Moving With The Family Made Easier

Moving can be very stressful and laborious for any family, especially if it is your first big move to a new apartment home. There are a few ways in which you can make the transition of moving more enjoyable for the whole family just by following a few simple tips. At Arcadia Run, we strive to make your move go as smoothly as possible, so check out our recommendations below!

1. Research the Moving Company

Many people think that researching a moving company takes too much time. However, it is crucial that you find reliable help who will not only move all of your belongings into a truck, but someone you are willing to trust with all of your belongings. Take the extra time and choose a company who you feel you can trust. That being said, a reliable and helpful mover may not be the cheapest option, but spending the extra money will ensure the safe arrival of your truck with all items still inside.

2. Get the Supplies

Two of the most critical supplies needed when moving are boxes and tape. Make sure that the boxes are sturdy and can withstand the weight of plates, books, and any other heavy objects that will neatly fit inside. Bubble wrap is always good to have when moving fragile items such as glasses or picture frames that you would prefer not to bounce around on the drive. Making a checklist before the big move is always helpful when trying to gather the packing materials.

3. Plan Your Move

Everyone is aware that moving takes a lot of time and energy. If you are moving with children, you know that this is doubly true! However, your time can be more efficiently managed if you plan ahead and write down everything that you want to finish before the big day. Making a list of everything that must be completed is a good way to set goals and have them visualized in front of you If you are moving with small children, plan extra time for breaks so the kids stay happy!

4. Label! Label! Label!

After you have set your goals, made your lists, bought the supplies, and researched the movers, don’t forget to label your boxes! If you forget to do this, moving into your new apartment will take double the amount of time than it should have. Make sure you write the room where each box belongs, and whether the content inside is fragile. Giving movers a heads about the fragile objects will decrease the chances of opening boxes to broken items. If you want to get even more detailed with labeling, you can choose to label the boxes by priority, such as “high” for items that should be unpacked immediately and “low” for boxes that can wait a few days.

5. Pack an Overnight Bag

Finally, make sure that everyone packs an overnight bag. This is the most forgotten item when families move into their new apartment!. A few items that should be packed in the overnight bag include a change of clothes, toilet paper, toiletries, water bottles, phone charger, plastic utensils, garbage bags, any necessary medications, and entertainment for the little ones. This way, you won’t be digging around through all of your boxes trying to find your PJs!

Hopefully, these tips have been helpful and can help you better prepare for the big day! For more information on how you can enjoy a brand new apartment home at Arcadia Run, visit the

5 Reasons Millennials Are a Generation of Renters

According to a recent survey, approximately 8 out of 10 millennials plan on renting for the foreseeable future, which should come as no surprise! After all, the renting lifestyle seems to be a perfect fit for the Millennial generation. Read on to learn a few of the many reasons Millennials seem to be in a renter state of mind:

Minimal Commitment: Millennials simply love the flexibility and freedom of renting! They don’t like to be tied down to one spot, and without the responsibility of a home mortgage, apartment renters are able to move around as they please (after their lease is up that is).

It’s Affordable: With little or no credit history, many millennials are unable to take on a mortgage, or unwilling to take on the responsibility in addition to their student loans and other monthly bills. Alternatively, apartment living offers an incredibly affordable option for millennials, especially if you’re splitting the bill with a roommate!

A Multitude of Modern Features: Many modern apartment buildings offer fresh, fun designs with a wide array of features millennials crave. Arcadia Run’s stunning new apartments, for example, include a number of fabulous modern features such as: oversized kitchens with granite countertops, 9 foot ceilings, full-sized in-unit washers and dryers, extended windows, walk-in closets and more!

No Unexpected Expenses: With everything included in your monthly rent check, there are no unexpected costs associated with apartment living. Unlike home ownership, which can easily accrue additional costs for any number of issues throughout the year: heating and cooling costs to plumbing repair expenses and beyond.

No Maintenance Required: Yet another substantial perk of apartment living is that no maintenance is required! That means no lawn maintenance in the spring, no leaf raking in the fall, and no pathway or driveway shoveling in the winter! Millennials are a generation that seems to be always on the go, so being able to sit back and relax for a few moments instead of having to mow the lawn on a beautiful afternoon is yet another major perk of apartment living!

These are just a few of the many reasons why the Millennial generation loves the apartment lifestyle! If you’re looking for a stunning new apartment in Manassas, VA,  be sure to check out the beautiful 1 Bedroom and 2 Bedroom floor plans of our modern apartments at Arcadia Run today!

Spring Cleaning Made Easier at Arcadia Run

How many of us are ready for spring cleaning?  It may seem odd, especially with recent snow and freezing temperatures, but the spring season is upon us!  Packing up your winter clothes and belongings is a necessary evil for many, and if you have limited space to store your things, it can be incredibly difficult.  Well, at Arcadia Run, this seasonal activity is anything but a hassle – when you live in one our new luxury apartments, spring cleaning might just be made easier!

Along with the incredible features and finishes included in an Arcadia Run apartment, residents can also enjoy an abundance of closet and storage space.  In fact, some apartments even have spacious walk-in closets!  Instead of using external storage units that can be pricey, our renters have the comfort of having everything they need right in their own apartment.

But aside from using their adequate closet and storage space, what else can residents at Arcadia Run do to help make spring cleaning more tolerable?

Clean, then Pack

Nothing is worse than pulling out last year’s clothing only to find that it needs to be dry-cleaned before you can wear any of it.  Thoroughly cleaning and sorting your clothes before you pack them away will save you time and hassle the following season.  Skipping this extra step can cost you – especially if you have to throw out clothes because of it!

Label Everything!

This is another extra step that will save you tons of time.  Maybe you’re not ready to unpack everything, but you’re looking for a specific top or jacket that’s been stowed away.  By labeling your clothing containers, you can easily find what you’re looking for.  This saves time but also preserves all of your perfectly packed bins.

And…Clean Some More

Part of what makes spring cleaning so refreshing is the feeling of readiness for the season.  After cleaning your apartment from top to bottom, you’ll feel organized and recharged, and ready to tackle anything new.  With easy-to-clean surfaces like granite countertops and vinyl ‘hardwood’ flooring, cleaning your Arcadia Run apartment is a breeze!

Bring in Something New

If you really want to feel ready for spring, why not bring in a few new pieces to your apartment?  New pillows, decorative centerpieces, and colorful throw rugs are great ways to brighten up your apartment and welcome the spring season.

There you have it; spring is nearly sprung!  With the recent snowfall, it’s not hard to get excited for cherry blossoms, warmer weather and a fresh start at Arcadia Run.

Rental Vacancy Rate Encourages Renters

Rental vacancies across the apartment industry hit a new high in the fourth quarter of last year. Then again, it’s more of a low!  Nationally, the average vacancy rate fell to just 4.1% during the last quarter 2013.  This is the lowest vacancy rate in over a decade and a new achievement for the multi-family housing market.

The impressive vacancy rate suggests that more people are finding apartments they love and are choosing to rent – certainly not a bad idea in today’s market.  As the overall economy continues to improve, more people will feel financially secure and rent that apartment they’ve been eyeing.  And, as more and more people move into an apartment they love, it’s possible rents will increase and supplies will decrease.  Simply put, this low rate means that those considering a new apartment in Arcadia Run should act fast.  Our newly built apartment community is growing in popularity and new tenants are quickly falling in love with their new space.  Who knows how long your dream apartment will be available?

The luxury apartments at Arcadia Run are unlike any in the Manassas area.  Built to the Arcadia Communities standard, these units are truly designed with residents’ lifestyles in mind.  Finally, an apartment that can keep up with you!

In all Arcadia Run apartments, residents will find 9-foot ceilings, extended windows, full-size washer and dryer, balconies or patios, granite countertops, designer cabinets and an intuitive layout.  With both one and two bedroom floor plans, any family will find a space that fits.

What could make these luxury apartments even better?  A community, of course!  In the future, Arcadia Run residents will have access to exclusive amenities.  This year, a new resort-style swimming pool, clubhouse, and fitness center will be added to our development.  Ball courts, a playground and a jogging trail will also be coming in 2014, offering even more for residents to enjoy.

Get used to getting even more with Arcadia Communities! As our Arcadia Run community grows, so will the amount of interested tenants, so don’t waste any time!  Contact us to speak with a leasing agent or schedule a tour.  You’ll be glad you did!

Source: Reuters

The Art of Apartment Shopping

Shopping for a new apartment could be considered an art form – yes, seriously!  It might not be featured in a museum, but these skills are certainly helpful when finding a new space to rent.  With all of the information out there on various options, deciphering ‘the good’ from ‘the bad’ can be cause for a big headache.

To help out, we’ve put together a list of questions to ask yourself when perfecting your apartment shopping skills:

What’s the quality of the apartment/community?

Of course having a quality apartment tops the list!  ‘Good Quality’ can apply to the carpeting, building structure and status, appliances, perks, features and little things that one might not think of.  With new carpeting, vinyl ‘hardwood’ floors, granite countertops, designer cabinets, extended windows and updated appliances all in a newly built building, we’ve thought of it all!  Arcadia Run apartments are the embodiment of luxury and are as thorough as they are beautiful.

Additionally, to truly make Arcadia Run an all-encompassing community, we’ve provided various amenities for our residents to enjoy.  We plan to have a new pool, fitness center, walking and jogging trail, a clubhouse and a playground all incorporated into the community within this year.

How much space do you need? How much is available?

One of the most valuable assets in any apartment is space.  And believe us, finding an apartment for the right price is even sweeter when the layout fits your needs.  At Arcadia Run, our apartments go one step further.  Each unit features 9 foot ceilings and an intuitive design.  You won’t believe all the room you can have in one unit alone!  We also offer a variety of floor plans with either one or two bedrooms, so you have options when choosing the one that’s right for you.

Is it the right location?

What would be the fun in living in a great apartment if it weren’t located somewhere just as appealing?  Luckily for Arcadia Run residents, our community is located in beautiful Manassas, Virginia, giving residents close access to all that this great town has to offer.  With a charming downtown scene complete with restaurants, shops, parks, historical sites, and entertainment venues, and convenient to Washington D.C., what more could you ask for?

Is the community right for me?

Speaking of things to do around town, a perk to any apartment community is, well, the community!  This is especially true for families with children or social residents who want to mingle with their neighbors.  Arcadia Run is always hosting different events for residents to connect, just take a look at our Facebook page.  And, with the completion of our new clubhouse, residents can expect even more invitations in the future!

The endless searching for a new apartment stops here.  Arcadia Run apartments meet every criterion on any renter’s checklist.  It’s that simple.  Get used to getting more with Arcadia Run apartments!