Making Smart Use of Shared Spaces in Your Apartment

Although every new Arcadia Run apartment comes with plenty of storage space, it can be a challenge to stay organized, or deciding how to divide space up between roommates. There are some simple solutions for keeping your apartment home in tiptop shape that can make living with your roommates even easier! Take a look at these tips for shared spaces to keep your apartment living easy:

Clear bins: If you use bins to store things in your closets, opt for clear bins so that you can always find what you are looking for. We are all guilty of having things in storage and completely forgetting what is in all of the different boxes and bins.

Shower territory: The bathroom is a very important place to keep clean and organized, especially if you share one with roommates! In the shower, assign locations for each person’s products and shower accessories. There is nothing worse than mixing up products or someone moving your stuff around! If there isn’t enough shelf room in the shower for everything, invest in a hanging shower caddie.

Parking: In many apartment communities, there is assigned and/or limited parking for each apartment home. Luckily, here at Arcadia Run, we have an open parking policy so there is no fighting over the best (or only) spot designated to your apartment!

Food storage: This kind of shared space varies among roommates, but it’s a good idea to discuss it with your roommate. If you want to share certain items, keep them in a designated area and then divvy up the rest of the space between roommates. This can go for the fridge, pantry and even cabinets!

Pets in the apartment: If you have pets in your apartment home, make sure you are courteous and aware of where you keep pet supplies in the apartment. Discuss with your roommate where they are comfortable keeping a pet bed, food and water bowls, toys, etc., and try to keep these items organized if they are in common areas.

Wall space & decor: Don’t decorate the common areas of your apartment without agreeing on something with everyone. It can be uncomfortable living in a space where you don’t feel like it is truly yours!

Among all of these other things, communication is key about sharing spaces in your new apartment home at Arcadia Run! Check out even more tips and tricks for apartment living on our blog, and visit for more information on renting at Arcadia Run!


Renting Is The Economical Choice In Northern Virginia

In a recent Arcadia Run blog article, we mentioned how renting is often times the more affordable living option, especially in desirable areas that offer the most to residents.  Earlier this month, The Wall Street Journal came out with a study that detailed exactly where and how these areas are financially appealing to renters.

Included on the list was the Northern Virginia region, which encompasses the city of Manassas, as well as our Arcadia Run apartments.  Northern Virginia’s recognition by The Wall Street Journal doesn’t surprise many, considering the close proximity to the nation’s capital, various employment opportunities in the region, and the overall friendly atmosphere found throughout the area.  Manassas is no exception to these accolades either: boasting several hubs for employment, family-oriented communities and endless dining and entertainment options.

According to the article, “renters don’t pay property taxes, homeowner’s insurance or maintenance costs,” which contributes to the financial benefits of renting.  When compared to other living options, these can add up to substantial savings.  With this newest data, it’s also suggested that renting has become more appealing for reasons other than financial – families might be choosing to rent their space for increased mobility, included amenities, and to live a metropolitan lifestyle.

There’s no doubt this area is growing in popularity among renters. When you opt to rent your apartment, it doesn’t take long to realize the incredible benefits of this lifestyle.  And with the opportunity to rent an apartment like the ones available at Arcadia Run, the choice is obvious!

With one- and two-bedroom apartments in varying floor plans available at Arcadia Run, there really is something for every individual or family.  All apartments are built for convenient and comfortable living – with granite countertops, designer cabinets, extended windows, new updated appliances, luxury vinyl flooring and brand new carpeting.  In the future, Arcadia Run also plans to add luxury amenities to the community, including a swimming pool, clubhouse and fitness center.  With world-class features and the latest in apartment appliances and design, who wouldn’t want to live at Arcadia Run?

For more information on our apartments, take a look at the floor plans that are currently available.  Stay tuned for more news in the future!

Source: The Wall Street Journal


Who Will Drive the Apartment Industry in 2014?

While the apartment industry felt the effects of the housing crisis, the repercussions were much less severe than other industry sectors. In fact, the industry as a whole benefitted in more ways than one, and emerged from the recession with strong prospects.  Most remarkably, the growth is in part to the certain demographics that drive the industry and their continued contributions to the market.

So who are these groups of people, and why will they choose to rent their space in 2014?

Baby Boomers

Not surprisingly, many baby boomers are opting to rent their spaces instead of owning them.  Many have decided they want a more secure housing alternative that comes with more features, like community amenities and luxury appliances.  Additionally, many are looking to rent apartments because they wish to waive repair and maintenance efforts.  When renting an apartment, any repair or maintenance costs typically fall on the landlord, allowing tenants to enjoy their apartment while saving money.

Parents & Families

A tenant trend that’s been extremely prevalent this past year has been an increase in parents with children.  It’s easy to see why this could be true in Arcadia Run – our community includes everything a growing family might want or need.  With a planned pool, clubhouse and playgrounds, Arcadia Run is every busy parent’s dream. And, with events like our recent Holiday Party, families can connect with their neighbors and create lasting friendships.

Better yet, Manassas is a great town to raise a family.  The charming historic district offers so much for residents including seasonal festivals, countless museums, and a thriving downtown scene with family-friendly restaurants.

Young Professionals

Young professionals who are renting their space are seeking to maintain their mobility, and will continue to do so in 2014.  Many renters may have the ability to find a leasing option that works best for them, giving them more freedom when choosing a space. With Manassas being the home to major corporations, living and working in this great town is more attainable than ever!

No matter the demographic you fall into, Arcadia Run is one of the best luxury apartment communities in the Manassas area.  Our brand-new apartments are available in different floor plans and pricing to match your needs.  The included community amenities are some of the best in market and truly seal the deal on this amazing development. This new year brings promise to the apartment industry and we’re excited to welcome new guests to our Arcadia Run community!

Renters Can Afford More for Less

Arcadia Run Unit 122 Living Area

Earlier this summer, CoreLogic released their Rental Applicant Risk report for the first quarter of 2013.  The report was encouraging for current and prospective renters all over the country.

The report details that during the first quarter of this year, the Renter Applicant Risk (RAR) index was up two points to 104, which is considered healthy.  This new number is also up from the 99 that was reported at this time in 2011.  Any number above 100 means that applicants have better credit and are most likely able to meet their lease requirements.

“As the economy continues to grow slowly, conditions appear cautiously optimistic for continued improvement in renter applicant qualifications in the year ahead”, says CoreLogic Safe Rent senior director Jay Harris. “During this relatively upbeat period, renter trends are pointing toward increased confidence among property owners and applicants.”

Additionally, national apartment vacancy rates are falling.  The U.S. Department of Commerce reports that rental vacancy rate declined more than one percent in the second quarter. And according to Wells Fargo, “Solid fundamentals and employment growth are expected to continue to support the rental market.” This just further proves that the rental market is making a major comeback.

Rental properties are in high demand, encouraging renters to move quickly when choosing a new apartment. Renters, especially in today’s market, are able to get better, bigger, and nicer apartments by choosing to rent instead of buy.  Arcadia Run is a perfect example why.  We provide the absolute best apartment buildings in Manassas. We take care of maintenance costs and our renters have access to a gym, walking and jogging trails, a soon-to-be pool, and much, much more.  Those who buy a home might never have access to these types of amenities without paying a huge price.

Upscale apartments offered at reasonable rent have proven to be extremely popular.  Our apartments are newly built with the best amenities and features, and nestled in an ideal location. It couldn’t get any better than this!  The rental market won’t be slowing down any time soon with more renters than ever choosing this active lifestyle.  Renters get the best of all worlds when they choose Arcadia Run.


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