Manassas Featured on Huffington Post Travel

You may have heard of the Huffington Post before, and if you haven’t, we could sum it up as a popular online news publication. In their article “Top 25 Things To Do In Northern Virginia”, our city of Manassas was featured in three items on their list! Not only can you live in a brand new apartment home at Arcadia Run in Manassas, but you can also enjoy some of the best attractions in the region nearby! Check out the features from Huffington Post below:

12. Discover how “Stonewall Jackson” got his nickname at Manassas Battlefield aka Battles of Bull Run. Two battles were fought here- both Confederate victories.

manassas battlefield

Source: Huffington Post

13. Plan to spend an afternoon and night in Old Town Manassas, nary a Big Box Store or Chain Restaurant in sight. Formerly Manassas Junction, this railroad town, where two lines crossed, was strategically important during the Civil War. Dine at the fine Portuguese restaurant, Carmello’sor adorable casual-Italian restaurant Monza.


Source: Huffington Post

14. Stay at the 2-room Bennett House B&B in Old Town Manassasfive blocks downtown and within a few minutes walk from the train station (“an hour and $18 roundtrip to DC!”). Amiable couple, Jean and Curtis Harrover outline the many reasons it makes sense to stay in Manassas and take daytrips into Washington DC – no city parking woes, relative quietude, cost – and to top it off, Jean’s wonderful breakfasts are included in the room rate.”


Source: Huffington Post

Although the Huff Post hit the nail on the head, there are also some hidden gems in Manassas that we want to share with you! Below, we add some more of our top picks for things to do in Manassas:

Jiffy Lube Live

This outdoor concert venue is NoVa’s top place to go for the summer concerts you won’t forget! Another plus – it’s less than 3 miles from Arcadia Run! More info here:

Brewing Companies

Manassas is home to two different brewing companies: BadWolf Brewing Company and Heritage Brewing Co. Both of these top-rated brewing companies are great options if you’re feeling thirsty for an ice-cold brew.

Hylton Performing Arts Center

Although Jiffy Lube Live is great for a large concert venue, the Hylton Performing Arts Center is a more intimate venue for all types of live performances.

For more information on all of the great attractions in Manassas, VA, go to To keep up with everything going on at Arcadia Run, visit our Facebook page.


Apartment Design That Makes Sense

According to Apartment Therapy, good design is necessary in just about every aspect of our lives – our living spaces included.  Design does, and always will, play a huge role in determining whether or not a living space is a fit for any individual.  And while personal preferences differ, smart apartment design boils down to one concept: design that makes sense will always reign supreme.

At Arcadia Run, we have had the advantage of designing and building an entirely new apartment community from the ground up.  Without a doubt, this means our new apartment homes have been expertly planned with today’s standards and advancements.  Residents at Arcadia Run can benefit from an apartment home that simply provides more than what other apartment complexes can offer.

At Arcadia Run, residents will quickly fall in love with the intuitive floor plans in our spacious one- and two-bedroom apartment homes.  These units expertly utilize space to create a home that’s easy and fun to live in.  Features and finishes exclusive to Arcadia Run include tall ceilings, extended windows, walk-in closets in select units, luxury vinyl, granite countertops, updated appliances, over-sized kitchens, new Shaw carpeting, designer cabinetry and so much more. You won’t find the same dedication to beautiful and convenient design anywhere else!

But the smart design doesn’t end with our stunning apartment homes – the entire Arcadia Run community is set to be the luxury apartment community in Manassas. With plans for a resort-style swimming pool, as well as a resident clubhouse with fitness center and more, living at Arcadia Run will feel like a retreat in of itself!

“When something is both beautiful and functional, it earns a place in our lives, and becomes a part of our experience,” notes Apartment Therapy, and we couldn’t agree more!  The Arcadia Run community has its own culture, its very own neighborhood feel that makes it so sought after by young professionals and families alike.  Who wouldn’t want to move into a community that has it all?

And now, with pre-leasing available for Phase 2, even more happy residents will soon be enjoying all that the Arcadia Run community has to offer. Take a look at the units we currently have available!

Source:  Apartment Therapy 

What’s Next for the Multifamily Market?

As many experts have praised again and again, the multifamily industry performed consistently well throughout the recession.  Now with the recovery in full swing, we’re seeing that this section of the market continues to prosper along with the rest of housing market!  We can’t help but ask ourselves, “What’s next for the multifamily market?”

A recent article published by Multi-Housing News quells any fears that this incredible time in the apartment market is over.  The article, written by renowned industry expert Michael Bull, notes that “with demand from Millennials and Echo Boomers expected to remain strong, 2014 should be another good year for the multifamily market.” And looking back on how rents and occupancy rates continued to grow throughout much of 2013, we’re excited to see the same progress this year!

But it’s not just Millennials pushing the apartment market forward; many retired professionals and grown families are seeking luxury apartments for rent as well.  These spaces offer an alternative living option for those who no longer wish to be in the housing market or settle for the risks involved.  In fact, there are many benefits of renting for retirees, and it’s a viable option for many.

Additionally, Brett Finkelstein, CEO of CFLane, an Atlanta-based investment and real estate management company, believes that “amenity packages are still key to attracting and retaining renters.”  He adds that “tenants want a lifestyle, not just somewhere to live.”  Here at Arcadia Run, we are in tune with what our renters want!  In 2014, we’ll be introducing a pool, clubhouse, fitness center and much more to our community.  With everything brand new, our renters know they’ll have access to the best updated equipment and facilities.

But some of Arcadia Run’s most unique features are the incredible apartments.  How often do you find a truly luxurious apartment community?  Or a newly built one at that?  Not only are Arcadia Run apartments extremely conducive to active professionals and young families alike, but they simply offer more to the tenants.  Living in an apartment at Arcadia Run is so much more than renting an apartment!  It’s embracing an active and fulfilling lifestyle, surrounded by neighbors just like you.  Take a look at our one- and two-bedroom apartments that are as spacious as they are luxurious. Updated appliances are included in every unit, as well as tall ceilings, extended windows, granite countertops, and designer cabinets.  Get used to getting more!

Source: Multi-Housing News

Apartment Trends to Watch for in 2014

Some trends come and go, others are here to stay. This year, renters will be looking for more in their apartments and communities – and Arcadia Run is way ahead of the curve. Our luxury apartments for rent come with features, finishes and amenities that renters didn’t even know they wanted until they found them here!

Granite Countertops: Granite countertops are timeless, there’s no doubt about that. In Arcadia Run, all of our apartments come with oversized kitchens complete with granite countertops. These counters are durable, functional, and beautiful – not many tenants can say they have this luxurious feature in their space!

Convenient Washers & Dryers: In-apartment washer and dryer units will also be a hot commodity this year. Yet another trend Arcadia Run already features in all apartments! Our washer and dryers are full-sized and stacked to save space. We can’t promise the same for other apartment complexes!

Conversation Pieces: As far as décor goes, more people will use a ‘conversation piece’ in their apartment space. This could be a piece of furniture, fixture, or item that is different and special to you. But no pressure; anything you find particular interesting works too! And with a spacious Arcadia Run apartment, tenants have plenty of room to bring in something truly unique.

More Color: Want to add more color to your apartment? Many renters will be utilizing pillows and bold rugs to add a little splash of color to their living rooms and bedrooms. Pillows not only add color, but can also help make any room cozier. Daring and eye-catching rugs also add a touch of personality and can help to separate rooms within your apartment.

Complete Amenities: What’s the fun of living in an amazing apartment community if you can’t enjoy all that it has to offer? Arcadia Run is one of the most complete communities in the Manassas area. This year, we plan to open a fitness center, clubhouse, resort-style swimming pool, ball courts and playground. Arcadia Run is truly an incredible place to rent a new apartment!

Plan on moving into an Arcadia Run apartment this year? We can’t wait for new residents to join our luxury apartment community! Who would’ve thought you could have all of this and more in your new apartment space? Check out our features page for even more information on all that we offer at Arcadia Run.

Signs You’ll Be Happier Renting

Despite experts and economists promoting 2013 as the year to buy, there are still many people out there who’d much rather rent instead. While the market is prime for buying a home, it’s also ideal for renting a luxury apartment like one in Arcadia Run.

So, how do you know if you’ll be happier by renting? Here are a few signs that could mean you’re cut out for living the active lifestyle in an apartment community!

Yardwork? No thanks: Let’s be honest, who has time for yardwork these days? Let alone cash on hand for costly home repairs like leaky pipes and flickering lights? By renting, residents can live in an apartment they love without worrying about the maintenance it requires. The responsibility and cost of repairs typically falls on the landlords or leasing companies, not the renter. This makes avoiding yardwork that much sweeter!

The home buying process is exhausting in itself: Buying a home is way more than a simple transaction. There’s paperwork upon paperwork, and possibly a couple of waiting games in between. Until you move your belongings into a house of your choice, just about anything can happen to prevent you from owning it. For those who don’t like this insecurity, or who would rather not deal with confusing paperwork, renting is a much easier option.

You’re not ready to settle down: Whether or not you’re ready to settle into a certain location doesn’t matter – but buying a home is a very permanent decision. What if you don’t like the house as much in five years? What will the market be like then, will you even be able to move out? With renting, residents can maintain their mobility. With this comes more freedom and allows them to keep their options open. And, it’s just nice to know you can easily move if you so please.

You care where your money is: Forget having your money tied up in a new home, renters can do whatever they want with their money! This means having cash on hand for investing in the stock market, starting a business, or having an emergency fund. This ties back into having the freedom and fluidity that homebuyers might not have.

If you find yourself agreeing with any of the signs above, then you very well might be happier renting an apartment. In Manassas, our luxury apartments in Arcadia Run are the premier choice. You can have all you want in a new space without buying a home!

Source: AOL Real Estate

The Rich History of Manassas

Arcadia Run residents know that Manassas has the perfect mix of urban influence and historic charm – with its proximity to Washington, D.C. and quaint Old Town, it’s the ideal combination of old meets new.

But what is it about Manassas that makes it so historic, anyway? Various sites and stories exist, but the following is a list of some of Manassas’s most historically significant sites:

• Manassas National Battlefield Park: Perhaps the most well-known historical attraction in Manassas, the national battlefield park is where the Civil War saw its first major land battle – the name of which would’ve depended on who you asked. The North tended to name battles after nearby rivers, streams and creeks, whereas the South generally named battles after nearby towns or railroad junctions. Hence, the North referred to the battle as The First Battle of Bull Run, referring to nearby Bull Run stream, and the South referred to it as The Battle of First Manassas. This bloody battle in July of 1861 ended in a Confederate victory, and dashed any hopes on either side for a short war. The Union and Confederate forces again clashed on the battlefield here a little over a year later, ending in another Confederate victory at the height of their power.

• Liberia Plantation: The Liberia Plantation was one of the most successful plantations in pre-Civil War Prince William County. During the Civil War, Liberia Plantation served as the headquarters for both Union and Confederate troops – first, as the headquarters for General Pierre Gustave Toutant (aka P.G.T.) Beauregard, a Confederate general who ordered the first shots of the Civil War at Fort Sumter. Later, as Union forces advanced, Liberia Plantation became headquarters for Union general Irvin McDowell – a classmate of Beauregard at the U.S. Military Academy.

o Fun fact: When it was built in 1825, the Liberia Plantation was valued at $2,876 – and although this was a significant amount of money for the time period, it certainly doesn’t seem like much today.

• Manassas Junction rail depot: What is now the city of Manassas has its roots in Manassas Junction, the area where the Orange and Alexandria Railroad intersected with the Manassas Gap Railroad. The aforementioned generals Irvin McDowell and P.G.T. Beauregard both realized the strategic importance of Manassas Junction in the Civil War, as it provided the best overall route to the Confederate capital of Richmond, as well as provided access to Washington, D.C. The highly coveted railroad junction resulted in the nearby battles of Bull Run/Manassas.

• Olde Towne Inn: According to local lore – and firsthand accounts from visitors – the Olde Towne Inn in Old Town Manassas is haunted. The staff affectionately refers to the alleged ghost as “Miss Lucy”, who is said to be a spirit from the Civil War-era that plays pranks on visitors in rooms 50, 52, and 54.

• Manassas Industrial School and Jennie Dean Memorial: The Jennie Dean Memorial is a five-acre park commemorating the Manassas Industrial School for Colored Youth, which originally resided on the land. The Manassas Industrial School was chartered in 1893 by Jennie Dean, a former slave who worked tirelessly to improve education for African American students in Northern Virginia. It took almost a decade to raise the necessary funding for the school, and it remained a private institution until the 1930’s. In 1937, the Fairfax, Fauquier and Prince William County public school systems purchased the land and buildings to create a regional high school for African-American students.

Manassas’ rich history is only a part of the reason it’s one of the best places to live in the Washington, D.C. region. It’s no wonder that so many people are eager to make Manassas’ history a part of their future. And for those apartment hunters who are looking to experience the Manassas in style, our luxury apartments at Arcadia Run are the perfect fit – allowing residents to enjoy modern amenities in one of the most historically significant areas in the state.

SOURCES:, The History Channel, (The Great American Stations), Potomac Local News, National Park Service

Renting ‘Just Makes Sense’ For Many

Deciding whether to rent or buy a home can be very challenging. Economists and industry experts everywhere are pegging this year to be one of the best to buy a home. Conversely, some of the same experts and industry leaders are advocating for the opposite – saying that it’s a prime market for renters. For many, renting just makes sense – financially and logistically. Here’s why:

They don’t want the hassle of homeownership.
Sure, the idea of homeownership may be tantalizing. Before the recession, owning a home nearly guaranteed financial security. Today, it’s considered to be a huge gamble. This stress alone is enough for many to rent instead. And, the risks of buying a home go far beyond financial strains – losing your home can mean losing everything you’ve worked for. This is the very reason why more and more people are choosing to rent. It dodges the risks of buying a home yet allows the tenant to live in a place they love, like Manassas.

They want to stay active.
Arcadia Run might very well be the most active apartment community in Northern Virginia. With amenities that can keep up with our lively residents, and a wide selection of floor plans, our complex is the only choice. And, aside from staying physically active, many choose to rent in order to maintain mobility in their career. Who knows where they’ll be in 10 years, let alone the next 30?

The apartment market is as promising as the housing market.
Many people unfairly label the apartment industry as a fleeting or non-beneficial investment. The truth is, the apartment market has mirrored the housing market almost identically. So as housing has continued its recovery over this year, so has the apartment industry. The planning, building, and renting of an apartment complex, as well as the residents’ use of local businesses, provides an unprecedented financial boost to the economy. In 2011, the apartment industry and its residents, contributed $1.1 trillion to the national economy. They also supported nearly 25.4 million jobs across the country.

While deciding to rent or to buy will always be a hot debate, one of the best places to rent in Northern Virginia is Arcadia Run. Our luxury apartments give renters the most options possible in Manassas and provide stress-free living for countless tenants. With building maintenance, resident amenities, and prime location in a Washington D.C. metro, apartment living couldn’t get any better than this!

Source: The National Multi Housing Council

Benefits of Renting a Luxury Apartment


Sure, there’s the option to rent a regular apartment, but there’s something special about living in a luxury apartment.  Better yet, a luxury apartment in Arcadia Run. You wouldn’t believe the added benefits residents get in our apartments, especially when compared to regular complexes.  Here are a few perks of living in Arcadia Run:

Amenities:  Many apartment complexes don’t offer amenities. If they do, they’re often outdated and undesirable. In Arcadia Run, our residents are given access to all the best conveniences: A planned pool and clubhouse, fitness center, playground and jogging trail.  These could very well be the best amenities offered anywhere in Manassas!

Practicality:  Having a combined bed/bath/dining room isn’t the most practical way to live. Some apartment buildings skimp on planning, layout and space in order to save money, but not so in Arcadia. We designed rooms with a distinct separation between private and common areas. Simply put, our apartments are easy to live in and just make sense.

Light: It may seem odd to list light as a luxury item, but many apartments don’t offer adequate windows for natural light.  In Arcadia Run, the extended windows allow for plenty of sunlight, keeping your apartment bright and welcoming.

Ceiling Height: Just because it’s an apartment doesn’t mean it can’t have high ceilings! This possibility is often overlooked by other apartment developments, making rooms feel small.  Nine-foot ceilings come standard in Arcadia Run, making it that much more luxurious.

Features: Moving into an new apartment that has designer cabinets, full-size washer and dryer, granite countertops, luxury vinyl flooring and other over-the-top features is almost unheard of.  And with all of these features in pristine condition, you have one less thing to worry about when moving into your new home!

Location:  Of course you’ve heard this before: location is everything.  It is important, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of another desirable feature.  In Arcadia Run, residents can have it all!  Our location in Manassas has tons of things to do with endless dining, recreation, shopping, and entertainment options – including Jiffy Lube Live! Pair our location with our luxury apartments and you’ve got the perfect place to live.

See?  Arcadia Run is synonymous with luxury! And this isn’t just our opinion, it was even written about For the best renting experience possible, Arcadia Run is the only choice.