Bring the Holidays To Your Luxury Apartment Home at Arcadia Run

Decorating your space for the holidays is so much more fun when living in a newly built, luxury apartment at Arcadia Run.  Bright, open rooms with plenty of natural light lend themselves to all types of decorations, allowing you to have the Pinterest-worthy  you dream of.

Speaking of all that natural light, why not use decorations that will really glimmer when hit with the sun? This year, metallic silvers and golds are popular and easy to find.  They’re also ideal for just about every holiday imaginable and can be carried over into New Year’s celebrations.  Who doesn’t love a versatile decoration?

If you want to decorate your apartment to the nines, but don’t feel like sacrificing space for a tree or extra holiday feature, then table décor may be your answer!  A menorah or tiny Christmas tree look great on a festive table.  But if you really want to have that tall tree, you can always opt for a half-tree or quarter-sized tree available at various craft stores.  Half the size but all the cheer!

When most people think of garland, their mind jumps to the natural evergreen that both looks and smells great.  And while natural evergreen is a classic choice, it’s not for everyone.  DIY garland made with sparkly tassels, colorful yarns, dried fruit and endless other options look great in any apartment – garland goes a long way with minimal effort!

Want even more coziness in your luxury space?  Go ahead and bring the smells of the season right into your apartment home.  With seasonal potpourri, star anise and cinnamon, along with a kitchen busy with the tastiest treats, filling your home with the nostalgic scents of the holidays is so easy to do.

This time of year, we get inundated with holiday cards from our friends and family.  A great way to display these is to hang them on a ribbon or arrange them in a wreath – great for decoration and to adore all those you love.

What’s on your apartment wish list this holiday season?  Whichever it might be, Arcadia Run delivers!  With granite countertops, extended windows, upgraded kitchen appliances, luxury vinyl flooring, and Phase 2 now offering even more floor plans to potential residents, we’ve got it all!

Back-To-School Checklist

Back to school season is upon us!  It may still be summer, but schools are busy readying for the upcoming school year – and parents at Arcadia Run are too!  This weekend is perfect time to do so, as it’s Virginia’s back-to-school tax holiday.  From August 1st to the 3rd, there will be special tax benefits for Virginian residents; clothes, shoes and school supplies will be tax exempt for shoppers!

To get ready for back-to-school shopping this upcoming weekend, here is a definitive checklist for our Arcadia Run residents:

Clothing – It’s true that children grow unbelievably fast, meaning they’ll quickly outgrow last year’s school wardrobe. In Manassas, there are so many places to shop and find new clothes for the school year.  Try to think ahead – what will your child need during the cooler months? Think jeans, jackets and socks!

New Shoes – Just like clothing, growing children will quickly grow out of their school shoes.  While it might be warm for another month or so, and tempting to wear sandals for as long as possible, it’s important to take advantage of the tax holiday and buy a new pair of closed-toed shoes.  These will come in handy when the temperatures drop!

School Supplies – Depending on the grade your child is entering, they may need different school supplies.  Most schools will supply a list of necessary items each student will require during their year.  But whether in pre-school or a senior in high school, this tax-free weekend is the perfect time to stock up for the months ahead.

Backpack – It’s easy to forget the backpack, but it is a crucial school supply!  Most students can reuse the same one for many years, but there will come a time when they’ll need a new one.  If this is the case, this weekend is the ideal time to find one that will last!

And, while these might not be things you’ll get done during the tax holiday, they are still important to start considering before the school year begins:

Lunches – It doesn’t hurt to have a few lunch ideas in mind.  Planning meals ahead of time will help to maintain a budget and keep lunchtime exciting.

Books – The older your child gets, the more books they’ll need for the school year.  Most public schools provide the textbooks, but private schools will not.  It’s important to factor this into your costs!

Schedule – Figuring out a schedule early on will save you and your family precious time in the morning.  Getting the kids fed and ready to go, getting them to the bus stop, and still arriving to your work on time requires expert coordination.  But we have confidence our Arcadia Run residents will get it down pat!

Arcadia Run is ideal for families for many reasons, one of them being access to excellent education.  And, when living in a newly built luxury apartment, getting ready for the school year is even more exciting!  For more information on the back-to-school tax holiday in August, visit the Virginia Department of Taxation website.