Making The Most of Your Time in the Fitness Center

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Last year we were excited to bring exclusive resident amenities to all of our amazing residents here at Arcadia Run, and love introducing new residents to them everyday. The Fitness Center is just one of the amenities that is located in our award-winning Clubhouse, and it is a resident favorite! If you haven’t yet experienced the Fitness Center, or would like to start your fitness journey, here are a few tips to make the most of your time in the Fitness Center!


Set goals for yourself: Figure out what is motivating you and set goals to accomplish so you can measure your success. It can be anything from weight loss to improving your mile time, or just keeping up regularly with workouts. If you’ve already had a consistent routine going for a while, you can still make small goals! When you complete a goal, take the time to reward yourself.


Make a few upbeat playlists: There is nothing like good music to really get your workout going. Make playlists with songs that pump you up and will keep you motivated through your entire workout.


Get a schedule down: Create a schedule to that will work best with everything else that is going on in your life, like school or work. As you continue to figure out what works best for you, adjust your schedule to fit into your busy lifestyle. Remember; don’t push yourself to work out every single day or for too long because it can lead injuries or exhaustion.


Attend a FREE fitness class: Here at Arcadia Run, we have weekly fitness classes with Power for Life Fitness that are free for our residents! These fitness classes are a great way to meet people who also enjoy working out and can help you reach your goals. Classes include Yoga every Monday, Cardio Sculpt every Wednesday, and Boot camp/Kickboxing every Friday. Stay up to date with the schedule on our Facebook page.


Mix up your routine: Because not every cardio machine or weight machine will work with your fitness goals, our Fitness Center offers many different machines to choose from. The cardio room is complete with bikes, treadmills, and ellipticals, while the weight room has a large variety of machines to work every part of your body. Adding a variety of activities to your workout plan will make it more fun!


Now that you have a plan, head on over to the Fitness Center to get started on your fitness journey! If you’re interested in renting a new apartment home so that you can take advantage of the exclusive resident amenities here at Arcadia Run, visit

Which Apartment Floor Plan Is Perfect For You?

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Choosing the perfect apartment home community was easy with all of the features and amenities here at Arcadia Run in Manassas, VA. Now, it’s time to decide which of our seven different floor plan options will work best for you! Before you make an appointment with our wonderful leasing team to find your perfect floor plan, there are some factors that you should evaluate about your lifestyle and needs.

How much furniture do you have?

With seven different 1 or 2-bedroom apartment floor plans to choose from, each choice will provide a different amount of living space. If you are bringing along furniture from your previous apartment home, consider how much room you will need to fit it all and if you’re willing to sell some, or if you’re going to buy new furniture.

How many bedrooms will you need?

This question may seem obvious, but is an important question to ask. If you are moving to Arcadia Run by yourself, do you want to search for a roommate to share a 2-bedroom apartment or are you looking to live by yourself? There are benefits to both options but you just have to find the right answer for you!

Do you need a space at home to work?

It is not easy to live in an apartment home with other people while trying to get work done if you are studying for school or work a full-time job from home. Arcadia Run offers some floor plans with a den added on, in addition to the standard living area.

What are your storage needs?

Every apartment home at Arcadia Run has multiple closets for ample storage space, but depending on your needs, you may want to consider a larger floor plan. It’s easy to store your wardrobe, linens, pantry items, and kitchenware, but if you have large items like extra furniture, sports equipment, etc., you may need to consider a larger plan that will have one or two more closets.

Do you entertain often?

No matter how many bedrooms you may need in your home, the kitchen and living area are where you will entertain family, friends, neighbors and other guests. Consider looking at the square footage in each available plan, and if you entertain often, you may want something larger than what you originally thought.

What does your budget look like?

If you have a range for your budget, use the importance of other factors to determine which floor plan is right for you! At Arcadia Run, there are apartment homes in a wide range of pricing to fit budgets of any size.

Every apartment home at Arcadia Run includes luxury apartment features, storage space, and modern layouts so you won’t have to sacrifice all of the high-end finishes that you want in your dream apartment. Visit for information on how you can rent a brand new apartment home today!

Hacks for a Better Moving Experience


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At Arcadia Run, we are experts in helping our residents have the best moving experience possible! There is only so much we can help with, but below we have put together some great hacks for moving without spending too much money or time getting everything together. Take a look below for some of the moving hacks you didn’t know until now.

Use what you have

If you know you will be moving in the near future, keep an eye out for resources, such as cardboard boxes that others are getting rid of, so you don’t have to purchase boxes. Forget the bubble wrap; soft items like towels and area rugs will protect your things that you also need to pack up.

Leave the hangers full

Why take everything off the hangers to put them back on again? Use a rubber band to group together sections of hangers (with clothes still on) and put them in a garbage bag with the hooks sticking out of the top. This way, when you get to your new apartment home, just remove the clothes from the bag, cut the rubber band, and hang! Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.

Roll it around
Not everyone has a dolly laying around for moving heavy items. Utilize rolling suitcases for heavy things that will fit inside, like your collection of trophies or stacks of books. If you are in need of more wheels to get your stuff from one place to another, use a skateboard or a wagon! It won’t completely eliminate carrying boxes, but will work if you don’t want to rent some wheels.

Use household items efficiently

Use tape to label boxes and hold drawers shut when you are moving furniture. If you don’t have tape, saran wrap will do! You can also utilize scissors or box cutters to cut handles in the side of boxes so that you don’t accidentally drop the glassware.

Make your essentials accessible

To make sure your essentials are accessible as soon as you arrive at your new place, load them into the van/car last. A toothbrush and a change of clothes will be nice to have when you don’t feel like unpacking and all you want to do is dig into some pizza.

These hacks are definitely essential for having a smooth move into your new apartment home, but maybe the best tip you should remember is to utilize your phone! Today, there are all sorts of apps to help you get organized like taking photos of what is in each box, or ordering a moving service. Visit today to see how you can begin the process of finding and moving into your new apartment home!