5 Reasons to Eat at Food Trucks in Manassas

Our favorite thing to eat is food.

And there is nothing like the gastronomic excitement of getting that food from food trucks.

Be they at a special event, office park, or anywhere else, food trucks have a magic and mystique that makes us feel young again. Plus, they have really delicious food.

But eating at food trucks near Arcadia Run apartments is good for more than just your stomach. Here are five reasons you should eat at food trucks in Manassas:

1. Taste the creations of masterful chefs.

Though we already mentioned eating delicious food, one reason to try food trucks is the skill of the chefs inside. The Frenchman Food Truck’s chef, as a great Manassas-serving example, has a resumé of working with top chefs and at highly accredited establishments in the area—and that’s after finishing his culinary studies at Johnson & Wales University.

You’re not just getting food from someone who decided to run a food truck. More often than not, you’re eating the creations of highly trained chefs and/or recipes and cooking skills that have been passed down through generations of cooking professionals. And you get to be the beneficiary of all that love and training when you eat at local food trucks.

2. Explore new cuisines.

Food trucks create and offer a variety of international dishes. Normally centering on one theme or cuisine, each food truck brings you another slice of the world in an easy-to-eat and authentic package.

They can also be culinary experimentation labs, fusing street food, fine dining, and comfort food from various parts of the world into one delectable foodstuff. And sometimes, food trucks park in packs, meaning you can combine your own food adventure by getting things for a few different food trucks. Either way, you’ll be expanding your palate and food horizons, which is a great way to begin learning about other cultures.

3. Learn the community.

Food trucks provide not only great food, but a great reason to explore your community. Food trucks often congregate in specific locations: office parks, neighborhoods, community festivals, and breweries. Finding where food trucks can help you learn the area better and discover new places to explore.

A great example of this is Ornery Beer Company Taproom. Just five minutes away from Arcadia Run, Ornery Beer Company Taproom hosts weekly (and rotating) food trucks. Visit these food trucks and you might see bits of Manassas you didn’t know about before. 

4. Meet neighbors.

And food isn’t the only thing you’ll find at food trucks: you’ll also find your neighbors! Eating together is a great way to really get to know someone. You’ll share opinions on the food, thoughts about the weather, condiment recommendations, and so much more.

Food trucks provide a great community service of giving neighbors a place to meet with a purpose (even if that purpose is just filling your face with yummy things). If you find food trucks in Manassas, you’re bound to meet neighbors from Arcadia Run, Manassas, and probably even other places in Fairfax. Your pool of friends will expand, all thanks to food trucks.

5. Support small, local businesses.

Most food trucks are local to the locations they serve. By eating their tasty creations, you’re directly helping the economy of your community. An oldie-but-goodie study from Civic Economics found that 68% of money spent with locally owned businesses stays in the community, compared to only 43% of non-locally owned businesses. Eating at food trucks in Manassas helps all of Manassas, as well as your hungry tummy.

As Salesforce’s 2020 Small & Medium Business Trends Report (signup required) shows, 51% of small & medium businesses (SMB) are worried about reduced customer demand due to the pandemic. This is especially true for food trucks, as their business relies on bringing people together, and that’s just not possible right now. But, the spirit of SMB is always that of adaptation: to achieve without the resources of bigger companies. Food trucks always publish their schedules in advance (so you can find them), but many are also turning to online ordering in an effort to make your experience safer.

Food trucks are delicious enterprises, helping communities come together, fostering support for local businesses, and giving your tastebuds something to savor. Remember, when you are hungry, find a food truck in Manassas. Here’s a link to just some of the many flavors driving around Arcadia Run: Food Truck Search.