Signs You’ll Be Happier Renting

Despite experts and economists promoting 2013 as the year to buy, there are still many people out there who’d much rather rent instead. While the market is prime for buying a home, it’s also ideal for renting a luxury apartment like one in Arcadia Run.

So, how do you know if you’ll be happier by renting? Here are a few signs that could mean you’re cut out for living the active lifestyle in an apartment community!

Yardwork? No thanks: Let’s be honest, who has time for yardwork these days? Let alone cash on hand for costly home repairs like leaky pipes and flickering lights? By renting, residents can live in an apartment they love without worrying about the maintenance it requires. The responsibility and cost of repairs typically falls on the landlords or leasing companies, not the renter. This makes avoiding yardwork that much sweeter!

The home buying process is exhausting in itself: Buying a home is way more than a simple transaction. There’s paperwork upon paperwork, and possibly a couple of waiting games in between. Until you move your belongings into a house of your choice, just about anything can happen to prevent you from owning it. For those who don’t like this insecurity, or who would rather not deal with confusing paperwork, renting is a much easier option.

You’re not ready to settle down: Whether or not you’re ready to settle into a certain location doesn’t matter – but buying a home is a very permanent decision. What if you don’t like the house as much in five years? What will the market be like then, will you even be able to move out? With renting, residents can maintain their mobility. With this comes more freedom and allows them to keep their options open. And, it’s just nice to know you can easily move if you so please.

You care where your money is: Forget having your money tied up in a new home, renters can do whatever they want with their money! This means having cash on hand for investing in the stock market, starting a business, or having an emergency fund. This ties back into having the freedom and fluidity that homebuyers might not have.

If you find yourself agreeing with any of the signs above, then you very well might be happier renting an apartment. In Manassas, our luxury apartments in Arcadia Run are the premier choice. You can have all you want in a new space without buying a home!

Source: AOL Real Estate