Ultimate Moving Checklist

Moving into your new apartment home at Arcadia Run is very exciting but at the same time, moving anywhere can be very stressful if you are unprepared! We have put together the ultimate moving checklist and timeline from the Apartment Guide so you know that you can be ready and less stressed on move-in day!

5-6 weeks before you move

  • make sure to notify your current landlord that you will be moving out & ask about necessary actions
  • are you moving everything by yourself?
  • designate a special folder for moving documents
  • devise a budget for moving including furniture, moving company fees, food during time of move, etc.
  • transfer renters insurance
  • start collecting boxes, packing tape, markers, etc.

3-4 weeks before you move

  • sort through your things, everyone accumulates clutter now and again
  • change your mailing address
  • schedule a transfer or cancel of utilities
  • do you need a day off of work to move?
  • arrange any storage you need during moving time
  • throw away things you will not be putting in storage or taking with you
  • confirm move in date, moving company, and storage
  • do you need to clean your apartment before you leave? Schedule a day to clean

1 week before you move

  • finish packing most of your things – packing by room is easiest for unpacking later
  • remember how many boxes you have to take inventory – nothing is worse than losing the box with all of your shirts in it
  • confirm installation of utilities in your new apartment
  • arrange parking for unloading on moving day

Moving Day

  • take out trash & last minute things
  • pack your vehicle
  • do a twice over through the apartment to make sure you don’t forget anything
  • turn in your key!

Welcome to your new apartment at Arcadia Run!

  • do a once over of the apartment to map out where everything will go
  • clear a path for moving in boxes and furniture (prop open doors, etc.)
  • bring everything inside!
  • take inventory… again
  • start unpacking and place your furniture
  • relax, you’re home!

Now you are all moved in to your new apartment home and you can start getting used to getting more with the wonderful community and brand new amenities at Arcadia Run!

Source: Apartment Guide