucks in Manassas helps all of Manassas, as well as your hungry tummy.

As Salesforce’s 2020 Small & Medium Business Trends Report (signup required) shows, 51% of small & medium businesses (SMB) are worried about reduced customer demand due to the pandemic. This is especially true for food trucks, as their business relies on bringing people together, and that’s just not possible right now. But, the spirit of SMB is always that of adaptation: to achieve without the resources of bigger companies. Food trucks always publish their schedules in advance (so you can find them), but many are also turning to online ordering in an effort to make your experience safer.

Food trucks are delicious enterprises, helping communities come together, fostering support for local businesses, and giving your tastebuds something to savor. Remember, when you are hungry, find a food truck in Manassas. Here’s a link to just some of the many flavors driving around Arcadia Run: Food Truck Search.

5 Fun Activities in Manassas, VA

Even though it feels quite old, Manassas is a relatively new city.

It existed for quite a while as only a railroad crossing. Later, it was the location of the first major land battle of the Civil War, followed by a second major battle the next year.

Manassas finally became a town in 1873, and a city a little over 100 years later in 1975.

Yet in that short time, Manassas has become a goldmine of things to see and do for both adults and families.

Here are five of our favorite fun activities in Manassas:

1. Historical Sites

You can tour the Manassas National Battlefield Park either by car or on foot over many miles of roads and trails. Visit the Mayfield Civil War Fort: an earthwork fort spanning 11 acres. It’s a favorite spot of living history events, so you might be able to actually witness the past come to life. You can even see where Manassas began, so to speak, at the Manassas Train Station. Though it looks very different today, you can take a train to many other fun places in North Virginia (and beyond).

2. Museums & Art Galleries

Museums are exciting places to learn about all sorts of things, and the Manassas Museum is no exception. Full of an ever-shifting catalog of exhibits, the Manassas Museum also offers fun activities, including book talks, programs for kids, and more. The Caton Merchant Family Gallery (located in ARTfactory) features many visual exhibitions including local art and artists. And when you want to get your hands around some art, visit Manassas Clay. Showcasing the work and studios of 30 local potters, you can also tour their studio, take classes, and find pottery supplies.

3. Performing Arts

The aforementioned ARTfactory is even more than just its art gallery: it’s a full-service artistic experience, offering dance and theatre arts classes, and summer camps and concerts. When you want to take your performing arts to the next level, check out the Hylton Performing Arts Center. This 1123-seat, opera-house-style theater hosts music and theater performances from national and international artists.

4. Family-Friendly Adventures

One of the best things to do as a family is stroll through Historic Downtown Manassas. There’s something for everyone’s tastes, including popcorn and treats, gifts, home goods, toys, and restaurants galore. There’s even the Harris Pavilion which becomes an ice-skating rink every winter. Many of the other fun activities mentioned above are all in Historic Downtown Manassas too!

5. Libation Explorations

The beautiful North Virginian countryside is the perfect place to grow and make all sorts of adult beverages. From wineries to breweries, Manassas has many places to tour and explore (and, most delightfully, wet your whistle). There are quite a few breweries in Historic Downtown Manassas, and other libation makers a little farther out in the country, such as The Winery at Bull Run.

So many fun activities for you and your family to enjoy in Manassas, VA. Good thing you chose to call Arcadia Run home!

3-Ingredient Party Perfect Summer Dishes

One of the best things about summertime is getting to enjoy all that the warm weather has to offer, such as lazy days by the Arcadia Run pool and cookouts in the evenings with friends. Yummy dishes such as hamburgers and corn on the cob are summertime staples, but the last thing anyone wants to do is spend hours in the kitchen when you could be outside enjoying the summer sun! We’ve searched high and low for some party-perfect dishes that only require 3 ingredients, meaning you spend less time inside and more time chowing down. Check out some of our favorites below!


Sweet and Smoky Brussel Sprouts

Didn’t your grandmother tell you to eat your brussel sprouts? Gone are the days of bland brussel sprouts; this recipe will have you eating them more often. All you need are brussel sprouts, dates, and everyone’s favorite ingredient: bacon! All of these combined make the perfect side dish for the dinner party you’re having next weekend.


Shells and Cheese

Mac and cheese isn’t just for the kids anymore! Stir up some pasta shells in milk and add in cheese and you’ll have a delicious, cheesy bowl of shells to take to a cookout at the neighbors or by the pool. Tip: while this recipe only calls for shells, milk, and cheese, you can add in any of your other favorite ingredients to spice it up!



One of the most versatile sauces for the summer, pesto can be put on almost everything! Spread it on crackers with cheese, use on a caprese salad, or mix it in with pasta salad. Instead of pine nuts, this recipe only calls for basil (abundant during the summer months), EVOO, and salt and pepper. A perfectly refreshing topping like this will have everyone coming back to seconds.


Jalapeno Poppers

The only thing hotter than the summer sun will be these poppers on the picnic table! All you need are fresh jalapenos, cream cheese, and bacon to whip up a snack or app that everyone will devour.


Mint Chocolate Chip Pie

Finally, the best part of any cookout: dessert! Cool everything off with this delicious ice cream pie that you just have to assemble, stick in the freezer, and pull out when you’re ready to serve. This pie calls for a premade Oreo crust, whipped cream, and mint chocolate chip ice cream, but you can substitute in any ice cream flavor you want.


Nutella Brownies

Nutella: proof that happiness can come in a jar. Grab some eggs, flour, and Nutella to make these easy brownies, perfect to keep around all summer long. If you’re bringing them to a party, hide a few for yourself because they will go fast.


Summer is the perfect time to find your brand new apartment home at Arcadia Run for a gorgeous kitchen to cook these delicious dishes this summer! Visit us online to learn more.




Hacks for a Better Moving Experience


Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 2.17.13 PM

At Arcadia Run, we are experts in helping our residents have the best moving experience possible! There is only so much we can help with, but below we have put together some great hacks for moving without spending too much money or time getting everything together. Take a look below for some of the moving hacks you didn’t know until now.

Use what you have

If you know you will be moving in the near future, keep an eye out for resources, such as cardboard boxes that others are getting rid of, so you don’t have to purchase boxes. Forget the bubble wrap; soft items like towels and area rugs will protect your things that you also need to pack up.

Leave the hangers full

Why take everything off the hangers to put them back on again? Use a rubber band to group together sections of hangers (with clothes still on) and put them in a garbage bag with the hooks sticking out of the top. This way, when you get to your new apartment home, just remove the clothes from the bag, cut the rubber band, and hang! Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.

Roll it around
Not everyone has a dolly laying around for moving heavy items. Utilize rolling suitcases for heavy things that will fit inside, like your collection of trophies or stacks of books. If you are in need of more wheels to get your stuff from one place to another, use a skateboard or a wagon! It won’t completely eliminate carrying boxes, but will work if you don’t want to rent some wheels.

Use household items efficiently

Use tape to label boxes and hold drawers shut when you are moving furniture. If you don’t have tape, saran wrap will do! You can also utilize scissors or box cutters to cut handles in the side of boxes so that you don’t accidentally drop the glassware.

Make your essentials accessible

To make sure your essentials are accessible as soon as you arrive at your new place, load them into the van/car last. A toothbrush and a change of clothes will be nice to have when you don’t feel like unpacking and all you want to do is dig into some pizza.

These hacks are definitely essential for having a smooth move into your new apartment home, but maybe the best tip you should remember is to utilize your phone! Today, there are all sorts of apps to help you get organized like taking photos of what is in each box, or ordering a moving service. Visit today to see how you can begin the process of finding and moving into your new apartment home!



The Essential Supplies Your Apartment Home Needs

Moving is the perfect time to purge your home of all the unnecessary items that have been accumulating over the years. However, there are a few things that we think are necessary for you to keep and bring with you during the move, or buy if you don’t already own them. Below, we’ve listed some essentials that every resident should have in their new Arcadia Run apartment!

Cleaning Supplies

When life gets busy, having a clean home can become an afterthought. Have cleaning supplies readily available for those busy weeks when the last thing you want to do is go to the store to buy a duster or a mop. Make sure to stock up on supplies that are easy to grab, such as cleaning wipes or paper towels.

Area Rug

Putting a statement rug in your home is a way to show your personality while bringing together the atmosphere of a room. Not only will this rug accentuate the ambiance of a room, but it will also create a more comfortable space!

A Good Vacuum

Having a good vacuum can save you time and energy when cleaning your apartment. Vacuuming for only a few quick minutes once a week can dramatically decrease the dust and allergen build-up in your home.


A toolbox should include all of your essential tools and accessories, such as a hammer, nails, screwdrivers, duct tape, a box cutter, and more. You can easily purchase a toolbox at any local home improvement store!

Emergency Medical Kit

Cuts and scrapes are normal occurrences for any person, so having an emergency medical kit in the home is necessary! Stock up on Band-Aids, pain relievers, and a thermometer, especially if you have kids and live in a busy household, you never know when you might need it.

These are just a few of the many important items that you should keep handy in your new apartment home. Whether its making a statement with a new rug, or being able to fix a broken shelf with your tools, you will have everything covered. For more information on our wonderful apartment homes at Arcadia Run, check out our website and schedule a visit today!


6 Local Vendors to Check Out at the Manassas Farmer’s Market

The Historic Manassas Farmer’s Market, located in Downtown Manassas behind the Harris Pavilion in parking lot B, is held every Saturday, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. We are so proud of our local farmer’s market, which Prince William Living Magazine recently named as one of the best in the area!

From the fresh produce and signature sweets, to the one-of-a-kind products and organic goods, the Historic Manassas Farmer’s Market can’t be beat. Read on to learn about a few of the many fabulous vendors featured in Historic Manassas’ Farmer’s Market this year:


A Sign for the Times

Manassas, VA

A Sign For The Times by Ashley is home to a number of handmade, graphic design signs in a wide variety of styles, for all ages.

Calico Jack’s

Bristow, VA

Calico Jack’s is well-known in the Manassas-Bristow area for their hand crafted, natural and organic products for the body and home. From soy candles, lip balm, deodorant and lotions, to goat’s milk soaps, organic face oils and powders, these are some of the best organic products in the area. Calico Jack’s products are never made with harmful chemicals and are always free of sulfates, parabens and phthalates. Visit Calico Jack’s website for more on their unique selection of natural and organic products.

Crosby’s Crab Company

Manassas, VA

Crosby’s Crab Company offers the best seafood in Prince William County with a wide array of both raw and cooked shrimp, blue crabs, oysters and lobsters. This market-fresh seafood company has become so popular, in fact, that it was recently named one of the best places to find the freshest seafood in Washington by the Washingtonian! For more on Crosby’s Crab Company, check out their website.

Del Sur Baked Goods

Springfield, VA

Del Sur Baked Goods offers a long list of specialty cookies, Peruvian-style cakes, authentic, custom-filled empanadas and even custom butcher blocks! For more on Del Sure Baked Goods, visit their website.

Loopy Scoops

Manassas, VA

Loopy Scoops offers a delicious selection of local, homemade ice cream scoops, ice cream sandwiches, gelato, sorbets, sherbets, and popsicles. Check out Loopy Scoops on Facebook for more on this local legend!

Taste of Old Country

Gainesville, VA

Taste of Old Country offers a wide range of balsamic vinegars, extra virgin olive oils, seasonings, spices and more, all of which are created right here in Manassas, VA! While the olives in Taste of Old Country’s oils are sourced from their family olive groves in Greece, all of the final product is made right here in Manassas. For more on Taste of Old Country, check out their website.

As of this year, the Historic Manassas Farmer’s Market is officially a year-round market so you can enjoy the many benefits of shopping local all year long!

For a complete list of vendors, directions and additional information on the Winter Farmer’s Market, visit the Historic Manassas website. *Vendors may change by season.