Moving With The Family Made Easier

Moving can be very stressful and laborious for any family, especially if it is your first big move to a new apartment home. There are a few ways in which you can make the transition of moving more enjoyable for the whole family just by following a few simple tips. At Arcadia Run, we strive to make your move go as smoothly as possible, so check out our recommendations below!

1. Research the Moving Company

Many people think that researching a moving company takes too much time. However, it is crucial that you find reliable help who will not only move all of your belongings into a truck, but someone you are willing to trust with all of your belongings. Take the extra time and choose a company who you feel you can trust. That being said, a reliable and helpful mover may not be the cheapest option, but spending the extra money will ensure the safe arrival of your truck with all items still inside.

2. Get the Supplies

Two of the most critical supplies needed when moving are boxes and tape. Make sure that the boxes are sturdy and can withstand the weight of plates, books, and any other heavy objects that will neatly fit inside. Bubble wrap is always good to have when moving fragile items such as glasses or picture frames that you would prefer not to bounce around on the drive. Making a checklist before the big move is always helpful when trying to gather the packing materials.

3. Plan Your Move

Everyone is aware that moving takes a lot of time and energy. If you are moving with children, you know that this is doubly true! However, your time can be more efficiently managed if you plan ahead and write down everything that you want to finish before the big day. Making a list of everything that must be completed is a good way to set goals and have them visualized in front of you If you are moving with small children, plan extra time for breaks so the kids stay happy!

4. Label! Label! Label!

After you have set your goals, made your lists, bought the supplies, and researched the movers, don’t forget to label your boxes! If you forget to do this, moving into your new apartment will take double the amount of time than it should have. Make sure you write the room where each box belongs, and whether the content inside is fragile. Giving movers a heads about the fragile objects will decrease the chances of opening boxes to broken items. If you want to get even more detailed with labeling, you can choose to label the boxes by priority, such as “high” for items that should be unpacked immediately and “low” for boxes that can wait a few days.

5. Pack an Overnight Bag

Finally, make sure that everyone packs an overnight bag. This is the most forgotten item when families move into their new apartment!. A few items that should be packed in the overnight bag include a change of clothes, toilet paper, toiletries, water bottles, phone charger, plastic utensils, garbage bags, any necessary medications, and entertainment for the little ones. This way, you won’t be digging around through all of your boxes trying to find your PJs!

Hopefully, these tips have been helpful and can help you better prepare for the big day! For more information on how you can enjoy a brand new apartment home at Arcadia Run, visit the

Apartment Features Renters Adore

As a new apartment home community, Arcadia Run knows how important it is for our residents to have the best experience possible while living here! This is why we have brand new community amenities and luxury apartment features to fit the growing needs of apartment renters. Take a look below at what we concluded to be the top features that renters adore!

top features

Renting: Mobility for Tenants

Renting offers so many incredible benefits for both young professionals and families alike.  But maybe the most prominent of these benefits could be that renters are able to maintain their mobility.  To many, this appeals more to their lifestyle and to their priorities when looking for a new space.

With incredible new apartment communities like Arcadia Run, it just makes sense for many to rent.  Renters can easily find an apartment with the perfect amount of space they desire, at a price point that works for them.  At Arcadia Run, we offer both one and two bedroom apartments in varying floor plans.  And in the future, we plan to add even more buildings, growing our unique apartment community further.

To truly set Arcadia Run apart as ‘the full package’, we’ll also be adding upscale amenities, including a new clubhouse, swimming pool, and fitness center, to our community all within the year.  These additions will unquestionably enhance the value of living at Arcadia Run, and will bring even more interested renters to our apartments.

But who says just because you’re renting your apartment means you can’t get everything you want? Our new luxury apartments for rent offer more to residents with extended windows, tall ceilings, new carpeting, granite countertops, designer cabinets, and updated appliances.  Not only that, but you’ll find an abounding sense of community in our development as well, with residents eager to meet and mingle with their newest neighbors.  With events like holiday parties and fall festivals, living at Arcadia Run is the full experience.  Pair these perks with our favorable location and Arcadia Run is the all-around best option when renting!

When you rent at Arcadia Run, you’re not only moving into an incredible, beautifully designed apartment, but you’re embracing an active lifestyle and community that is rarely found in other apartment developments.  Our residents enjoy the various attractions Manassas has to offer, and love living in luxurious, newly built apartments.  In many ways, living at Arcadia Run gives renters more freedom to do the things they really enjoy.

If you find that renting falls more in line with your lifestyle, we’re happy to welcome you to our Arcadia Run community!

Why Renting Is A Great Option For You

It’s impossible to say that renting is always better than homeownership, or vice versa, because the decision to rent or buy is heavily influenced by many different factors that can change over time. There are certainly circumstances when renting makes the most sense for consumers, especially when they want to have the flexibility to be mobile and experience a certain area, for example. Our Arcadia Run residents have found that renting is the right option for them to experience beautiful Manassas, Virginia and the surrounding D.C. metro.

The flexibility that renting offers isn’t the only circumstance in which renting is a great option, however. If the following aspects appeal to you and fit with your lifestyle, then renting just may be perfect for you:

· Less maintenance and repair: One great advantage of apartments is that you’re not responsible for routine upkeep and repairs of the unit itself. You won’t have to worry about the headache of replacing broken appliances, for example, or the out-of-pocket expenses for that replacement.

· Amenities galore: Many apartment complexes come with the added bonus of on-site amenities. For example, having a fitness center on-site in your apartment complex not only offers convenience and influences residents to maintain a healthier lifestyle, but also can help residents save money on gym memberships they would otherwise have to pay for. We’re currently working on a wealth of amenities for our Arcadia Run residents – including a resort-style pool, fitness center, ball courts, playground and jogging trail – which will come later this year.

· No green thumb? No problem: Living in an apartment means you don’t have a yard, and for many renters, this is a huge advantage. Not being responsible for yard work and landscaping means that you’ll have more time to focus on things you enjoy. Not having to worry about lawn upkeep not only saves you time, but money as well.

· Financial benefits: Any upfront costs associated with moving into an apartment are typically lower than a down payment for a home. Also, renters don’t have to worry about downturns in markets or depreciating home values. A stress-free financial commitment detached from the short term risk associated with certain real estate purchases is a big draw for many.

For those who feel that renting is the right choice for them and are looking for an apartment in the D.C. metro, Arcadia Run offers all the above benefits of renting – and many more! As we do with all of our communities, we built our Arcadia Run apartments with only the highest standard in quality construction in mind. The features included in our Manassas apartments – including over-sized kitchens, granite kitchen counters, nine-foot ceilings, and full-size washer and dryers – make Arcadia Run the perfect choice for renters looking for luxury apartments in Prince William County.

SOURCE: Forbes/Trulia

What’s Next for the Multifamily Market?

As many experts have praised again and again, the multifamily industry performed consistently well throughout the recession.  Now with the recovery in full swing, we’re seeing that this section of the market continues to prosper along with the rest of housing market!  We can’t help but ask ourselves, “What’s next for the multifamily market?”

A recent article published by Multi-Housing News quells any fears that this incredible time in the apartment market is over.  The article, written by renowned industry expert Michael Bull, notes that “with demand from Millennials and Echo Boomers expected to remain strong, 2014 should be another good year for the multifamily market.” And looking back on how rents and occupancy rates continued to grow throughout much of 2013, we’re excited to see the same progress this year!

But it’s not just Millennials pushing the apartment market forward; many retired professionals and grown families are seeking luxury apartments for rent as well.  These spaces offer an alternative living option for those who no longer wish to be in the housing market or settle for the risks involved.  In fact, there are many benefits of renting for retirees, and it’s a viable option for many.

Additionally, Brett Finkelstein, CEO of CFLane, an Atlanta-based investment and real estate management company, believes that “amenity packages are still key to attracting and retaining renters.”  He adds that “tenants want a lifestyle, not just somewhere to live.”  Here at Arcadia Run, we are in tune with what our renters want!  In 2014, we’ll be introducing a pool, clubhouse, fitness center and much more to our community.  With everything brand new, our renters know they’ll have access to the best updated equipment and facilities.

But some of Arcadia Run’s most unique features are the incredible apartments.  How often do you find a truly luxurious apartment community?  Or a newly built one at that?  Not only are Arcadia Run apartments extremely conducive to active professionals and young families alike, but they simply offer more to the tenants.  Living in an apartment at Arcadia Run is so much more than renting an apartment!  It’s embracing an active and fulfilling lifestyle, surrounded by neighbors just like you.  Take a look at our one- and two-bedroom apartments that are as spacious as they are luxurious. Updated appliances are included in every unit, as well as tall ceilings, extended windows, granite countertops, and designer cabinets.  Get used to getting more!

Source: Multi-Housing News

Why Renting Makes Sense for Retirees

When you think of retirement, renting an apartment may not be the first thing that comes to mind – but there are plenty of reasons why it should be a consideration! Though owning a home does offer benefits for those in any stage of life, including retirement, renting an apartment could very well be the logical choice for many retirees. Read on to find out why retirees may want to consider a lease in lieu of a mortgage:

·      Financial benefits: Though there are certainly long-term financial advantages associated with homeownership, renting can make more financial sense in the short-term. Monthly rent is typically cheaper than a monthly mortgage payment, and living in an apartment also means not having to pay out of pocket for broken appliances or home repairs. Additionally, if you’re planning on moving out of your current home, renting could make more sense than buying another home because you can avoid closing costs and down payments.

·      Take advantage of your home equity: Selling your current home and moving to an apartment means you can finally reap the benefits of your home equity. Depending on your financial situation, that equity can be used as a source of income, instead of using it to re-invest into a new home.

·      Flexibility: Retirement means more flexibility for your lifestyle. So shouldn’t you take advantage of this flexibility with your living situation? Renting an apartment in retirement means you can easily move closer to family or experience a new area, without having to commit to living there for an extended period of time. Our Arcadia Run apartments, for example, would be the perfect opportunity for retirees who have always wanted to live near Washington, D.C., but haven’t had the opportunity to do so previously.

·      Less space to maintain – both inside and out: Living in a multi-level, multi-bedroom home simply doesn’t make sense for many retired empty nesters. Since an apartment unit is typically smaller than a single-family home, there’s less indoor space for renters to worry about maintaining. As we age, less space to clean (and less stairs to climb) could certainly become increasingly important. Living in an apartment also means that you can cross “mowing the lawn” off your to-do list – and less cleaning and yard work means more time for you to enjoy your retirement.

Our apartments at Arcadia Run are an excellent choice for prospective renters at all stages of life, including retirees. The convenience that comes along with being an Arcadia Run resident may be particularly attractive for retirees, however. And convenience is around every corner at Arcadia Run – whether it’s the convenience of living in a D.C. suburb, the convenience of an on-site fitness center – coming this year – or simply the convenience of having a full-size washer and dryer in your unit. The impressive features in our apartments, including over-sized kitchens, 9-foot ceilings and granite countertops, allow renters of all ages and at all stages of life to enjoy their Arcadia Run apartments in beautiful Manassas, Virginia.


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Renting May Boost Employment

In our current economy, every small step taken to support and strengthen recovery efforts is valuable.  Along with the housing market, the apartment industry has had, and continues to have, a huge influence on local and national economies. This industry adds countless jobs and can bring in incredible revenue for the local areas where an apartment community is placed.

And, as we mentioned in our last blog post, by renting, young professionals can maintain their mobility.  In the long run, this can help more renters find employment and to easily grow within their career.  As you may have guessed, higher employment is always good news for the economy!

In fact, even CNN Money has something to say about it; “encouraging young people to buy a home may be storing up trouble for the future in the shape of higher unemployment.”   The possible weakening in employment would be the result of lower levels of mobility, greater commuting times, and fewer new businesses – obstacles that can be avoided when more people choose to rent.

It’s clear that renting has many more advantages and perks when compared to other living options!  Aside from living active lifestyles without the stresses of home maintenance, renters might have better job prospects too. In Arcadia Run, residents have access to some of the best and most extensive amenities in Manassas.  Our apartments are brand new and are available in a variety of floor plans with plenty of styles to choose from.  Residents can join a great community that offers so much, all while enjoying this charming and historic town!

Source: CNN Money

Benefits of Renting a Luxury Apartment


Sure, there’s the option to rent a regular apartment, but there’s something special about living in a luxury apartment.  Better yet, a luxury apartment in Arcadia Run. You wouldn’t believe the added benefits residents get in our apartments, especially when compared to regular complexes.  Here are a few perks of living in Arcadia Run:

Amenities:  Many apartment complexes don’t offer amenities. If they do, they’re often outdated and undesirable. In Arcadia Run, our residents are given access to all the best conveniences: A planned pool and clubhouse, fitness center, playground and jogging trail.  These could very well be the best amenities offered anywhere in Manassas!

Practicality:  Having a combined bed/bath/dining room isn’t the most practical way to live. Some apartment buildings skimp on planning, layout and space in order to save money, but not so in Arcadia. We designed rooms with a distinct separation between private and common areas. Simply put, our apartments are easy to live in and just make sense.

Light: It may seem odd to list light as a luxury item, but many apartments don’t offer adequate windows for natural light.  In Arcadia Run, the extended windows allow for plenty of sunlight, keeping your apartment bright and welcoming.

Ceiling Height: Just because it’s an apartment doesn’t mean it can’t have high ceilings! This possibility is often overlooked by other apartment developments, making rooms feel small.  Nine-foot ceilings come standard in Arcadia Run, making it that much more luxurious.

Features: Moving into an new apartment that has designer cabinets, full-size washer and dryer, granite countertops, luxury vinyl flooring and other over-the-top features is almost unheard of.  And with all of these features in pristine condition, you have one less thing to worry about when moving into your new home!

Location:  Of course you’ve heard this before: location is everything.  It is important, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of another desirable feature.  In Arcadia Run, residents can have it all!  Our location in Manassas has tons of things to do with endless dining, recreation, shopping, and entertainment options – including Jiffy Lube Live! Pair our location with our luxury apartments and you’ve got the perfect place to live.

See?  Arcadia Run is synonymous with luxury! And this isn’t just our opinion, it was even written about For the best renting experience possible, Arcadia Run is the only choice.

Home Prices Soar


Nearly every time statistics are published regarding the housing market, renters benefit from the good news in some way. Now, home prices are once again rising, reassuring renters all over the country. Renters get the best of both worlds; they can take advantage of the improving economy, while avoiding the increases in home prices by renting.

According to the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), in July, home prices rose 1.0 percent since the previous month, totaling in a 12.5 percent price increase since January 2012.  July also marked the 18th month in a row to see increases on the House Price Index- Purchase Only, conducted by the FHFA.

Additionally, the S&P/Case-Shiller House Price Index – 20 City Composite grew by 12.4 percent over this past year.  This contributed to a 21.2 percent gain on this index since March 2012.  Despite these current gains in home prices, there is still much more room for improvement.  Basically, this means that home prices are going to continue to rise until they reach pre-recession levels.

It’s clear that housing markets are improving everywhere in the country, including Manassas. Pulling statistics from, the median sales price in our city has increased over 20 percent since this time last year.  While increases in home prices mean that the economy is recovering, it doesn’t help out those who want to move into a new home.  And, as Manassas becomes a more popular and desired place to live, home prices are only expected to keep growing.

Renters in Arcadia Run can live in this great area, without paying for an expensive house.  Our apartments are all newly built, luxury apartments.  They incorporate features not likely to be available in other residences; like extended windows, new designer cabinets, and granite kitchen countertops. The amenities offered to renters are equally as impressive, including a jogging trail, a playground, a fitness center, and a swimming pool planned for 2014. Arcadia Run is also in close proximity to Washington D.C. and major highways, ensuring you get everywhere you need to be.

You too could live in the charming historic Manassas, in an expertly built apartment.  When you rent in Arcadia Run, you get all the benefits of owning a beautiful, quality home and much more, but without drying out your bank account.


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