Ready Your Apartment for Summer Getaways

We know you hate leaving your Arcadia Run apartment home, but summer is the time for vacations and getaways! However, there’s nothing worse than coming back home to piles of laundry or dirty dishes. Preparing your apartment for when you are gone will give you peace of mind while you’re gone, and provide an easier transition back to your daily routine. Eliminate the stress of leaving your apartment before vacation by reading some of our tried and true tips!


Empty the trash

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many people, in their rush to get out the door, forget to empty the trash. Make sure to empty all trashcans, including in the bedroom and bathroom, and put in fresh trash bags. Not only will this eliminate any odors, but also it will be one less thing you have to worry about when you come home.

Clean out the fridge

No, that left over quesadilla from last night will not be good when you get home in a week. Check your fridge for any items that will not last longer than a few days and toss them. Save yourself the hassle (and gag reflex) and check all cartons of milk or creamer, and if they have an expiration date during or right after your vacation, dump them down the drain. The same goes for fruit or vegetables that might start to wilt or grow something while you’re gone.


A few days before you leave, do a load or two of sheets, towels, etc. This way you won’t have to worry about doing them when you’re trying to sort through that seemingly never ending mountain of laundry that comes at the end of a long trip. Plus, it’ll be nice to come home to your own bed with fresh sheets and pillowcases on it so you can get a good night’s sleep before going back to work or school.


Hopefully you’re going on a nice vacation where you’ll be able to unplug and unwind from the daily grind. Before you leave, you should also unplug any necessary appliances in your apartment home. Unplug smaller items such as chargers, coffee machines, electrical toothbrushes, etc.

Leave it to us

At Arcadia Run, we understand the importance of having a fun, relaxing vacation, and that means we will do our part to help you out! We will come water your plants for you, or even feed your cats! Contact us to learn more about how we can help you out this summer when you leave for a trip with our away services.


If you follow all these tips, you’ll be on your way to a stress-free vacation this summer! Learn more about all Arcadia Run has to offer at

Kitchen Features to Love in an Arcadia Run Apartment

Gone are the days of closest-sized kitchens and laminate countertops. At Arcadia Run, our new apartment homes are suited for your lifestyle today with modern features and floorplans! Included in these modern features are kitchens that can truly be the hearth of your (apartment) home without you having to sacrifice space in other areas. Functional, fashionable, and fit for a top chef, our modern kitchens are our favorite parts of each floor plan design, so read on to discover why!


Island or Peninsula

The most sought after home floor plans today include those that are open and spacious. This also rings true for apartments! In each apartment home at Arcadia Run, you will find a kitchen island or peninsula that opens up the entire apartment for a cohesive space where you can be cooking in the kitchen, but still watching TV in the living room!

Plenty of Storage

Time and time again our residents boast that one of their favorite aspects of Arcadia Run’s apartments is how much storage space they provide! In each kitchen, the layout features ample cabinet and pantry space to store all of your trendy kitchen gadgets as well as the necessary cups, plates, etc. They include 42” designer cabinets, so that you can have a beautiful and sophisticated space to match your style.

Granite countertops

If your apartment home doesn’t have granite countertops, you are surely missing out! Our stunning granite kitchen counters are stain resistant, scratch resistant, and add a trendy design element to each apartment home.

Laminate hardwood

Although we would love to put hardwood in the kitchens here, it just doesn’t make sense since they are not very durable. Enter the next best thing: laminate hardwood. Laminate hardwood floors are perfect for the kitchen since they work well to resist liquids and spills, and don’t ding and dent easily. The hardwood look gives the space even more of a luxury feel. 

Updated appliances

Our modern apartments would not be anything without modern appliances to match! You will never have to fear that something will break or not function properly when our appliances are brand new! If by some crazy fluke something does go wrong with any appliances, our maintenance crew will be on it!

Curious to see an Arcadia Run apartment kitchen for yourself? Stop by any day of the week for a tour of our model apartment home and community! Visit for more information and to schedule a tour.


Ways to Stay Active This Summer at Arcadia Run

The hot, humid, dog days of summer are here at Arcadia Run. It is tempting to stay in the nice, cold oasis of your apartment home, but you need to take advantage of all we have to offer! Staying active at Arcadia Run means that you can get out and enjoy yourself right in your own community, just steps from home. No need to battle summer crowds or traffic jams; we have everything you need right here! Check out some of our favorite ideas for staying active this summer at Arcadia Run.


The pool


Laying out by the pool is great, but splashing around in the water is even better! Whether you’re doing laps, playing Marco Polo with the kids, or just floating around, you’ll be moving. Not only will you stay cool, but you’ll get a workout too! This is the kind of summer activity we can get on board with.


Fitness Classes


Why pay for an expensive gym when you can walk right to your own gym right here at Arcadia Run? We’ve teamed up with our friends at Power For Life Fitness to offer residents fitness classes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! Get your Namaste on at yoga, or release some of that energy at cardio kickboxing. Check out our monthly schedule of classes and times here.


Walk It Out


Going for a run during the peak humidity of the summer doesn’t sound like a great idea. However, Arcadia Run has walking trails nearby that are the perfect place for a relaxing walk to clear your mind, or even motivating a friend to go with you. If it is really too hot out, head down to our gym and hop on a treadmill!


Play Ball       


For those looking for a little more competition, get some friends together and get a ball game going! Our ball courts at Arcadia Run are the perfect place to play a little 1 on 1, 2 on 2, or the classic game of HORSE. Whether you just want to practice your free throw or have a full on scrimmage, our ball courts are heating up this summer.




If you have kids running around driving you crazy over summer vacation, head on out to the Arcadia Run playground! With slides and steps and other things to climb on, the kids will have a blast running around. The best part about the playground is that kids can use their imagination and entertain themselves. We bet they’ll be asking to go back every day!


Your summer doesn’t have to be spent inside your apartment home! Get outside and experience all that Arcadia Run has to offer. Learn more about our other amenities by visiting us online.