5 Signs Renting Is For You

Anyone in search of a new place to live will have to make the choice of whether to rent or buy their home. Buying a home has it’s own appeal but today’s market conditions are making a great case for Renting an apartment. While the age-old debate of buy vs. rent can’t be settled in one article, hopefully these points will guide you in making your decision.

You Are Investment Minded

It used to be a sound part of any retirement plan to buy a home with the intent to downsize later to add to your nest egg. But this strategy is quite a bit riskier in today’s market where home values can just as easily go down as they can go up.

Some believe the downside to renting is you will never obtain the valuable asset of a home after paying off a mortgage. However, as a renter you can take the down payment you would have put down on a house into a more sure investment.

And while the mortgage you pay may be less than rent, your actual expenses as a homeowner may be more when you factor in things like property tax, insurance and maintenance. Experts say these expenses can add around 3% to the cost of your home annually—money that could be invested wisely instead.

Your Life Is A Little Unpredictable

According to the New York Times, it takes at least five years of paying a mortgage before the monthly savings catch up to extra cost of your monthly rent. Most experts believe in the “5-year rule,” which is if there is a chance you will be moving again in 5 years, then you should stick to renting.

If you have a job that is unpredictable or if you feel you are in an unstable job market, then it probably makes more sense to rent. Also, if you want the freedom in the future to look for jobs outside of your current city, then renting is an easier way to keep that option open.

You Have A Busy Schedule

Owning a home not only requires an investment of money, but often requires your time to maintain the home. This may not be an issue for some, but for those with busier schedules it’s a point worth considering.

The benefit to renting, especially for a busy professional, is the fact that it’s the landlord’s responsibility to handle costly and time-consuming maintenance issues. Not to mention the peace of mind that comes from not being financially responsible for surprise maintenance issues that are inevitable with any home.

You Want to Grow Your Family

This goes back to the 5-year rule. If you are growing your family it’s important to consider if you will outgrow your space over the next few years. Moving expenses, down payments and closing costs can really add up especially when moving multiple times in a span of just a few years.

You’re Not Particularly Handy

 This one may be a little difficult for some of us to admit, but it’s important to consider what we can and can’t do ourselves before investing in a home. Consider the expense of the maintenance you can do yourself as well as the cost of hiring professionals to do what you can’t.

While the decision to rent or buy will depend on your individual situation, hopefully you now have a little more insight to make the best choice for you. Check out the new modern apartment homes in Manassas, VA we have available at Arcadia Run.

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Why Apartment Living is Perfect for Millennials

At Arcadia Run, we can attest to the fact that apartment living can be a great choice for consumers in all stages of life. Whether you’re single or have a family, in the city or in the suburbs, apartment living can make sense for many people in many different situations. But there are plenty of reasons why renting is the perfect choice for millennials in particular, including the following:

Flexibility: The flexibility of renting an apartment is ideal for millennials who don’t want to be tied down to one particular area. Once a lease is up, renters have the option to renew – or to pick up and move to a different area, city or state! The ease of renting and the flexibility offered by short-term leases are key factors in the attractiveness of renting for many millennials.

Financial freedom: Many millennials aren’t willing or able to taken on a mortgage for a home, especially when many members of this generation are busy paying back student loans while also trying to put away money into savings. An apartment can be particularly appealing when there’s the option to split the rent with a roommate (or a few roommates)!

Modern living: Many apartments offer the modern lifestyle that millennials crave. One factor in modern living is the apartment building itself, and at Arcadia Run, you’ll find modern apartment features such as over-sized kitchens, granite kitchen countertops and extended windows. Amenities are another factor that can make apartments modern, and at Arcadia Run, millennials are sure to love the resort-style swimming pool, fitness center and clubhouse coming to Arcadia Run this year!

Less stress and less maintenance: if something breaks in your apartment, you don’t have to worry about the stress of replacing or fixing it – you just call the front desk! This ease of maintenance that apartments offer is perfect for on-the-go millennials who don’t have the time to deal with these issues that often arise when owning a home.

Perfect amount of space: Single family homes can often have way too much interior (and exterior) space for busy millennials to keep up with. And unused space translates into more cleaning – and who really wants to clean space they don’t even use? Many modern apartment buildings, such as Arcadia Run, offer units that are spacious enough to live very comfortably, but they’re not unnecessarily large either.

Millennials who are interested in taking advantage of all the benefits of apartment living in beautiful Manassas, VA, don’t need to look any further than Arcadia Run! Our spacious, modern apartments units are offered in several floor plans, so you’re bound to find the perfect unit for your needs and lifestyle!

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Small Ways to “Think Green” In Your Apartment

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Moving into a new apartment gives tenants a chance to revamp their green living habits.  With growing concerns to preserve the environment and reduce our ecological footprints, more and more people are taking proactive steps to live in a more environmentally responsible way.

Here are a few small green ways you can make a big difference when living in your new apartment at Arcadia Run!

  • Buy eco-friendly cleaning products to use when cleaning your apartment. Or better yet, make your own cleaning products from natural materials you might already have.  Most organic cleaners are just as effective as the others – and without filling your space with strong chemical odors!
  • Why not try out your green thumb and care for a small herb garden on your balcony or patio – or even on your kitchen counter! You’ll always have your favorite herbs handy, saving you a trip to the grocery store.
  • Who doesn’t love their single-cup coffee maker? Unfortunately, those little empty k-cups easily find their way into landfills, and they’re building up fast. Opt for a reusable k-cup instead – it’s cheaper in the long term and helps reduce waste.
  • When we’re rushing out the door in the morning, it can be hard to remember to unplug small electronics or turn off a lamp. Try writing yourself notes or setting reminders to do so – you’ll end up preserving energy, which could translate to a smaller utility bill!
  • Instead of buying bottled water, invest in a water filter pitcher instead. You’ll avoid a trashcan full of plastic bottles and will always have fresh water when you want it.
  • Build your collection of canvas grocery bags. Using reusable canvas bags are sturdier and better for the environment than the plastic ones.  Plus, some grocery stores even offer incentives to use canvas bags instead!

In truth, these are green living habits that can be implemented anywhere. And at Arcadia Run, we love to see our residents do more to preserve the environment – every little bit helps!  So what better time to adopt a few easy green habits than the spring season? Warmer weather and blooming flowers will be here in no time at all!

Overcoming Challenges When Moving With Kids

Moving should be an exciting venture – you’re going to have a new place to decorate, a new town to explore and new neighbors-soon-to-be-friends to meet. But oftentimes, the reality of moving overshadows the excitement, especially when facing the struggles of moving with kids.

Apartment Guide recently compiled a short list of guidelines to help make moving with kids a painless experience – here are a few tips to help ease the transition!

Include Family in the Search
Including your children in the apartment search and bringing them along for tours will help brighten their spirits about moving in the first place. If they help pick your new digs, chances are they’ll feel right at home when you do move.

When moving to any new location, it’s always fun to explore and see what your new hometown has in store. Kids will be especially pleased to learn that Manassas VA, home to Arcadia Run, has so many fun things to do – from playgrounds and parks, to kid zones and community events!

Find the Positives
It can be difficult for kids to move; it could mean leaving their friends, their school and their room they’ve grown to love. But this doesn’t mean they won’t make new friends, love their new school and have a room that’s even better than their old one! Accentuate the positive points to moving – and when you choose Arcadia Run, there are several!

Keep the Favorites Close
Pack your kid’s favorite stuffed animal or nighttime story last so it’s nearby if you need it. Chances are you won’t be able to unpack every box on your first night in the new place, so it’s important to have the necessities easily accessible.

Don’t Shy Away from Childcare
When the day comes to physically move your belongings from place A to place B, it might help to find childcare for your children. It’ll make your job of coordinating the move a little easier and you’ll be able to tackle the hectic process with little distraction.

Host a Small Get-Together
Once you get settled, Apartment Guide suggests throwing a small get-together with your children’s friends, as well as any other children you’ve met in your new apartment community. This help shows your kids that moving doesn’t mean leaving your old friends behind; it simply means you have more opportunities grow your existing circle of friends!

With these tips, moving your family to a new apartment can be the fun adventure you’re hoping for. And, with the opening of our Phase 2, we’re so excited to welcome new families to Arcadia Run!

Source: Apartment Guide