Look No Further Than Arcadia Run for Your First Apartment

Two fit women running on treadmills in modern gym

Moving into your first apartment is an exciting time, but sometimes there are unexpected adjustments that you will have to make. When transitioning from a dorm or your parents house into your own place, it is important to decide what conveniences you are willing to give up, and those you can’t live without. We kept our future residents, such as you, in mind when designing our modern apartment homes and amenities so that you would have a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. For an easy transition into your first apartment home, take a look at some reasons below as to why Arcadia Run is the perfect place for you!

Keep up your fitness game

With so many ways to stay in shape here at Arcadia Run, it will be even more convenient to work out than your previous residence! Residents have 24/7 access to the fitness center, summer-long access to our resort-style pool, access to the ball court, and quick access to local parks and trails to explore. However you choose to spend your time maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the resources you need are just steps from your new apartment home.

Don’t leave belongings behind

In many apartments, having enough space is an issue and storage is usually lacking. In every apartment home at Arcadia Run, there are multiple closets so that you don’t have to leave any of your belongings behind when you move in. Plenty of storage space also allows for clutter-free living areas where you can live simply and comfortably.

Furry friends welcome

You shouldn’t have to rule out a great apartment community because they aren’t pet friendly. And guess what? Arcadia Run loves pets! Many of our current residents have pets, and you will constantly see them walking their dogs on our beautifully landscaped grounds. This is just one of the many things that sets us apart from other apartment communities in the Manassas area!

Do laundry on your own time

Maybe your parents aren’t doing your laundry anymore, but at least you won’t have to leave your apartment to get it done! Each of our modern apartment homes has a full size washer and dryer included for the convenience to wash your clothes on your own schedule. You also won’t have to pay extra money to use machines at a Laundromat!

Create & maintain a social life

Even if you already have friends and family in the area, our apartment community is not like a typical one where you never meet your neighbors. Year-round community events, like our upcoming Pool Opening Party, are meant to bring our residents together. It’s easy to hole up in your apartment by yourself and have a movie marathon, but at Arcadia Run, it’s also easy to meet neighbors to invite to your movie night and make it a weekly event.

Maintain luxury

No matter your previous living situation, you won’t have to sacrifice the luxury of a beautiful home when moving to Arcadia Run! Our new apartments feature luxurious finishes and design elements, including granite countertops, and laminate hardwood flooring. No downgrades here!

Stop by Arcadia Run today to learn even more about why this is the perfect apartment community for your FIRST apartment home!


Money Saving Tips for Your First Apartment

Is Arcadia Run your first apartment home? If so, welcome! We know that it can be an exciting, yet overwhelming time after you move into your first apartment. From paying bills to decorating your new home to enjoying time with friends, there are so many things to keep track of. We’ve thought of some fun ways to save money while still doing everything you want to do! Check out our list below for some money saving tips for your first apartment home at Arcadia Run.

Skip the expensive gym membership

Gym memberships are expensive and can cost anywhere from $40 to $100 a month. That’s a lot of money to spend every month! Instead, take advantage of our great fitness center here at Arcadia Run. We have free weights, machines, and other equipment that make it easy for you to work out right here at your own convenience. You can even take free fitness classes instructed by Power for Life Fitness!

Decorate for less

Everyone wants his or her apartment to look nice, but there’s no need to go overboard when decorating your apartment. Instead of spending money on several decorations all at once, invest your money in a few key pieces that you will be able to use for a long time. Whether it is a statement mirror for your bedroom or a coffee table, a few quality pieces will make a big difference. Buying less expensive items that can be easily replaced, such as shower curtains or throw pillows, will save you more money.

Host a housewarming party

You may think that hosting a party will cost you money, but it can actually be the opposite! Inviting your friends for a party at your new apartment home means that you won’t be out spending money on dinner or a bar tab. Instead, ask everyone to bring their favorite beverage and you provide the snacks. If you invite friends and neighbors to you apartment home specifically for a housewarming party, chances are you’ll receive a few gifts!

Create a budget

Don’t let the word ‘budget’ scare you. Making a plan each month for your expenses will help you track your money and where it goes. Prioritize the most important things first, such as rent and your other monthly bills (cell phone, car, etc.). Make sure you realistically factor in other monthly expenses, such as your grocery shopping or how often you eat out. Cutting out one or two things a week, such as that morning coffee purchase, can save you more money each month!

We are excited that your first apartment home is here with us at Arcadia Run and are glad we can help you start out with a clear plan for saving money! For more information about our amenities and everything we have to offer, visit us online.