The Essential Moving Timeline

There is nothing more exciting than moving into your new Arcadia Run apartment home! However, the stresses of moving can often overshadow your excitement about your new living situation. Between updating all your new information, packing, unpacking, and figuring out who is going to be doing the manual labor, moving can be extremely stressful. We want you to be as excited as can be when you move to Arcadia Run, so check out some of our moving tips to ensure that you have a smooth transition.


Two Months Before

Congratulations, you’ve signed a new lease at Arcadia Run! If you’re moving from another apartment home or need to tell your landlord that you are not renewing your current lease, now is the time to do it. It is always better to be on the safe side when giving notice that you are moving. Start thinking about the furniture and items you will be taking with you and anything that you will need to purchase. If you have a lot of heavy furniture and items that need to be moved, begin researching local moving companies.


One Month Before

By now you should have decided on a mover and it’s time to make that reservation. Moving companies are typically busiest on the weekends at the start and end of every month, so be sure to leave plenty of time to make a reservation. Paying your friends in beer and pizza to help you move only works for so long! Make a list of all the things you will need to update with your new address: drivers license, bank information, credit cards, utilities, etc. The list may seem daunting but getting a head start now will ease the stress of so many items to change.


Three Weeks Before

Start organizing non-essential items that you don’t see yourself using in the next 3 weeks. This can be anything from your extra towels and linens to the extra pots and pans in the back of your cabinets. Now is also the time to start acquiring any boxes, bins, or bags that you think you will need to box stuff up. Contact your cable or Internet provider and any other utilities to let them know you are moving and to give them a stop service date. This way you won’t overlap with any bills when you move.


Two Weeks Before

Somehow, when you start packing to move, stuff keeps coming out of the woodwork! Stomp down your hoarder tendencies and start organizing things to donate, such as that miniskirt from college or those shoes you never wear. Divide things into keep, donate, and discard piles; you’ll be surprised how much you don’t use on a frequent basis! Keep packing up things that you will not need in the next two weeks, such as books or DVDs.


One Week Before

Now is usually the time when the moving anxiety really starts to set in. Focus on a different room to pack up every day; breaking up the packing will make it easier to focus on one thing at a time without getting overwhelmed. At the start of the week, pack a bag with all of your clothes, shoes, and toiletries for the upcoming week, and start to pack up everything else. Labeling bags and boxes with what items are in them or rooms they are for will make unpacking a breeze. Toss out any random things that you come across and if you haven’t used it in the last year, you probably don’t need to bring it with you! Plan out where everything is going to go in your new Arcadia Run apartment home; with plenty of storage and cabinet space there will be room for everything.


Two Days Before

By now, the majority of your items should be packed. Double check to make sure that everything is all set for moving day, and work out the logistics with any roommates or friends who are helping you. Start cleaning rooms such as the kitchen, or give the bathroom one last good scrub. Don’t forget to empty and clean the refrigerator!


The Day Before

The night before you move, you should just have the bare essentials with you. Keep a couple of trash bags handy for any trash or miscellaneous items you find, and be sure everything is emptied out of cabinets and drawers. Walk through every room multiple times to double check you have packed everything you need and that you haven’t left anything behind. The last thing you want is to be scrambling around while the movers are trying to move all of your furniture out.


Moving Day

The big day is here! Let the movers do their jobs and help direct them when necessary. When you get to your new apartment home at Arcadia Run, the fun really begins! Due to all of your organizing and labeling prior to your move, you’ll be able to easily locate all of your belongings and get everything unpacked! Set up your bed first, as that will make your new place really feel like home.


The Day After

Welcome to your new home at Arcadia Run! Pop down to our clubhouse to check out all of our amenities, or relax at the pool for the day to unwind from moving. Tell all of your friends how much you love your new apartment home, and tell them to visit us online!

Things to Remember When Moving Into An Apartment With Your Significant Other

family living room

If you are moving into your new apartment home at Arcadia Run with your significant other and have not lived with them previously, it will be an adjustment. Below, we have listed all of the things you should remember when moving in with your significant other for the first time!

It’s okay to have your own things: If you are merging all of your belongings together and are protective of certain things, let your partner know! Doing this will ensure that next time you reach for your favorite coffee mug, hopefully it will be right where you left it.

Get to know each other’s pet peeves: When you discover something your partner does at home that you are not used to, don’t get upset or annoyed over it. Have a conversation with them and let them know what is on your mind. If you fold towels different ways, agree on a certain way together that will make you both satisfied.

Maintain some independence: Just because you live together, doesn’t mean you have to spend every waking moment with each other! Remember to maintain relationships with your own friends and create a balance in your life. Make a point to do things on your own once a week so you don’t spend an unhealthy amount of time together.

Set a budget: Since you now share an apartment, you are going to have to manage your money together so that you still have funds to do things, like go see a concert at Jiffy Lube Live! Sit down and sort out a weekly budget that you can stick to together and make sure to factor in rent, food, shopping, travel, etc.

Make compromises: You are going to have to make compromises now that it’s not just you living in your home. You will probably have to compromise on apartment décor, a TV schedule, candle scents, closet space, and many other things. Communication is key, so make sure that both of you talk about what you want and need.

Try not to sweat the small stuff: There may be times where you get into small disagreements, but that is okay, it’s bound to happen! If someone leaves dishes in the sink overnight, it’s not worth fighting over! Don’t let it get you down and don’t hold a grudge about small things that are easily resolved.

A living situation with any new roommate can be a learning experience, especially if it’s with your significant other! Don’t forget to enjoy it, and take advantage of everything here at Arcadia Run in Manassas, VA together!

Money Saving Tips for Moving Into Your New Apartment Home

So you’ve finally signed the lease for your brand new apartment home at Arcadia Run, and now it’s time to move in! Moving can be costly, depending on how far you are moving and how much stuff there is to move. Because you are probably going to want to focus on buying things for your new apartment, spending all of your money on moving might not be ideal. Check some of these great tips for saving money while you move:

Plan: Planning ahead is a very important part of moving. The further in advance you plan, the less money you will spend. Often times, waiting until move-in day to plan will result in things going wrong and last minute expenses popping up.  Make sure to shop around to get the best deal!

Seasonal: If you can help it, try and move during the winter because it is the slowest season for moving. Often times, there are hidden deals and discounts that appear during this season to entice people to use moving services.

Disassemble: If you put all of your furniture together, why not take it apart again? Most furniture is easier to transport when it is in pieces, and if you are not using a moving truck, it may just fit in your car! Because you already put it together once, it will be much easier the second time around.

Declutter: While you are moving into your new apartment home, you should probably go through all of those memorabilia boxes from high school. Moving is a great time to get rid of everything you don’t need or want anymore, and it will save you money come move-in time.

Free boxes: The Internet is a wonderful thing, especially when you are moving! There are plenty of websites where you can search for people who are getting rid of free boxes so you don’t have to buy and assemble new ones.  

DIY: If you think you can move into your new apartment home by yourself, then by all means go for it! Borrow a friend’s pickup truck, or just make multiple trips back and forth. Moving on your own terms will also create a less stressful moving experience!


Ultimate Moving Checklist

Moving into your new apartment home at Arcadia Run is very exciting but at the same time, moving anywhere can be very stressful if you are unprepared! We have put together the ultimate moving checklist and timeline from the Apartment Guide so you know that you can be ready and less stressed on move-in day!

5-6 weeks before you move

  • make sure to notify your current landlord that you will be moving out & ask about necessary actions
  • are you moving everything by yourself?
  • designate a special folder for moving documents
  • devise a budget for moving including furniture, moving company fees, food during time of move, etc.
  • transfer renters insurance
  • start collecting boxes, packing tape, markers, etc.

3-4 weeks before you move

  • sort through your things, everyone accumulates clutter now and again
  • change your mailing address
  • schedule a transfer or cancel of utilities
  • do you need a day off of work to move?
  • arrange any storage you need during moving time
  • throw away things you will not be putting in storage or taking with you
  • confirm move in date, moving company, and storage
  • do you need to clean your apartment before you leave? Schedule a day to clean

1 week before you move

  • finish packing most of your things – packing by room is easiest for unpacking later
  • remember how many boxes you have to take inventory – nothing is worse than losing the box with all of your shirts in it
  • confirm installation of utilities in your new apartment
  • arrange parking for unloading on moving day

Moving Day

  • take out trash & last minute things
  • pack your vehicle
  • do a twice over through the apartment to make sure you don’t forget anything
  • turn in your key!

Welcome to your new apartment at Arcadia Run!

  • do a once over of the apartment to map out where everything will go
  • clear a path for moving in boxes and furniture (prop open doors, etc.)
  • bring everything inside!
  • take inventory… again
  • start unpacking and place your furniture
  • relax, you’re home!

Now you are all moved in to your new apartment home and you can start getting used to getting more with the wonderful community and brand new amenities at Arcadia Run!

Source: Apartment Guide