Cute Valentine’s Day Craft

It’s the most romantic day of the year, Arcadia Run residents! But, seriously, no pressure. 

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be the end-all-be-all of romance. It can be simply a great day to enjoy with those you love. Even just spending some quality time and having fun with a loved one in our community room will have you feeling the love. There are plenty of ways to show your love this Valentine’s Day. 

While gifts are a traditional part of the holiday, they don’t have to be budget-breaking. Sure, places like Target are overflowing with adorably-themed pillows, candles, wreaths, and the works. But what could be better than creating something with your own two hands?!

Make a DIY Etched Wine Glass: Surprise your sweetheart with a home-cooked meal and a personalized etched wine glass. Which is actually much easier to make than it seems!

Heart-Shaped Elbow Patch: Wear your heart on your sleeve, literally. Make it yourself or for your Valentine, using an old sweater or two and scrap fabric (or even paper)! 

Lipstick Art: All you need is a piece of white card stock and shades of lipstick for this fun-themed wall art. 

Valentine’s Day is all about love. Spend the day in Manassas, VA or cuddle inside, as long as you are surrounded by love then there’s no way to go wrong.

Sweet Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Your Apartment Home


Whether you like or hate Valentine’s Day, there is always a way to enjoy yourself on this day of celebrating love! If you’re not looking to go out and get fancy, there are so many ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day right from your brand new apartment home at Arcadia Run.


DIY Tasting

Visit Pinterest for ideas on how to create a tasting in your own apartment home! It can be with chocolate, beer, whatever you’re interested in. Make a cute little setup on the kitchen island for you and your special someone or a group of friends. Even better – make it a blind tasting and guess the things you are tasting to see who gets the most right.


Romantic dinner

If you and your significant other want to have a nice sit-down dinner without shelling out tons of cash in a nice restaurant, make a meal at home! Make your own fondue spread, order in and put everything on fancy plates with candles, or create a home-cooked meal from a family recipe.


Movie Marathon

Whether you want to gather some of your all-time favorite movies or choose a selection of films that you haven’t seen yet, movie marathons are a couch potato’s dream. Sit back and relax with your favorite snacks in your own apartment home on your own comfy couch. We know you’ll want to make it an annual Valentine’s Day tradition.


Spa night

By yourself or with company, what better than to pamper yourself in the comfort of your own home? Before the evening, go to the dollar store or even a drug store and grab some skincare, body care, nail care, etc. that will give you a refreshing spa experience. You can even prepare some healthy snacks, cucumber water, and sweet treats to enjoy!


Galentine’s Day

Especially when everyone has a job, pets, significant others, etc., it’s rare that you can get together with a group of girlfriends and catch up! Have everyone bring a snack or food item to enjoy and binge watch one of your favorite reality TV series or pick a classic game to play.


Guys night

Take a few cues from your favorite movies and set up a cool poker night or get your buddies together for a video game tournament! Nothing says, “I appreciate your friendship” more than some healthy competition with your best guy friends. For food, buy a bunch of sandwich ingredients and let everyone make their own sub sandwiches – we know everyone has their own go-to sandwich combo!


With so many ways to celebrate this holiday of love in your own apartment home at Arcadia Run, you may never go out again!