Renting Is The Economical Choice In Northern Virginia

In a recent Arcadia Run blog article, we mentioned how renting is often times the more affordable living option, especially in desirable areas that offer the most to residents.  Earlier this month, The Wall Street Journal came out with a study that detailed exactly where and how these areas are financially appealing to renters.

Included on the list was the Northern Virginia region, which encompasses the city of Manassas, as well as our Arcadia Run apartments.  Northern Virginia’s recognition by The Wall Street Journal doesn’t surprise many, considering the close proximity to the nation’s capital, various employment opportunities in the region, and the overall friendly atmosphere found throughout the area.  Manassas is no exception to these accolades either: boasting several hubs for employment, family-oriented communities and endless dining and entertainment options.

According to the article, “renters don’t pay property taxes, homeowner’s insurance or maintenance costs,” which contributes to the financial benefits of renting.  When compared to other living options, these can add up to substantial savings.  With this newest data, it’s also suggested that renting has become more appealing for reasons other than financial – families might be choosing to rent their space for increased mobility, included amenities, and to live a metropolitan lifestyle.

There’s no doubt this area is growing in popularity among renters. When you opt to rent your apartment, it doesn’t take long to realize the incredible benefits of this lifestyle.  And with the opportunity to rent an apartment like the ones available at Arcadia Run, the choice is obvious!

With one- and two-bedroom apartments in varying floor plans available at Arcadia Run, there really is something for every individual or family.  All apartments are built for convenient and comfortable living – with granite countertops, designer cabinets, extended windows, new updated appliances, luxury vinyl flooring and brand new carpeting.  In the future, Arcadia Run also plans to add luxury amenities to the community, including a swimming pool, clubhouse and fitness center.  With world-class features and the latest in apartment appliances and design, who wouldn’t want to live at Arcadia Run?

For more information on our apartments, take a look at the floor plans that are currently available.  Stay tuned for more news in the future!

Source: The Wall Street Journal