Kitchen Features to Love in an Arcadia Run Apartment

Gone are the days of closest-sized kitchens and laminate countertops. At Arcadia Run, our new apartment homes are suited for your lifestyle today with modern features and floorplans! Included in these modern features are kitchens that can truly be the hearth of your (apartment) home without you having to sacrifice space in other areas. Functional, fashionable, and fit for a top chef, our modern kitchens are our favorite parts of each floor plan design, so read on to discover why!


Island or Peninsula

The most sought after home floor plans today include those that are open and spacious. This also rings true for apartments! In each apartment home at Arcadia Run, you will find a kitchen island or peninsula that opens up the entire apartment for a cohesive space where you can be cooking in the kitchen, but still watching TV in the living room!

Plenty of Storage

Time and time again our residents boast that one of their favorite aspects of Arcadia Run’s apartments is how much storage space they provide! In each kitchen, the layout features ample cabinet and pantry space to store all of your trendy kitchen gadgets as well as the necessary cups, plates, etc. They include 42” designer cabinets, so that you can have a beautiful and sophisticated space to match your style.

Granite countertops

If your apartment home doesn’t have granite countertops, you are surely missing out! Our stunning granite kitchen counters are stain resistant, scratch resistant, and add a trendy design element to each apartment home.

Laminate hardwood

Although we would love to put hardwood in the kitchens here, it just doesn’t make sense since they are not very durable. Enter the next best thing: laminate hardwood. Laminate hardwood floors are perfect for the kitchen since they work well to resist liquids and spills, and don’t ding and dent easily. The hardwood look gives the space even more of a luxury feel. 

Updated appliances

Our modern apartments would not be anything without modern appliances to match! You will never have to fear that something will break or not function properly when our appliances are brand new! If by some crazy fluke something does go wrong with any appliances, our maintenance crew will be on it!

Curious to see an Arcadia Run apartment kitchen for yourself? Stop by any day of the week for a tour of our model apartment home and community! Visit for more information and to schedule a tour.


Prepare Your Apartment Before Leaving for Vacation

hat and spectacles

Before you head out on the open road for a summer vacation, there are a few things you should take care of at your new apartment home at Arcadia Run! Completing a handful of simple tasks before you leave will ensure that returning home won’t be a chore, so take a look at our tips below!

The day before departure

Make pet arrangements: If you aren’t bringing your pet along for the vacation, be sure to make alternative arrangements so your pet is as comfortable as possible while you’re away.

Set an email autoreply: If you rely on constant email contact for work or school, make sure to install an autoreply message while you’re gone. This will ensure that anyone trying to contact you will know that they are not being ignored or forgotten.

Organize & clean apartment: The last thing you want to do when returning from a vacation is spend hours cleaning your apartment home, so get these things done before you leave:

·     Clean out leftovers/perishables from refrigerator

·     Vacuum and sweep the entire apartment

·     Do all laundry and put clothes away

·     Change sheets

Set out all packed bags & supplies: Put everything you are bringing on your trip by the front door so that you can wake up and go. If there are things that you cannot pack the night before you leave for vacation, like food or your phone charger, write yourself a sticky note as a reminder!

The day of departure

Save energy: Save some energy and keep your apartment maintained by turning the AC down while you are gone. Also remember to turn off and unplug your electronics!

Eliminate fire hazards: Before you leave, make sure your oven and stove are off and there are no candles lit in your apartment home. If you have a coffee maker with a timer, or made coffee in the morning, you should unplug it during your vacation just to be safe.

Make your bed: After getting home from a long trip, there is no better sight than a bed all made and clean waiting for your next slumber.

Take out the trash: Any food in the trashcan can really stink up the place if you let it sit there for a few days or more. Be sure to take out the trash before you leave!

Last but not least, on the way out of your apartment, lock all windows and doors and you’re good to go. If you follow all of these steps before leaving for vacation, you will come home to a clean space that will relax you and ease you back into your everyday routine! Not renting an apartment home at Arcadia Run yet? No worries! Visit us any day of the week, or contact us here:

Apartment Features Renters Adore

As a new apartment home community, Arcadia Run knows how important it is for our residents to have the best experience possible while living here! This is why we have brand new community amenities and luxury apartment features to fit the growing needs of apartment renters. Take a look below at what we concluded to be the top features that renters adore!

top features

Quiz: What Is Your Apartment Style?

When you move into your new apartment home at Arcadia Run  what do you picture it looking like? Take the quiz below to find out what your apartment style is!


1. What would your coffee table look like?

A.     An antique wooden table painted white

B.     Metal frame with a glass surface

C.     The funkiest color and shape I can find

D.    Natural wood

2. What TV show are you most likely to watch in your apartment?

A.     Grey’s Anatomy

B.     Entourage

C.     Game of Thrones

D.    Narcos 

3. What would you most like to hang on your wall?

A.     A framed piece of art 

B.     Abstract or sculptural pieces

C.     A variety of different things 

D.    A tapestry or string lights


4. What excites you the most about Arcadia Run?

A.     The pool, fitness center, and outdoor space at the Clubhouse

B.     The media center and theatre in the Clubhouse

C.     Proximity to downtown Manassas – the place for food & shopping

D.    Proximity to Jiffy Lube Live – the place for outdoor concerts

5. What does your bed/bedding look like?

A.     A large headboard with a 15-piece bedding set

B.     A boxy frame with simple bedding

C.     My bedding is a variety of colors

D.    My bed is on the floor (or close to it) with neutral bedding

6. What would your welcome mat look like?

A.     It says, “Welcome”

B.     It’s just plain black

C.     It is a colorful print

D.    It’s made of all natural materials 

7. What feature attracts you most to an Arcadia Run apartment?

A.     Luxury apartment features

B.     Modern kitchen finishes

C.     Lots of Storage Space

D.    Balcony or patio

Mostly A’s – Your apartment style is Traditional: You stick with what you know and like traditional décor and features.

Mostly B’s – Your apartment style is Modern: The more geometric and technologically advanced, the better!

Mostly C’s – Your apartment style is Eclectic: You love to collect anything and everything that catches your eye creating a mix of cultural décor.

Mostly D’s – Your apartment style is Boho: A modern day hippie, you connect best with music and nature, which your apartment style reflects.

The One-Day Room Makeover For Your Apartment 

If you’re moving into a new apartment home at Arcadia Run, you are probably thinking about bringing along everything from your previous home. If you already live in an apartment home at Arcadia Run, then you’ve probably thought about redecorating your space. Thanks to, we have put together a guide to makeover a room (or two for the more ambitious) in only one day!

Clear out: Take everything out of the room and clear the space. This will give you a clean slate so that you can imagine what it will look like.

Clean: While the space is cleared out, clean the room! You’ll feel much better about redecorating if you are also being productive.

Rearrange the space: Plan out a new way to rearrange the furniture in the room, whether that means swapping the couches, or completely thinking of a new setup. Believe it or not, there are tools online where you can virtually arrange everything in the room before you even move the furniture.

Don’t break it up: Apartments look larger when big objects and furniture are up against the walls, so try your best not to break up the room by putting things in the middle of the space.

Move lighting: Lighting plays a surprisingly large part in the way a room looks. While you are rearranging furniture, think about where the lighting can move to best suit the arrangement.

Switch out one piece of furniture: If you have the time and money to do so, go for it and buy a new piece of furniture. A simple, updated piece will give the room a new vibe.

Cover it up: Don’t want to buy a new piece of furniture? Cover it up! There are plenty of inexpensive options for slipcovers, tablecloths, etc. to disguise your existing furniture.

Paint your furniture: Although painting furniture does take time, this could make the largest impact on a room. If you are ambitious enough to paint your furniture, there are plenty of quick fix paint options.

Accent pillows and new accessories: Accent pillows and other accessories, like art, can largely contribute to the colors in a room, and are relatively inexpensive to replace. If you want the full effect of a room makeover, this is a great way to add pattern and color.

Add greenery: Plants bring a friendly element to a room, and it is an easy way to brighten up the space with color.

No matter how you decide to redecorate the space, there are many inexpensive and quick ways to give your apartment home an update. Learn more about how you can rent a new apartment home at Arcadia Run by visiting our website today!


Prepare Your Apartment for the Holidays

If you didn’t already know, the winter holidays are almost here! It can be an overwhelming yet fun time of the year, but sometimes things are forgotten when it comes to preparing your apartment home for guests and colder weather. At Arcadia Run we want you (and your apartment) to be ready to bring on the holidays, so here is a list of “to remembers” for this season!

Add the warmth – When the weather starts to get cold, your breezy summer sheets are not going to cut it. Replace bed linens with warmer sheets, like flannel, or add a fleece blanket to make sure you and your holiday guests will stay warm and comfy at night. Also consider area rugs for places like the hallway, because nothing is worse than walking on hard floors with bare feet in December!

Clean – This may be an obvious step, but it doesn’t just mean doing the dishes! During the summer and fall months, allergens, pollen, and dust can get trapped in things like carpets and curtains, or rest on the tops of surfaces. Do a deep cleaning of your apartment to make sure you start fresh this season!

Get ahead of yourself – If you expect that you will have guests visiting for the holidays, stock up on winter home essentials to make your hosting days easier. Items like extra blankets, hot chocolate or tea, and movies & games will save you some last minute trips to the store.

Convert your wardrobe – There is no need to keep your tank tops and mini skirts hanging in the closet when it is getting cold outside. Because of the abundant storage space in Arcadia Run apartments, you can rotate wardrobes according to the season, and store your flip-flops for warmer days at the pool.

Declutter, then decorate – The first thing that many of us jump to during the holidays is decorating, because let’s face it; it is the most fun part! It is important to declutter your space BEFORE you decorate to avoid making a larger mess than you started with. Visit the new Arcadia Run Clubhouse for some decorating tips and tricks!

Buy winter essentials early – Often times during the thick of the cold months, stores will run out of certain “high demand” seasonal items.  These everyday items like lint rollers, static spray, slippers, gift-wrapping supplies, and even calendars will go fast, so get them while you can! And at Arcadia Run, you will have plenty of room to keep everything.

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Apartment Must-Haves

Here at Arcadia Run, we specialize in luxury apartment living and we want our residents to be just as excited about their new apartment home as we are! Whether you are a seasoned apartment renter, or you have found your first apartment home here at Arcadia Run, we are here to help you gather our top picks for apartment must-haves!

Mirrors – These are the miracle workers of interior design. They can rework any space and are so versatile. Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes and styles to choose from, and the best part? They give the illusion of making spaces look larger and more open.

One awesome piece of artwork – Sometimes people think that they need a lot of decorations throughout the apartment, when in reality; all you need is one statement piece in each room, with accessories to compliment it. Think a nice canvas painting, photo collage, or light fixture.

Area rugs – Area rugs are not only comfortable, they help define a space and add some style to any room. Area rugs are great for underneath of a coffee table or in hallways to transition your style from room to room. Check out all of our available floor plans here!

A spot for mail & keys – Any home needs a space for important things so that they don’t get misplaced! Create a spot by the front door to keep mail and put your keys so that you always know where they are. You can use a nice basket, or look into hang-able wall options.

Cleaning supplies – It sounds silly, but you really do need to think about cleaning supplies when moving into an apartment. Luckily, there are so many multipurpose cleaning solutions and products that you can pretty much use throughout your entire apartment. Apartments at Arcadia Run also have lots of storage space, so you can fit all of your cleaning supplies with no problem.

Kitchen gear – Before buying things for your kitchen, think about how much you cook, what types of food you cook, and which kitchen supplies will be versatile for you. It’s also important to keep focused on quality rather than quantity, so you don’t have to re-buy poor quality kitchen utensils that might break. The 42” designer kitchen cabinets in Arcadia Run’s brand new apartment homes will hold everything you need!

First aid — You never know when an accident will happen. If you accidentally cut yourself, fall & scrape your leg, or have no idea where that scratch came from, you are going to want to have medical supplies on hand right away.

A personal touch – This is the most important apartment must-have! Your apartment home at Arcadia Run will be your space and personal oasis. The space should reflect your personal style and living needs. New apartment homes at Arcadia Run already come with amazing features, so the rest is up to you!