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You may have heard of the Huffington Post before, and if you haven’t, we could sum it up as a popular online news publication. In their article “Top 25 Things To Do In Northern Virginia”, our city of Manassas was featured in three items on their list! Not only can you live in a brand new apartment home at Arcadia Run in Manassas, but you can also enjoy some of the best attractions in the region nearby! Check out the features from Huffington Post below:

12. Discover how “Stonewall Jackson” got his nickname at Manassas Battlefield aka Battles of Bull Run. Two battles were fought here- both Confederate victories.

manassas battlefield

Source: Huffington Post

13. Plan to spend an afternoon and night in Old Town Manassas, nary a Big Box Store or Chain Restaurant in sight. Formerly Manassas Junction, this railroad town, where two lines crossed, was strategically important during the Civil War. Dine at the fine Portuguese restaurant, Carmello’sor adorable casual-Italian restaurant Monza.


Source: Huffington Post

14. Stay at the 2-room Bennett House B&B in Old Town Manassasfive blocks downtown and within a few minutes walk from the train station (“an hour and $18 roundtrip to DC!”). Amiable couple, Jean and Curtis Harrover outline the many reasons it makes sense to stay in Manassas and take daytrips into Washington DC – no city parking woes, relative quietude, cost – and to top it off, Jean’s wonderful breakfasts are included in the room rate.”


Source: Huffington Post

Although the Huff Post hit the nail on the head, there are also some hidden gems in Manassas that we want to share with you! Below, we add some more of our top picks for things to do in Manassas:

Jiffy Lube Live

This outdoor concert venue is NoVa’s top place to go for the summer concerts you won’t forget! Another plus – it’s less than 3 miles from Arcadia Run! More info here:

Brewing Companies

Manassas is home to two different brewing companies: BadWolf Brewing Company and Heritage Brewing Co. Both of these top-rated brewing companies are great options if you’re feeling thirsty for an ice-cold brew.

Hylton Performing Arts Center

Although Jiffy Lube Live is great for a large concert venue, the Hylton Performing Arts Center is a more intimate venue for all types of live performances.

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Apartment Features Renters Adore

As a new apartment home community, Arcadia Run knows how important it is for our residents to have the best experience possible while living here! This is why we have brand new community amenities and luxury apartment features to fit the growing needs of apartment renters. Take a look below at what we concluded to be the top features that renters adore!

top features

Ultimate Moving Checklist

Moving into your new apartment home at Arcadia Run is very exciting but at the same time, moving anywhere can be very stressful if you are unprepared! We have put together the ultimate moving checklist and timeline from the Apartment Guide so you know that you can be ready and less stressed on move-in day!

5-6 weeks before you move

  • make sure to notify your current landlord that you will be moving out & ask about necessary actions
  • are you moving everything by yourself?
  • designate a special folder for moving documents
  • devise a budget for moving including furniture, moving company fees, food during time of move, etc.
  • transfer renters insurance
  • start collecting boxes, packing tape, markers, etc.

3-4 weeks before you move

  • sort through your things, everyone accumulates clutter now and again
  • change your mailing address
  • schedule a transfer or cancel of utilities
  • do you need a day off of work to move?
  • arrange any storage you need during moving time
  • throw away things you will not be putting in storage or taking with you
  • confirm move in date, moving company, and storage
  • do you need to clean your apartment before you leave? Schedule a day to clean

1 week before you move

  • finish packing most of your things – packing by room is easiest for unpacking later
  • remember how many boxes you have to take inventory – nothing is worse than losing the box with all of your shirts in it
  • confirm installation of utilities in your new apartment
  • arrange parking for unloading on moving day

Moving Day

  • take out trash & last minute things
  • pack your vehicle
  • do a twice over through the apartment to make sure you don’t forget anything
  • turn in your key!

Welcome to your new apartment at Arcadia Run!

  • do a once over of the apartment to map out where everything will go
  • clear a path for moving in boxes and furniture (prop open doors, etc.)
  • bring everything inside!
  • take inventory… again
  • start unpacking and place your furniture
  • relax, you’re home!

Now you are all moved in to your new apartment home and you can start getting used to getting more with the wonderful community and brand new amenities at Arcadia Run!

Source: Apartment Guide

Styling Tips to Use In Your Living Room

It’s certainly an exciting time to move into a new luxury apartment at Arcadia Run! We can’t wait to meet our newest residents in 2015.  And, moving into a brand new apartment also means a blank canvas to decorate your new digs!  So, here are a few of our favorite style tips to use when furnishing your new living room:

1. Pick a Theme

  • A cohesive theme is the first thing to determine before furnishing your new living room in your Arcadia Run apartment. Whether you choose nautical, whimsical, or anything else imaginable, make sure everything you buy for this space falls into your chosen category.

3. Avoid the Overly Trendy

  • While essentially every style is a trend in some way or another, some trends have more staying power than others.  Stay away from overly trendy pieces, as they will likely go out of style sooner rather than later.


2. White on White

  • Speaking of trends, want an en vogue look without investing too much? Opt for white-on-white décor in your living room instead. This crisp look is trendy without limiting you to white-on-white forever.  Down the road, white furniture and decorations can be seamlessly incorporated into other themes.


4. Metallic Accents

  • For a fresh take on a little glamour, add small metallic accents to your living room. These could be in the form of a gold picture frame, silver bookends, or even a bronze accented coffee table.  Whatever you choose, be careful not to overdo it as too many metallic finishes can make a room feel cluttered.


5. Stylish Organization

  • Chances are, you’ll want to include some organizational features in your new living room.  Instead of stacks of items in the corner or unsightly bins, try to find an elegant storage solution.  Stores like Ikea and Crate & Barrel offer plenty of shelving units that are as stylish as they are functional.

6. Nature Inspired

  • Want to have a living room that’s welcoming and refreshing?  A natural themed space may be just the option for you. Choosing natural colors and textures gives you more flexibility when searching for pieces.  And, as long as they stay within the same theme, furnishing your new space will be a breeze.

Half the fun of moving into a new Arcadia Run luxury apartment is making your new space your home.  The other half is enjoying the amenitized community, friendly neighbors, convenient location, and the charming town of Manassas, Virginia!

Check out our latest new apartments for rent and find the one that suits you best!

Source: Real Simple

How To Make Your Apartment Pet-friendly

For many pet owners, their furry friends are an integral part of the family, and leaving them behind because they’re moving into a brand new apartment is unthinkable. Luckily for pet owners at Arcadia Run, pets are welcome here!* Whether you’re moving into an apartment with Fido already in tow, or are looking to bring a four-legged companion into your apartment for the first time, there are several steps you can take to ensure your new apartment is pet-friendly. ,

Following these tips will help ensure that your apartment is safe and comfortable for dogs and cats:

· Make sure that common household items that are poisonous to pets are properly stored in a place where your pet cannot gain access to them. If you’re unsure what is and is not harmful to pets, check out the ASPCA’s list of top pet toxins of 2013. One well-known example is antifreeze, the smell and taste of which is particularly appealing for cats and dogs but can be fatal. Make sure all potentially hazardous items are located on a high shelf or in a latched cabinet.

· Check for suffocation hazards. For example, if there are chords for blinds or curtains in your apartment, make sure that they’re kept short or clipped up so that pets can’t choke or chew on them. Also be sure to unplug electrical chords when not in use, and make sure there are no chords in loops so your pet doesn’t get tangled. Also, regularly check spaces that the vacuum cleaner can’t reach, such as under the couch, to make sure that there’s nothing on the floor that your dog or cat could find and try to eat.

· Don’t leave human food out on countertops, and eliminate any “ladder” opportunities for pets to gain access to the countertop from the floor. Take out the trash daily and use a trash can with a tight-fitting lid to prevent curious pets from rummaging around. Pets getting into the trash can not only cause a mess in your apartment, but can result in serious health outcomes for your pet – grapes, raisins, coffee grinds, chocolate and sugar-free food can all have potentially fatal outcomes for dogs.

·  Indoor plants can add a great touch to any room in an apartment, but before buying one, make sure that it’s safe for your pet. For example, if you have a cat, you’ll want to avoid lilies – they can cause kidney failure in felines. Before buying any indoor plants, check out the ASPCA’s list of toxic and non-toxic plants.

· Don’t leave the balcony or patio door open, or windows open without any screens. Having a balcony or patio area can be a great feature for apartment renters – just ask our Arcadia Run residents! – but they can pose danger for unwatched cats and small dogs that could fit through spaces in railings, so make sure you don’t leave the door open.

· Make a separate space for your pet. Carving out a space in your apartment just for your pet will help them feel secure in their new surroundings with a space all their own. If you have a dog, place their dog bed, toys and water source in a comfy corner of your apartment. If you’re going to be away all day, consider a pet fountain to keep the water source fresh.

· Even if your furry friend is housebroken or litter box trained, there’s still a chance of them creating a mess in your apartment from accidents and bringing in muck from outside. Stock up on carpet and floor cleaner for any messiness that may arise.

Ensuring your apartment is pet-friendly will make sure that you and your pets can make the most of your new living space. And Arcadia Run residents who have four-legged roommates can enjoy all the benefits of living in beautiful Manassas with their favorite furry companions!

SOURCE: This Old House, ASPCA

*Please talk to a leasing consultant for information on breed restrictions.