Money Saving Tips for Your First Apartment

Is Arcadia Run your first apartment home? If so, welcome! We know that it can be an exciting, yet overwhelming time after you move into your first apartment. From paying bills to decorating your new home to enjoying time with friends, there are so many things to keep track of. We’ve thought of some fun ways to save money while still doing everything you want to do! Check out our list below for some money saving tips for your first apartment home at Arcadia Run.

Skip the expensive gym membership

Gym memberships are expensive and can cost anywhere from $40 to $100 a month. That’s a lot of money to spend every month! Instead, take advantage of our great fitness center here at Arcadia Run. We have free weights, machines, and other equipment that make it easy for you to work out right here at your own convenience. You can even take free fitness classes instructed by Power for Life Fitness!

Decorate for less

Everyone wants his or her apartment to look nice, but there’s no need to go overboard when decorating your apartment. Instead of spending money on several decorations all at once, invest your money in a few key pieces that you will be able to use for a long time. Whether it is a statement mirror for your bedroom or a coffee table, a few quality pieces will make a big difference. Buying less expensive items that can be easily replaced, such as shower curtains or throw pillows, will save you more money.

Host a housewarming party

You may think that hosting a party will cost you money, but it can actually be the opposite! Inviting your friends for a party at your new apartment home means that you won’t be out spending money on dinner or a bar tab. Instead, ask everyone to bring their favorite beverage and you provide the snacks. If you invite friends and neighbors to you apartment home specifically for a housewarming party, chances are you’ll receive a few gifts!

Create a budget

Don’t let the word ‘budget’ scare you. Making a plan each month for your expenses will help you track your money and where it goes. Prioritize the most important things first, such as rent and your other monthly bills (cell phone, car, etc.). Make sure you realistically factor in other monthly expenses, such as your grocery shopping or how often you eat out. Cutting out one or two things a week, such as that morning coffee purchase, can save you more money each month!

We are excited that your first apartment home is here with us at Arcadia Run and are glad we can help you start out with a clear plan for saving money! For more information about our amenities and everything we have to offer, visit us online.

Money Saving Tips for Moving Into Your New Apartment Home

So you’ve finally signed the lease for your brand new apartment home at Arcadia Run, and now it’s time to move in! Moving can be costly, depending on how far you are moving and how much stuff there is to move. Because you are probably going to want to focus on buying things for your new apartment, spending all of your money on moving might not be ideal. Check some of these great tips for saving money while you move:

Plan: Planning ahead is a very important part of moving. The further in advance you plan, the less money you will spend. Often times, waiting until move-in day to plan will result in things going wrong and last minute expenses popping up.  Make sure to shop around to get the best deal!

Seasonal: If you can help it, try and move during the winter because it is the slowest season for moving. Often times, there are hidden deals and discounts that appear during this season to entice people to use moving services.

Disassemble: If you put all of your furniture together, why not take it apart again? Most furniture is easier to transport when it is in pieces, and if you are not using a moving truck, it may just fit in your car! Because you already put it together once, it will be much easier the second time around.

Declutter: While you are moving into your new apartment home, you should probably go through all of those memorabilia boxes from high school. Moving is a great time to get rid of everything you don’t need or want anymore, and it will save you money come move-in time.

Free boxes: The Internet is a wonderful thing, especially when you are moving! There are plenty of websites where you can search for people who are getting rid of free boxes so you don’t have to buy and assemble new ones.  

DIY: If you think you can move into your new apartment home by yourself, then by all means go for it! Borrow a friend’s pickup truck, or just make multiple trips back and forth. Moving on your own terms will also create a less stressful moving experience!