Benefits of Renting a Luxury Apartment


Sure, there’s the option to rent a regular apartment, but there’s something special about living in a luxury apartment.  Better yet, a luxury apartment in Arcadia Run. You wouldn’t believe the added benefits residents get in our apartments, especially when compared to regular complexes.  Here are a few perks of living in Arcadia Run:

Amenities:  Many apartment complexes don’t offer amenities. If they do, they’re often outdated and undesirable. In Arcadia Run, our residents are given access to all the best conveniences: A planned pool and clubhouse, fitness center, playground and jogging trail.  These could very well be the best amenities offered anywhere in Manassas!

Practicality:  Having a combined bed/bath/dining room isn’t the most practical way to live. Some apartment buildings skimp on planning, layout and space in order to save money, but not so in Arcadia. We designed rooms with a distinct separation between private and common areas. Simply put, our apartments are easy to live in and just make sense.

Light: It may seem odd to list light as a luxury item, but many apartments don’t offer adequate windows for natural light.  In Arcadia Run, the extended windows allow for plenty of sunlight, keeping your apartment bright and welcoming.

Ceiling Height: Just because it’s an apartment doesn’t mean it can’t have high ceilings! This possibility is often overlooked by other apartment developments, making rooms feel small.  Nine-foot ceilings come standard in Arcadia Run, making it that much more luxurious.

Features: Moving into an new apartment that has designer cabinets, full-size washer and dryer, granite countertops, luxury vinyl flooring and other over-the-top features is almost unheard of.  And with all of these features in pristine condition, you have one less thing to worry about when moving into your new home!

Location:  Of course you’ve heard this before: location is everything.  It is important, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of another desirable feature.  In Arcadia Run, residents can have it all!  Our location in Manassas has tons of things to do with endless dining, recreation, shopping, and entertainment options – including Jiffy Lube Live! Pair our location with our luxury apartments and you’ve got the perfect place to live.

See?  Arcadia Run is synonymous with luxury! And this isn’t just our opinion, it was even written about For the best renting experience possible, Arcadia Run is the only choice.

11 Things to Do in Manassas


We already know that Arcadia Run is located in one of the most charming towns in Virginia. But Manassas, VA is also filled with plenty of fun things to do for people with all interests. Whether you’re searching for adventure or a relaxing evening, here are 11 of the many things to do in Manassas:

1. Brush up on your history: If you’re a history buff, you’re in luck. Manassas is completely immersed in American history – there are numerous Civil War sites and historical buildings. You could visit the Manassas National Battlefield Park or any of the buildings listed on the historic registry.

2. Grab a bite to eat: Hungry? Perfect! Manassas has many restaurants like Foster’s Grille and Zabb Thai that are local favorites. Explore the dining scene and find a new favorite dish!

3. The Candy Factory: This historic building, which was once a busy candy factory, now hosts the Center for the Arts. They welcome nearly 15,000 visitors a year and introduce new art to people of all ages.

4. Escape: Stressful week? Visit any of the spas right here in Manassas. You can choose from LaFemme, Escape, Harmony and many more.

5. Go to a play: Vpstart Crow Productions at the Cramer Center is the only professional theatre company in our area. From Shakespeare to contemporary playwrights, Vpstart Crow Productions is one of the best and always puts on a great show.

6. Bull Run Regional Park Shooting Center: With five different shooting games and a Learn-To-Shoot class, newcomers and veterans alike will have a great time at the range.

7. BadWolf Brewing Company: This local brewery focuses on making quality craft beers that appeal to the residents of Manassas. At their brewery, you can bring your own food or order delivery to enjoy with their beer.

8. The Harris Pavilion: This pavilion changes with the seasons: In the spring and summer it’s open for concerts and performances. Then in November, it’s transformed into an open-air ice rink. No matter the season, there’s always something fun to do at the pavilion!

9. Fly: American Aviation Services offers flight lessons with a FAA certified instructor at the Manassas Regional Airport. Students will get to take control of the plane themselves and fly. What a thrill!

10.Race: After flying a plane, why not drive a racecar? has a location in Manassas that allows guests to learn how-to instructions of real life racecar driving.

11.Mary Louise Jackson Amphitheater: Everything from musical performance and international festivals to plays and local entertainment visit this amphitheater to perform. With seating for 750 people, any performance is bound to be a good time.

The Best Time of the Year to Rent

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It’s easy to overlook the importance of the seasons when you’re searching for a new apartment.  Could a couple of months really make that much of a difference?  While it’s always a great time to start renting in Arcadia Run, here are a few of the pros and cons that come with finding an apartment throughout the different seasons:


Our current season might very well be the best season to move into a new apartment – and we’re not just saying that! Many landlords experience a lull in activity during the fall, which means that you (the renter) will have a larger selection when looking for a new apartment.  Arcadia Run offers many different types of floor plans, so no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it here!


Believe it or not, winter has its advantages for renters.  While it may be a little chilly trying to move your belongings to a new room, moving in the winter means there will be less competition. Because of the weather, people are not going to be moving as much, nor will they be looking for new apartments to rent.   You have a higher chance of finding the perfect room you love, without being rushed.


So you’ve survived the colder months! The spring can be a very exciting time to look for a new place to live.  Temperatures are warming up and many tenants are leaving their apartments to move back home.  This is only the beginning of the apartment housing frenzy, renters should move quickly to find the perfect place.


The months between May and September mark some of the busiest in the apartment industry.  Students are leaving their school digs and the accommodating weather makes moving a breeze. Depending on your region, you could have a wider selection of apartments to chose from as people move out. At the same time, there might be a greater demand for apartments because of the recent grads moving into the cities.  With so many local schools in the Manassas area, we plan to have another busy summer in 2014!

Any time of the year is the best time to move into an Arcadia Run apartment!  Our apartments are some of the best in the market for their quality, size, and amenities.  In the next year, our community will continue to grow with a new swimming pool, clubhouse, and fitness center.  it won’t take long for these luxury apartments to fill up!


Demand for Apartments Grow



The demand for apartments is at a new high, pushing national vacancy rates way down.  This is great news for residents in Arcadia Run, who can now boast the high value of their new apartment!

Despite the improvements in the housing market, the rental market is still booming.  Only four percent of U.S. apartments were vacant in the second quarter of 2013. “The simple fact that vacancy continues to compress despite such low vacancy rates speaks volumes about the ongoing demand for apartments.  The national vacancy rate now stands 380 basis points below the cyclical peak of eight percent observed right after the recession,” says Ryan Severino, senior economist at Reis, a company that provides current information on commercial real estate.

The average rent may be rising because of the decrease in vacancies, but it’s still extremely affordable compared to buying a house.  Like we mentioned in our last post, home prices in Manassas are on the rise, showing that our area is increasing in value and demand.  What better way to live in a sought-after region while still saving your money?  Arcadia Run is the best choice for young professionals who want to get the best bang for their buck.

AOL Real Estate says renting an apartment is the ideal choice for young Americans. Apartment markets are thriving the most near college and university communities, much like Manassas. Being so close to several colleges, Washington D.C., Jiffy Lube Live, and an abundance of bars and restaurants, it’s clear why this region is so popular among renters with active lifestyles.

As we’ve seen in the past, the housing market can be very unpredictable. Renting is a great option for those who want security and don’t want to deal with the stresses of homeownership.  Arcadia Run apartments are also of higher quality than many of the homes sold in our area.  With up-to-date features that are above the standard of most new homes, and a dynamic community for residents, our apartments have proven to be the hottest new place to live.

At Arcadia Run, it’s easy to see why these apartments are in such high demand.  They’re newly built, come with the best features, and have gained a following of fun and lively residents. As the demand for luxury apartments continue to rise, you can bet Arcadia Run will fill up quickly!

Source: AOL Real Estate

Home Prices Soar


Nearly every time statistics are published regarding the housing market, renters benefit from the good news in some way. Now, home prices are once again rising, reassuring renters all over the country. Renters get the best of both worlds; they can take advantage of the improving economy, while avoiding the increases in home prices by renting.

According to the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), in July, home prices rose 1.0 percent since the previous month, totaling in a 12.5 percent price increase since January 2012.  July also marked the 18th month in a row to see increases on the House Price Index- Purchase Only, conducted by the FHFA.

Additionally, the S&P/Case-Shiller House Price Index – 20 City Composite grew by 12.4 percent over this past year.  This contributed to a 21.2 percent gain on this index since March 2012.  Despite these current gains in home prices, there is still much more room for improvement.  Basically, this means that home prices are going to continue to rise until they reach pre-recession levels.

It’s clear that housing markets are improving everywhere in the country, including Manassas. Pulling statistics from, the median sales price in our city has increased over 20 percent since this time last year.  While increases in home prices mean that the economy is recovering, it doesn’t help out those who want to move into a new home.  And, as Manassas becomes a more popular and desired place to live, home prices are only expected to keep growing.

Renters in Arcadia Run can live in this great area, without paying for an expensive house.  Our apartments are all newly built, luxury apartments.  They incorporate features not likely to be available in other residences; like extended windows, new designer cabinets, and granite kitchen countertops. The amenities offered to renters are equally as impressive, including a jogging trail, a playground, a fitness center, and a swimming pool planned for 2014. Arcadia Run is also in close proximity to Washington D.C. and major highways, ensuring you get everywhere you need to be.

You too could live in the charming historic Manassas, in an expertly built apartment.  When you rent in Arcadia Run, you get all the benefits of owning a beautiful, quality home and much more, but without drying out your bank account.


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