Things All Renters Should Know, a Northern Virginia news source, recently published an article detailing exactly what renters should know before they embark on their apartment search.  The tips and tricks disclosed in the feature are particularly helpful to renters in Northern Virginia, especially after The Wall Street Journal wrote how it is more economical to rent in our region, when compared to other living options.

Aside from encouraging renters to be prepared for credit checks and approval processes, as well as be aware of their budget, InsideNova also offers a few irrefutable tips that anyone can benefit from.

Thoroughly walk-through: Potential renters are encouraged to conduct a walk-through before moving in, so they can check the status of the appliances and of the overall apartment.  At Arcadia Run, all of our apartments are completely brand new, with new appliances, new carpeting, new designer cabinets and new granite countertops.  You won’t find the same dedication to design and livability anywhere else!

Make good use of space: Something that every renter is familiar with is a lack of space and storage.  InsideNova suggests using dual-purpose home décor to aid in organizing your apartment, while also making it feel like home.  This is a great suggestion, no matter where you live, and can make the transition to apartment life easier.  But at Arcadia Run, our tenants won’t be short on space.  With extra closets and spacious apartment designs, both our 1- and 2-bedroom units are roomy and ready for new renters!

Consider the amenities: One of the most significant points mentioned on the list was how to measure the importance of amenities versus other factors, like location.  InsideNova suggests that renters find what’s truly necessary for their lifestyles, and compromise if that means finding an apartment in a better location.

At Arcadia Run, our renters won’t need to sacrifice one for the other!  Our apartment community will be introducing new neighborhood features in the future, including a swimming pool and clubhouse.  And Manassas, home to our Arcadia Run apartments, is a busy town with plenty of entertainment options (like Jiffy Lube Live!) and things to do.  Employment opportunities are also prevalent in the area, and the favorable proximity to Washington D.C. make it that much more desirable.  This means residents really can get it all – a great location, great amenities, and a great apartment – when they move to Arcadia Run!

Source:, The Wall Street Journal