The Art of Apartment Shopping

Shopping for a new apartment could be considered an art form – yes, seriously!  It might not be featured in a museum, but these skills are certainly helpful when finding a new space to rent.  With all of the information out there on various options, deciphering ‘the good’ from ‘the bad’ can be cause for a big headache.

To help out, we’ve put together a list of questions to ask yourself when perfecting your apartment shopping skills:

What’s the quality of the apartment/community?

Of course having a quality apartment tops the list!  ‘Good Quality’ can apply to the carpeting, building structure and status, appliances, perks, features and little things that one might not think of.  With new carpeting, vinyl ‘hardwood’ floors, granite countertops, designer cabinets, extended windows and updated appliances all in a newly built building, we’ve thought of it all!  Arcadia Run apartments are the embodiment of luxury and are as thorough as they are beautiful.

Additionally, to truly make Arcadia Run an all-encompassing community, we’ve provided various amenities for our residents to enjoy.  We plan to have a new pool, fitness center, walking and jogging trail, a clubhouse and a playground all incorporated into the community within this year.

How much space do you need? How much is available?

One of the most valuable assets in any apartment is space.  And believe us, finding an apartment for the right price is even sweeter when the layout fits your needs.  At Arcadia Run, our apartments go one step further.  Each unit features 9 foot ceilings and an intuitive design.  You won’t believe all the room you can have in one unit alone!  We also offer a variety of floor plans with either one or two bedrooms, so you have options when choosing the one that’s right for you.

Is it the right location?

What would be the fun in living in a great apartment if it weren’t located somewhere just as appealing?  Luckily for Arcadia Run residents, our community is located in beautiful Manassas, Virginia, giving residents close access to all that this great town has to offer.  With a charming downtown scene complete with restaurants, shops, parks, historical sites, and entertainment venues, and convenient to Washington D.C., what more could you ask for?

Is the community right for me?

Speaking of things to do around town, a perk to any apartment community is, well, the community!  This is especially true for families with children or social residents who want to mingle with their neighbors.  Arcadia Run is always hosting different events for residents to connect, just take a look at our Facebook page.  And, with the completion of our new clubhouse, residents can expect even more invitations in the future!

The endless searching for a new apartment stops here.  Arcadia Run apartments meet every criterion on any renter’s checklist.  It’s that simple.  Get used to getting more with Arcadia Run apartments!