The Art of Apartment Shopping

Shopping for a new apartment could be considered an art form – yes, seriously!  It might not be featured in a museum, but these skills are certainly helpful when finding a new space to rent.  With all of the information out there on various options, deciphering ‘the good’ from ‘the bad’ can be cause for a big headache.

To help out, we’ve put together a list of questions to ask yourself when perfecting your apartment shopping skills:

What’s the quality of the apartment/community?

Of course having a quality apartment tops the list!  ‘Good Quality’ can apply to the carpeting, building structure and status, appliances, perks, features and little things that one might not think of.  With new carpeting, vinyl ‘hardwood’ floors, granite countertops, designer cabinets, extended windows and updated appliances all in a newly built building, we’ve thought of it all!  Arcadia Run apartments are the embodiment of luxury and are as thorough as they are beautiful.

Additionally, to truly make Arcadia Run an all-encompassing community, we’ve provided various amenities for our residents to enjoy.  We plan to have a new pool, fitness center, walking and jogging trail, a clubhouse and a playground all incorporated into the community within this year.

How much space do you need? How much is available?

One of the most valuable assets in any apartment is space.  And believe us, finding an apartment for the right price is even sweeter when the layout fits your needs.  At Arcadia Run, our apartments go one step further.  Each unit features 9 foot ceilings and an intuitive design.  You won’t believe all the room you can have in one unit alone!  We also offer a variety of floor plans with either one or two bedrooms, so you have options when choosing the one that’s right for you.

Is it the right location?

What would be the fun in living in a great apartment if it weren’t located somewhere just as appealing?  Luckily for Arcadia Run residents, our community is located in beautiful Manassas, Virginia, giving residents close access to all that this great town has to offer.  With a charming downtown scene complete with restaurants, shops, parks, historical sites, and entertainment venues, and convenient to Washington D.C., what more could you ask for?

Is the community right for me?

Speaking of things to do around town, a perk to any apartment community is, well, the community!  This is especially true for families with children or social residents who want to mingle with their neighbors.  Arcadia Run is always hosting different events for residents to connect, just take a look at our Facebook page.  And, with the completion of our new clubhouse, residents can expect even more invitations in the future!

The endless searching for a new apartment stops here.  Arcadia Run apartments meet every criterion on any renter’s checklist.  It’s that simple.  Get used to getting more with Arcadia Run apartments!



How To Decorate A Warm Living Space In Your New Apartment

It’s been a frigid January throughout much of the nation, and the northern Virginia area is no exception. Manassas, where our community of Arcadia Run resides, has certainly seen its fair share of low temperatures and snowfall over the past several weeks. If you’d like to limit venturing into the cold and are interested in switching up the décor in your brand new Arcadia Run apartment, we’ve got the perfect solution. With a few simple changes, you can make your apartment living space appear warmer, inviting and more cozy – making it a welcome reprieve from the cold temperatures outside. Below are some helpful hints in making an enjoyable warm living space in your apartment:


Both natural and artificial light is important in creating a warm atmosphere in your living space. Utilize your natural lights by using window treatments that provide some level of transparency, allowing the natural light to enter the room. The extended windows and large sliding glass doors in our Arcadia Run apartments offer an excellent source of natural light that help create the appearance of a warmer living space. Artificial light can be utilized through lamps with dark-colored lampshades, which help to create an intimate and cozy atmosphere.

Color scheme

If the color scheme of your apartment living space is in the cool blue or grey family, winter could be a good time to switch it up. Blue and grey-based colors can make a room appear cooler, and switching to a color scheme based in warmer colors can be the perfect solution to create a cozier space. Consider rich colors such as yellow, orange, red, brown and beige, and use different shades of these colors to create a “warm” feeling in the room. Implement your new color scheme throughout the room using different fabrics and accessories.   


Keeping your new warm color scheme in mind, choose differing fabrics and textures for the decorative elements in the room. Softer-looking textures and fabrics often make the room appear warm and inviting – think wool, velvet, suede and heavy cotton, as opposed to shiner fabrics such as silk. Adding new pillows with soft fabrics and textures to your couch or armchair is an easy and fun way to make your space appear more warm and inviting. A large area rug can really tie the room together while adding an additional layer of comfort, even for spaces such as Arcadia Run apartments that already have plush carpet.

Candles of different colors, textures and heights can also be a great touch in your living space to create a feeling of warmth, especially if they’re lit. Another idea is to use decorative accessories made of a dark wood to add a warm feeling. A tall bookcase filled with all of your favorite books can add a certain level of coziness and warmth – and provides the additional benefit of easy access when you want to curl up on your couch with a good read! Personal touches – such as favorite books, unique accessories or picture frames – make the room appear lived in and cozy.


Plants are a great and easy way to create the feeling of a warm and inviting living space. Even if you don’t have much of a green thumb, there are plenty of plants that don’t require much maintenance – a few examples are the Boston fern, African violet or peace lily. Make sure you place your plants by your natural source of light to keep them healthy, and check with a professional to make sure you know how to correctly care for your plant.

Redecorating your living space can be a fun project, and when you’re done, you’ll have a warm and inviting space to spend your time in during the chilly months. Arcadia Run residents already have a lot to love about their apartments – including oversized kitchens with granite counters, nine-foot ceilings and extended windows – but a cozy living space is definitely a great addition. And when you’re done with your beautiful and inviting new living space, you can have all of your new Arcadia Run neighbors over to show off how great your new space looks!



Best Restaurants in Manassas

For those who love to cook, living at Arcadia Run offers the ideal situation, with our beautiful, expansive kitchens that include granite counters and designer cabinets. As it turns out, if you’re not a natural-born chef, Arcadia Run apartments are perfect for you, too, because of our great location. Our apartments are conveniently located in Manassas, VA and there are endless high-quality and delicious dining options nearby to satisfy every taste bud.

So whether you just want to take a break from cooking every night, or you find your bliss in exploring new restaurants, the following list of Manassas restaurants can be helpful to you. Your new favorite restaurant in Manassas might be included on the list below, which is organized by cuisine type and include some of the highest-rated restaurants on Google and Yelp (all ratings are out of a possible 5). They’re all within a quick drive of our community, making them convenient destinations, even on last-minute notice. So find your new favorite Manassas restaurant, and bon apetit!

Greek & Middle Eastern

– Katerina’s Greek Cuisine

·      Google Review: 4.7; Yelp Review 4.5

·      Address: 9212 Center Street, Manassas

·      Distance from Arcadia Run: 4.8 miles, 11 minutes

·      Overview: A popular destination in Old Town Manassas, Katerina’s serves authentic Greek cuisine that receives rave reviews online. According to online reviews, it can get crowded from all of the loyal patrons, so be sure to make a reservation.

– Famous Kabob

·      Yelp Review: 4.5; Google Review 4.0

·      Address:  9685 Liberia Avenue, Manassas

·      Distance from Arcadia Run: 9 miles, 13 minutes

·      Overview: Don’t let the modest interior fool you! According to online reviews, Famous Kabob offers – not surprisingly – delicious kabobs, as well as other options such as gyros, wraps, and other dishes with an Afghan influence. For added convenience, you can place your order online and carry out.

Deli & Italian

-The Deli Depot

·      Yelp Review: 4.5; Google Review: 4.4

·      Address: 8961 Center Street, Manassas

·      Distance from Arcadia Run: 5.1 miles, 12 minutes

·      Overview: Available for dine-in, carry out and delivery, The Deli Depot offers classic New York style sandwiches, specialty sandwiches, soups, salads, and various side orders, as well as a full breakfast menu. According to online reviews, this Old Town staple not only has great food, but wonderful service as well.

– “A Deli” Italian Food

·      Google Review: 4.6; Yelp Review: 4.5

·      Address: 10384 Portsmouth Road, Manassas

·      Distance from Arcadia Run: 3.1 miles, 7 minutes

·      Overview: This deli’s website states that it’s “simply the best,” and from the looks of online reviews, customers agree. Online reviews rave about the oversized and delicious Italian subs.

– Tony’s New York Pizza

·      Google Review: 4.5; Yelp Review: 4.0

·      Address: 9108 Mathis Avenue, Manassas

·      Distance from Arcadia Run: 5.6 miles, 12 minutes

·      Overview: A family-owned and operated restaurant, Tony’s features New York style thin crust pizza and other Italian favorites. Online reviewers love the fresh, quality ingredients used, the Italian subs, and of course, the pizza.

Vietnamese & Thai

– Pho 234

·      Google Review: 4.4; Yelp Review: 4.0

·      Address: 10376 Festival Lane, Manassas

·      Distance from Arcadia Run: 3.2 miles, 7 minutes

·      Overview: For those who aren’t familiar with Vietnamese cuisine, pho is a popular type of Vietnamese soup made from beef or chicken stock with rice noodles and thinly sliced meat. Judging from online reviews, Pho 234 offers outstanding pho, as well as other classic Vietnamese dishes.

– Zabb Thai Restaurant

·      Google Review: 4.4; Yelp Review: 4.0

·      Address: 11010 Sudley Manor Drive, Manassas

·      Distance from Arcadia Run: 2.2 miles, 5 minutes

·      Overview: Zabb Thai offers thai food for dining in, take out and delivery, with an extensive menu and well-decorated interior, according to online reviewers. Popular dishes, according to online reviewers, are the salt chili pork and green curry.

– Siam Classic

·      Google Review: 4.5; Yelp Review: 4.5

·      Address: 9403 East Street, Manassas

·      Distance from Arcadia Run: 5.0 miles, 12 minutes

·      Overview: Another popular Thai restaurant in the area, Siam Classic is located in Old Town Manassas and, according to online reviewers, offers authentic Thai food for a great price. For those who enjoy a little kick, you can order your dish on a scale of 1 – 10 for spiciness.

Latin American

– Cuna del Sol

·      Google Review: 4.5; Yelp Review: 4.0

·      Address: 7779 Sudley Road, Manassas

·      Distance from Arcadia Run: 2.5 miles, 6 minutes

·      Overview: If you go to Cuna del Sol, prepare to try authentic Guatemalan food, which can offer an exciting culinary experience for those who have never had it. There are also some Mexican and American offerings on the menu, however, for those who don’t quite know what to order. Online reviewers rave about the full-flavored meals and the additional bonus of a bakery.

– El Mirador Restaurant

·      Yelp Review: 4.5

·      Address: 7839 Sudley Road, Manassas

·      Distance from Arcadia Run: 2.7 miles, 6 minutes

Overview: Although el Mirador didn’t have a Google review, the reviews on Yelp had very high praise for this Salvadoran restaurant. Online reviewers describe the food as authentic, fresh and flavorful. From online reviews, a customer favorite seems to be the pupusas – corn tortillas filled with a combination of cheese, meats and refried beans.

Arcadia Run residents know that the Manassas area has a lot to offer, and the restaurant selection is certainly no exception. Whatever type of food you’re in the mood for, there’s sure to be a great restaurant in Manassas to satisfy your craving. The variety of destinations in Manassas – whether it’s to eat, shop or be entertained – is just one of the reasons that it’s such an interesting and exciting D.C. suburb. Just ask our Arcadia Run residents, and they’ll tell you – Manassas is a great place to live in the Northern Virginia area!


SOURCE: Google Reviews,

Apartment Trends to Watch for in 2014

Some trends come and go, others are here to stay. This year, renters will be looking for more in their apartments and communities – and Arcadia Run is way ahead of the curve. Our luxury apartments for rent come with features, finishes and amenities that renters didn’t even know they wanted until they found them here!

Granite Countertops: Granite countertops are timeless, there’s no doubt about that. In Arcadia Run, all of our apartments come with oversized kitchens complete with granite countertops. These counters are durable, functional, and beautiful – not many tenants can say they have this luxurious feature in their space!

Convenient Washers & Dryers: In-apartment washer and dryer units will also be a hot commodity this year. Yet another trend Arcadia Run already features in all apartments! Our washer and dryers are full-sized and stacked to save space. We can’t promise the same for other apartment complexes!

Conversation Pieces: As far as décor goes, more people will use a ‘conversation piece’ in their apartment space. This could be a piece of furniture, fixture, or item that is different and special to you. But no pressure; anything you find particular interesting works too! And with a spacious Arcadia Run apartment, tenants have plenty of room to bring in something truly unique.

More Color: Want to add more color to your apartment? Many renters will be utilizing pillows and bold rugs to add a little splash of color to their living rooms and bedrooms. Pillows not only add color, but can also help make any room cozier. Daring and eye-catching rugs also add a touch of personality and can help to separate rooms within your apartment.

Complete Amenities: What’s the fun of living in an amazing apartment community if you can’t enjoy all that it has to offer? Arcadia Run is one of the most complete communities in the Manassas area. This year, we plan to open a fitness center, clubhouse, resort-style swimming pool, ball courts and playground. Arcadia Run is truly an incredible place to rent a new apartment!

Plan on moving into an Arcadia Run apartment this year? We can’t wait for new residents to join our luxury apartment community! Who would’ve thought you could have all of this and more in your new apartment space? Check out our features page for even more information on all that we offer at Arcadia Run.

Who Will Drive the Apartment Industry in 2014?

While the apartment industry felt the effects of the housing crisis, the repercussions were much less severe than other industry sectors. In fact, the industry as a whole benefitted in more ways than one, and emerged from the recession with strong prospects.  Most remarkably, the growth is in part to the certain demographics that drive the industry and their continued contributions to the market.

So who are these groups of people, and why will they choose to rent their space in 2014?

Baby Boomers

Not surprisingly, many baby boomers are opting to rent their spaces instead of owning them.  Many have decided they want a more secure housing alternative that comes with more features, like community amenities and luxury appliances.  Additionally, many are looking to rent apartments because they wish to waive repair and maintenance efforts.  When renting an apartment, any repair or maintenance costs typically fall on the landlord, allowing tenants to enjoy their apartment while saving money.

Parents & Families

A tenant trend that’s been extremely prevalent this past year has been an increase in parents with children.  It’s easy to see why this could be true in Arcadia Run – our community includes everything a growing family might want or need.  With a planned pool, clubhouse and playgrounds, Arcadia Run is every busy parent’s dream. And, with events like our recent Holiday Party, families can connect with their neighbors and create lasting friendships.

Better yet, Manassas is a great town to raise a family.  The charming historic district offers so much for residents including seasonal festivals, countless museums, and a thriving downtown scene with family-friendly restaurants.

Young Professionals

Young professionals who are renting their space are seeking to maintain their mobility, and will continue to do so in 2014.  Many renters may have the ability to find a leasing option that works best for them, giving them more freedom when choosing a space. With Manassas being the home to major corporations, living and working in this great town is more attainable than ever!

No matter the demographic you fall into, Arcadia Run is one of the best luxury apartment communities in the Manassas area.  Our brand-new apartments are available in different floor plans and pricing to match your needs.  The included community amenities are some of the best in market and truly seal the deal on this amazing development. This new year brings promise to the apartment industry and we’re excited to welcome new guests to our Arcadia Run community!

Get the Most Out of Your Closet Space

No matter the size of your apartment or home, it’s always a good idea to do everything you can to get the most out of the storage space. In Arcadia Run, our luxury apartments provide walk-in closets, a feature that is nearly unheard of in other apartment developments.  But, even with these massive closets, there are still ways to optimize the space inside.

But, before you begin to reorganize your closet, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

First things first, go through your closet and storage bins to find out what you really need.  There’s no reason to keep clothes that no longer fit or that you won’t wear.  Donate them, share them with friends, or consign them to free up more room.

Next, pack away anything that’s out of season.  Short-sleeved shirts and sundresses may be taking up the space where sweaters and coats could be hanging.  Once the season changes, go through your clothing again and restart the process.

After you’ve gone through your items and found what you do and don’t need, the next step is to prioritize items.  The things you use the most should be the easiest to get to.  These items should be in plain sight and are typically positioned in the middle of your closet.  Things you think you will use less often, like shoes you don’t wear everyday, can be placed near the bottom.  And, the items that you never use or won’t be wearing until the next season can go to the top.

Dividing your closet, or any other storage space for that matter, in this manner will help you to maintain its neatness.  You won’t be digging for lost clothing and when you need something, you’ll know exactly w­­here it is.

A way to create this type of organization is to get creative with shelving units.  You might not find the dream unit that fills your closet perfectly, but you can certainly create one using multiple pieces.  Different sized and shaped cubbies or boxes will help with prioritizing your items, while keeping everything in proper place.

And finally, if you’re feeling really ambitious, make finding something in your closet even easier by color coordinating the items. This is especially helpful if trying to put together an outfit or looking for a particular colored blouse.  However, this takes time and dedication or it will quickly lose order.

Maybe most importantly, closets should be treated just like any other room.  By making it a priority to keep it organized, like you would a kitchen or living room, you’ll save yourself time and hassle when looking for clothes.  Getting dressed in the morning has never been easier!