What Do Apartment Tenants Really Want?

Finding the perfect apartment can certainly be an overwhelming task – there are many factors to consider, and the idea of the “perfect unit” varies from tenant to tenant. However, there are several factors that many apartment hunters look for in their future residence. The following are some of the most popular factors that future tenants strive to find in their new apartments:

· Location, location, location. You’ve likely heard all about the importance of location when looking for a real estate property. When searching for any type of property, location is often the biggest factor, and apartment hunting is no exception. At Arcadia Run, it’s no wonder tenants love where they live – located in Manassas, our location offers the perfect mix of urban convenience and historic charm. Proximity to Washington, D.C. allows for convenience to the best our nation’s capital has to offer, and being removed from the hustle and bustle of the city means that our residents can take full advantage of beautiful and historic Manassas.

· Ample closet space. Closet space is particularly important for apartment tenants since apartments usually don’t offer as much square footage as single-family detached homes. This means that a little extra closet space can go a long way. Thankfully for Arcadia Run residents, our units offer great closets, some of which are walk-in units.

·  Plenty of natural light. There’s no doubt that natural light can do wonders to brighten up a room, allowing it to feel warmer, inviting and spacious. The extended windows in our Arcadia Run apartments offer a great source of natural light, and this spacious feeling is further amplified by our high nine-foot ceilings and open floor plans.

·  Great kitchen. The kitchen is often the focal point of any residence – it’s where friends and family can meet to spend quality time together and where memories are often made. For many apartment tenants, the size and layout of the kitchen is vital to their decision of where to live, since they’ll want to make the most of this important space. In our Arcadia Run floor plans, we’ve carefully planned for the kitchen to open up to the living and dining space – ideal for entertaining and allowing friends and family to gather and spend time together. In our kitchens, you’ll find granite counters and 42” designer cabinets, which allows our tenants to spend time in this space with style.

·  On-site washer and dryer. The last thing that apartment tenants want to deal with is the inconvenience of dragging their laundry to an off-site laundromat. Even if there is a central laundry location on the site of an apartment complex, tenants who don’t live on the first floor are still inconvenienced. That’s why Arcadia Run offers full-size washers and dryers in all of our units – so that all of our residents can experience the convenience of doing their laundry in the privacy of their own units.

· Outdoor space. For those who aren’t interested in landscaping or lawn maintenance but still want to have some sort of outdoor space, an apartment with a balcony can be a perfect fit. Balconies allow tenants to enjoy nice weather and have an additional space for entertaining, but don’t require the upkeep that lawns do. At Arcadia Run, our units include balconies or patios so that our residents can enjoy the beautiful Manassas area within the convenience of their own units.

· Modern feel. When future tenants are searching for the perfect apartment, the overall look and feel of the unit and building is important. A modern feel to an apartment is understandably important for many tenants – who wants to live in a unit that feels old and outdated? All of the previously mentioned high-quality features of our Arcadia Run apartments give an overall impression of modernity and high style, a great feature to our beautiful units.

Arcadia Run apartments truly offer everything that apartment hunters in the Washington, D.C. metro area could hope to have in their new living arrangements – just ask our tenants! Everything we’ve done in our Arcadia Run apartments has been designed to maximize convenience with beautiful design, and we’re proud to offer brand new apartments that go above and beyond in satisfying our residents.

SOURCE: apartmenttherapy.com