10 Inexpensive Ways to Decorate Your Apartment

Your apartment is your home.

And the more your home reflects your personality, the more it feels like home.

Decorating an apartment takes some special planning. Maximizing usable space is always a consideration, as are any rules about what you can or can’t do (to the walls, for example).

But with some careful consideration and creative thinking, you can make your apartment sing with character. And you don’t have to break the bank to do it!

Here are 10 ways you can add inexpensive apartment decor that wows.

1. Art

Whether a free-standing statue, a table sitting ornament, or a hanging wall decoration, art adds inspiration to any room. There are so many options for finding affordable artwork. The best place to start are thrift stores. Look for full pieces that fit your space or even just lightweight frames. Old calendars can also be taken apart as a great source of wall-based beauty. Just make sure to use those removeable press-and-stick picture hangers that don’t damage walls when removed.

2. Vinyl Wall Decals

This is broken off into its own category because it is a very specialized type of wall art. You can find vinyl wall decals in any size and color, any style and design. From dragons, to famous characters, to blocks of color, vinyl decals are an almost-instant way to add pizazz to your walls. They are always easy to remove, with most being repositionable and reusable (should your design preferences change).

3. Mirrors

More than just ways to see if your shirt looks nice or you have spinach in your teeth, mirrors can be a very easy and inexpensive decorating option for your apartment. Mirrors bounce around light, making rooms feel more open and airy. They reflect the art that is already in your apartment. And just like other art options, they can be floor, table, or wall-based.

4. Throw Rugs

Throw rugs are an easy way to add splashes of color and texture to your space. They are great for an apartment because although they are on the floor, they don’t really take up floorspace. Throw rugs give you more layering options as you decorate your rooms. And they are almost always able to found on sale at local “everything” stores and online. Add a little pizazz underfoot!

5. Accent Blankets

Accent blankets are the throw rugs of furniture. They can be knit or plush, monochrome or colorful. And all you have to do is toss them on something and instant decoration! They make sofas, chairs, even significant others instantly more fashionable. Accent blankets also have the added bonus of being something to cuddle up in.

6. Clothes

Using clothes to add decoration to your apartment isn’t an excuse to just throw laundry around. But a sweater, for example, draped across a table with a book on top can look very erudite and hip. If you have a dress form or mannequin, dressing it nicely in the corner of a room adds some memorable decor. Same goes with hats. Put a few of your favorites on a hat rack, and you have a perfect—and functional—conversation piece.

7. Vintage-style LED Light Bulbs

Sometimes called “Edison” or “filament,” these LED bulbs look like early incandescent models, and have big, exposed “filaments” in classic and unusual shapes. These light bulbs are meant to be bare, showing off their retro-styling while being incredibly energy efficient. You can find them anywhere, and their ubiquity means they don’t cost a lot.

8. Collections

Collecting things is fun. Whether you have a handful of pop culture icons, a garage of old model cars, or a delicate menagerie of glass animals, every collection exists because they contain things that make you happy. It just makes sense, then, to put that happiness on display. Not only will your collections add spice to your apartment, but they’ll also add smiles.

9. Plants

Plants are an easy way to add more color and life (sometimes literally) to your apartment decor. Best of all: there are plants for every level of responsibility. The plants needing the most care will often yield flowers or fruit. Succulents and cacti add life to your apartment without too much care. And fake plants and flowers can at least make it look like you have a green thumb (while also being much less expensive than the real things).

10. DIY Projects

Almost all of the above can be created, customized, or enhanced by you. From painting a picture frame to help your pop art pop, to building a diorama for your action figure collection, to piecing together a lamp made of plumbing featuring your vintage LED bulbs, making your apartment decor yourself is great fun. Dollar stores are the perfect place to shop for DIY ingredients. These stores often change some of their stock throughout the year, meaning you can easily afford seasonal decor.

Decorating your apartment doesn’t have to empty your wallet. We think the above ideas can lead to a bright and personalized place to live—a home surrounded by things that bring you joy—by maximizing inexpensive apartment decor.

Must-Dos When Touring An Apartment Community

When you are visiting apartment communities, it’s exciting to know that a new beginning is in your future! While there are some obvious things you will do on your visits, like tour the apartments and amenities, you may forget about other important factors if you feel overwhelmed or too excited during your visit. Because we want you to be fully prepared and certain that Arcadia Run is right for you, take a look at our must-dos when touring an apartment community!

Get to know the features

Before you even arrive at an apartment community, make sure you have a list of what you are looking for in an apartment home. When you tour the model apartment, be sure to ask questions about standard features, the different types of floorplans available, and any policies for the units. Arcadia Run’s apartment homes are among the best in the area, with modern features, appliances, an in-unit washer and dryer, and more storage space than many apartment communities today.

Discover the amenities

We know that an apartment home will probably be the most important thing contributing to your decision, but the amenities are a big factor to consider as well! At Arcadia Run, visitors have been blown away by our modern amenities time and time again, and we know you will be too! Our new amenities include a resort-style pool, ball court, large fitness center, lounges, theater, playground, and so much more! The most important part of discovering the amenities is to be observant so that you have the chance to bring up any questions you may have.

Amenities page slider 1

Learn about maintenance

You don’t want to move into an apartment community without knowing that the management has your back when it comes to apartment repairs. No matter how new an apartment building is, there is always the chance that an emergency repair could be needed. At Arcadia Run, we have 24/7, emergency maintenance on call, so you can live worry-free and remain safe in your new apartment home.

Talk to some of the residents

The best way to get to know an apartment community is to speak to residents who already live there! While you are exploring the amenities and beautifully landscaped grounds at Arcadia Run, strike up a conversation. Ask residents to share their favorite things about the community, what kinds of social events take place, how long they have lived there, etc. Our residents here at Arcadia Run are truly some of the best around.


Sit down with the leasing staff

You might feel shy or hesitant to ask questions about the community and apartment homes, but this is what our amazing leasing staff is here for! At Arcadia Run, you can schedule an appointment with any of our leasing staff professionals who are always willing to help with any questions or concerns you may have. Take some time to get to know them and sit down to discuss your wants and needs for things like floor plans, living with a pet, etc.

Learn about conveniences provided

Apartment living is popular because of the amazing conveniences that this lifestyle offers! Arcadia Run goes above and beyond to make sure that living in our new apartment home community means less time worrying and more time enjoying. Some of our conveniences include a school bus stop on site, an open parking policy, easy online rent paying services, a mail concierge, 24-hour cyber café with free printer and coffee bar, and more.

Explore the neighborhood

Sure, you can visit our website and see some of the nearby restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues on a map, but there is nothing like getting to know the area first-hand. Drive around the Gateway Center and Promenade Commons to discover your favorite new stores, or take a quick drive to Downtown Manassas to soak in some history and try a few local eats.


If you’re ready to come visit Arcadia Run and find out why this is the perfect apartment community for you, schedule and appointment online or give us a call!

Apartment Trends to Try Now!

Another year has come and gone which means it’s once again that time when you feel like your apartment home needs a refresh. Fear not, because we have collected all of the apartment trends for 2018 in one place just for you to make sure you are in the know about what is looking hot right now. Whether you want an entire apartment re-do or you just want to swap out a few stale accessories, we have the scoop on what everyone is predicting will be the big bad wolf of décor trends in 2018!


The happiest color of the rainbow: Yellow

If you have been to our model apartment home here at Arcadia Run, you know that we love the color yellow. It is truly one of those colors that can brighten up any room and put you in a good mood whenever you walk in! If it’s too bright or loud for you, go for a pastel shade or include yellow hues in accents throughout your apartment instead of a large piece.


‘70s style

We know that there are many people who wish that style from the 70’s never came back, but this year, we are putting a modern twist on the classic trends from this decade. Earthy and olive tones, fuzzy rugs, wood, and lots of plants are sure to make a resurgence in the popular home goods stores.


Modern inspiration from Italy

One of our favorite places to find this style is over at CB2, Crate & Barrel’s more modern younger sibling. The ultra-modern furniture silhouettes and gold-focused accessories will give any space a luxe look straight out of a modern-day Italian loft.


Mixed metallics

If you are one of those people who can’t decide between silver and gold, this year, you’re in luck! Mixing metals is one of the newest trends we will start seeing, and we are all about it. M


Pattern and more pattern

Although some of the more traditional designers will say that mixing patterns is crazy, we think it’s a great way to create a fun living space. The trick to pattern is choosing specific color schemes that are found throughout all of the textiles in your apartment home.



This Japanese inspired design can make your apartment home even more of a relaxing space. Think spa meets sushi restaurant when it comes to the details. Woven textures, lots of candles, and ancient-looking vases are some of the key elements when looking to incorporate this trend.


If you’re ready to find your perfect apartment home to decorate with the latest trends, visit us at Arcadia Run in Manassas, VA today!


Sources: apartmenttherapy.com, realtor.com

Sweet Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Your Apartment Home


Whether you like or hate Valentine’s Day, there is always a way to enjoy yourself on this day of celebrating love! If you’re not looking to go out and get fancy, there are so many ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day right from your brand new apartment home at Arcadia Run.


DIY Tasting

Visit Pinterest for ideas on how to create a tasting in your own apartment home! It can be with chocolate, beer, whatever you’re interested in. Make a cute little setup on the kitchen island for you and your special someone or a group of friends. Even better – make it a blind tasting and guess the things you are tasting to see who gets the most right.


Romantic dinner

If you and your significant other want to have a nice sit-down dinner without shelling out tons of cash in a nice restaurant, make a meal at home! Make your own fondue spread, order in and put everything on fancy plates with candles, or create a home-cooked meal from a family recipe.


Movie Marathon

Whether you want to gather some of your all-time favorite movies or choose a selection of films that you haven’t seen yet, movie marathons are a couch potato’s dream. Sit back and relax with your favorite snacks in your own apartment home on your own comfy couch. We know you’ll want to make it an annual Valentine’s Day tradition.


Spa night

By yourself or with company, what better than to pamper yourself in the comfort of your own home? Before the evening, go to the dollar store or even a drug store and grab some skincare, body care, nail care, etc. that will give you a refreshing spa experience. You can even prepare some healthy snacks, cucumber water, and sweet treats to enjoy!


Galentine’s Day

Especially when everyone has a job, pets, significant others, etc., it’s rare that you can get together with a group of girlfriends and catch up! Have everyone bring a snack or food item to enjoy and binge watch one of your favorite reality TV series or pick a classic game to play.


Guys night

Take a few cues from your favorite movies and set up a cool poker night or get your buddies together for a video game tournament! Nothing says, “I appreciate your friendship” more than some healthy competition with your best guy friends. For food, buy a bunch of sandwich ingredients and let everyone make their own sub sandwiches – we know everyone has their own go-to sandwich combo!


With so many ways to celebrate this holiday of love in your own apartment home at Arcadia Run, you may never go out again!

Predicting the Most Sought-After Apartment Amenities in 2018

As apartment communities cater more and more to a modern lifestyle that requires additional conveniences than in previous years, renters begin to put more features and amenities on their must-haves list. In 2017, National Apartment Association gathered data giving insights in to the modern apartment renter and what they will be looking for when choosing a community in 2018. If you’re looking for a new apartment in Manassas, VA, see how Arcadia Run stacks up to the current list of the most sought-after amenities as told by Real Estate Weekly.


Package system

With the popularity of online retailers at an all-time high, and many people using online delivery services for everyday needs, this should come at no surprise to all of you Amazon lovers out there. Arcadia Run makes it easy for our residents with a package concierge service.


Being online

In a day where internet is now a necessity for most jobs and many types of communication, it is no wonder that being connected is so sought after by apartment renters today. Not only is it easy to gain access to internet services in your new apartment home at Arcadia Run, but our clubhouse also has a cyber café where residents can use our desktop computers and printer for free!


Beauty and The Building

See what we did there? More and more, renters are not only looking for great amenities and a great location, but the importance of having a visually appealing apartment is becoming higher one everyone’s lists. With phenomenons like Pinterest and Instagram, #apartmentgoals are more relevant than ever.



Especially with apartment communities or buildings in large cities or crowded suburbs, parking can be a rare amenity for renters today. At Arcadia Run, our open parking policy ensures that all of our residents have room for their cars, and also have room for guests to visit without the hassle of guest passes.


Fitness center

According to the National Renters Association, more than 80% of renters across the United States want a fitness facility in their apartment community. Not only do we have two specialized fitness center rooms for all of your workout needs, but Arcadia Run also offers free weekly fitness classes to residents!



For anyone who has a pet, any apartment community that is not pet-friendly would automatically be crossed off the list. Luckily, Arcadia Run is one of the most pet-friendly communities in the area, creating a hub of puppy friends to be made in 2018.


Did we mention that all of these apartment amenities, services, and features are exclusively for Arcadia Run residents? Stop by for a visit today to experience what could be your brand new lifestyle here at Arcadia Run!


Sources: rew-online.com




Apartment Living With Pets 101

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 12.23.42 AM

We won’t lie to you, living with pets in an apartment can be a ruff adjustment, we will also tell you that it is very worth is to be able to live with your best furry friend! Here at Arcadia Run, all of our brand new apartments are pet-friendly so if you are moving into your first apartment or even moving from a single-family home, you can bring Winston with you! Take a look at our advice and tips for living in an apartment community with your pet!


Give them their own spot

Even if your new apartment home at Arcadia Run is not the definition of tight quarters, there is still limited space for pets to be sleeping, eating, and running around. Set up a corner or area in your apartment home that is just for your pet! With Pinterest at the ready, there are so many ways that you can create a little pet oasis that is functional, but still visually appealing.


Make friends

Living in an apartment community gives you the opportunity to not only make new friends for yourself, but for your pet too! There are many residents here at Arcadia Run who also have loving pets that need company, so the next time you see another resident walking their dog, say hello and set up a doggie play date.


Give them plenty of exercise

Although our apartments are spacious enough to live with pets, they still need plenty of exercise. Not only does this mean going outside, but also playing, walking, running, and any kind of movement! With open grassy areas and winding sidewalk paths throughout our apartment home community, there is space to get in plenty of exercise for your pet each day.


Take them outside as much as possible

Pets need lots and lots of exercise to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle, but they are also animals and need to be able to get fresh air and roam free (on a leash). To keep your pets at their best, take them outside even more than you think they need to be. This will keep your pet happy and healthy for many years to come.


Get into a routine

As creatures of habit, pets can quickly learn a routine that works ideally for your busy schedule. Take them outside similar times each day, feed them at similar times each day, and use actions or signals to declare a time of the day like bedtime. The most accustomed your pet is to a routine, the happier they will be living here in Arcadia Run. They will be less stressed and nervous about getting everything they need for a great life.


See? This doesn’t sound so bad does it! Don’t forget to ask all of our residents here at Arcadia Run how their pets like living the good life. If you’re looking for a pet-friendly apartment community, this could be the one for you!

Top Tips for Hosting Holiday Gatherings in Your Apartment Home

Group of cheerful young people enjoying food and drinks while spending nice time in comfortable chairs on the kitchen together

Even though it is one of the most exciting times of the year, hosting during the holiday season can be challenging and stressful in any situation. It is important to be prepared for what lies ahead, especially in an apartment home where space to host more than a few guests can be limited. To ensure you have a successful holiday gathering in your Arcadia Run apartment home, get your chef’s hat on and take a look at some of our most helpful tips for getting the gang together to celebrate this season!


Adjust as necessary

It is probably hard to imagine hosting a holiday gathering, large dinner party, or even a small wine tasting in your apartment home with limited square footage. To make your space seem larger, change around your setup temporarily to fit an extra-long table, a few different hors d’oeuvres stations, or an empty room for dancing. If you realize you need additional seating or supplies last minute, call up your neighbor-turned-friend and ask to borrow some in exchange for holiday baked goods.


Use your imagination

Sturdy boxes, floor pillows, and end tables can be chairs too you know! Getting creative with your resources is a great way to save some money and also get an A+ for originality. If you don’t have a tablecloth big enough for the monstrous dining table you set up across the entire room, overlay a few different ones for a patchwork effect. Looking for some cool centerpieces but don’t want to put in the cash? Buy a few decorative items from the dollar store and spray paint them gold!


Make the food prep easy on yourself

Preparing food and snacks ahead of time will make your holiday gathering much easier on everyone in attendance, specifically you and your roommates. Find dishes, appetizers, and beverages that you can prepare ahead of time and take straight out of the fridge or warm up in the oven before the party. Our upgraded kitchens in every Arcadia Run apartment home allow a ton of space to get everything ready with ease. The point of hosting an event is to enjoy the company of people who you care about, not to enjoy the company of your oven!


Do your best to let loose

There is nothing worse than attending a holiday gathering and feeling like a nuisance rather than a welcomed guest. If you are the host, try to keep your cool, and if you prepare for the event ahead of time, this won’t be a problem! Don’t let little snags get you down and make sure to leave all of the clean-up for the next day – after all, you deserve it for throwing an amazing party!


Head on over to our Pinterest page for more tips and tricks or visit our website to find the perfect apartment home for entertaining this year!

Fall Design Trends to Freshen Up Your Apartment Home

Now that you’ve cleaned out your pool bag and put away your summer clothes, it’s time to dive head first into fall at Arcadia Run! Besides your daily pumpkin spiced latte, there are several other ways to celebrate the best of the seasons. If you’re looking to freshen up your apartment home this fall, whether you want to be more organized or you’re looking to spruce up your interior décor, there are several emerging trends that will make your apartment #goals. Check out some of our favorite trends that we know will look great in your new apartment home here at Arcadia Run!



Darn, you knew you should’ve kept that quilt that Great Aunt Susan gave you years ago. Whether you want to replace your duvet or comforter, or just want a big blanket to wrap around you, quilts are coming back into style this fall. The different patterns and colors will give your apartment a cozy feel for those chilly nights spent watching Hocus Pocus and munching on candy corn.


Blush Pink

Man’s greatest question: What exactly is millennial pink? And does blush fall under that category? If so, we don’t mind. As a soft, light color, blush goes well with the bold colors of fall, such as red, gold, and brown. Add in pops of blush around your apartment, such as a pillow, blanket, or even bath towels. If you want to channel your inner Elle Woods, add some blush to your wardrobe this fall. That goes for you too, gentleman!



While we’ll never give up our beloved copper Moscow mule mugs, brass is seeing a resurgence this season. We don’t recommend going all out with an ornate brass chandelier, but subtle touches of brass around your apartment are a great way to add some sophistication to your décor. Put some of your favorite pictures from the summer in brass picture frames, or use brass votive holders for those fall-scented candles you can smell from down the hall.


Matte Black

If you’re not sipping your pumpkin spiced latte out of a matte black travel mug, are you even drinking a PSL? Matte black is a great way to show your edgy side without getting too witchy this fall. Try placing matte black vases on your end tables or your counter, perfect for holding those fall flowers. If you really want to impress guests, use matte black silverware and dishes when having dinner this fall.


Trick or Texture

No, it’s not a trick. Texture is one of the best parts of the fall season. From smooth apples, to soft blankets, there are several ways to highlight the fun textures of the season in your apartment home. Bring the colorful trees inside with fake branches and leaves for a stunning centerpiece, or pile different blankets (wool, chenille, cashmere, etc) in a basket. For the DIY-ers out there, welcome friends into your home with a festive fall wreath on your door, made out of burlap or ribbon.


Let us know what fall design tips worked for you this season! Learn more about all that Arcadia Run has to offer at www.arcadiarun.com.


Sources: countryliving.com, bhg.com, instyle.com, averageinspired.com,

The Best Websites to Find Apartment Decorating Inspo

Now that you’re moved into your new Arcadia Run apartment home, it’s time to start decorating! Decorating is one of the most fun things you can do when settling into your apartment, as it reflects your own unique style and personality. However, you may run into a few decorating roadblocks, such as having too many ideas or not enough inspiration. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite online sources for apartment decorating inspiration, so get those creative juices flowing!


Apartment Therapy

This website has it all for apartment decorating! Get ideas and inspirations from their articles and gorgeous photos, as well as tips for the DIY type. One of our favorite parts of Apartment Therapy is they have a video section that breaks down certain DIY projects, or how to organize a certain room in your home. You can also take photo tours of curated apartments for assistance putting together an entire home style.


House Beautiful

If you’re having trouble deciding on a color theme for your apartment, look no further than House Beautiful. They offer designer tested color schemes, and you can read about everything from the best colors that work for a bathroom or hot color trends for this year. However, there’s no wrong choice when it comes to deciding on something you love!



Home to everyone’s favorite interior designer Joanna Gaines (and Chip!), HGTV online is a huge source for all things decorating related. Find inspiration if you’re looking to decorate for the upcoming season (pumpkin spice everything) or how to master an easy DIY project. Stay up to date with them on social media, as they frequently post home design inspiration!



If you have something in your head and are looking for a way to narrow down exactly what you want, browse Pinterest! Pinterest’s many design boards from thousands of users and brands allow you to see different ways of decorating a bedroom, or how best to organize your closet. You can even make your own boards for future inspiration, our check out Arcadia Run’s page!


Better Homes & Garden

Another all-purpose site, BHG has everything you could need for ideas on how to decorate your apartment home. Learn how to arrange furniture for more floor space, or make a centerpiece for that end of summer party you’re hosting! You can even pin ideas from here to your personal Pinterest page!



Looking to keep up with the newest trends and designs? Look no further than Freshome. They keep you up to date with the hottest decor trends this year, or what modern design ideas are popular for your apartment home. Freshome also does a great job of educating you on what exactly ‘rustic chic’ (or any design term) means, and how you can make it work for you.


Now that you have a better idea on where to look for some inspiration, get to decorating! Learn more about living in a new apartment home at Arcadia Run by visiting us online.

End of Summer Storage Solutions

Summertime sadness is slowing creeping up on us: the time when we have to pack away the beach chairs and say goodbye to our white jeans after Labor Day. While no one likes seeing summer come to a close, it’s better to get ahead of the game when it comes to putting away all of your summer items. Shoving all of your beach towels in the closet (we know it crossed your mind) can seem like an easy fix, but it will be better in the long run if you take the time to properly store everything youyou’re your family have used this summer. Check out some of our ideas on how to best organize seasonal summer items!


Beach/Pool Towels

Have you somehow ended up with more towels than you started with at the summer? Maybe friends left them at your place after a day at the Arcadia Run pool, but regardless, towels are definitely storage space-eaters. Wash all pool towels one more time, and find a space to stack them in a closer or drawer. If you have more than you know what to do with, put one in your car that can double as a blanket or seat cover. In a pinch, beach towels can also be used as extra towels for guests.


Beach/Pool Toys

A summer spent on a raft in the pool is a summer well spent! Whether the kids swim noodles and floaties scattered throughout your apartment, or that giant swan you posted photos of all summer long is sitting in your living room, it will soon be time to put them away. Any rafts or floats that are in good condition can be deflated and then folded up to store away. If any toys or floats are looking worse for the wear and can be easily replaced next summer, toss them.



Packing your bag for the beach or pool at the beginning of the summer is way more exciting than emptying it when the season is over. Toss any trash that accumulated in your bag, and clean it out as best you can. Save any full sunscreen bottles that you can keep using and store them with your toiletries. If you can’t bear to be parted just yet with your beach bag, use it as a grocery bag, or for carrying items to your car.


Summer Clothes

Before you know it, it will be time to make room again for your fall clothes. If you have kids, go through all of their summer clothes and see which ones they’ll be able to wear again next summer, and which ones they’ll have outgrown. Donate any clothes they won’t be wearing again, and pack away the others. Tip: be sure to label any bins or boxes you put away. This will make things easy to find next summer, and ensure you won’t be pulling out winter scarves and hats when you’re looking for bathing suits!

The end of summer doesn’t mean the fun has to stop at Arcadia Run! Check out all of our wonderful amenities and apartment plans at www.arcadiarun.com.