How To Tell When an Apartment is “The One”

As the old saying goes, “when you know, you know!” And, according to Apartment Guide, a popular website that provides articles and tips for renters, there are a few definitive ways to know if an apartment is ‘The One’ for you and your family.

1. It’s close to your heart, and everything you need.
The absolute first thing that should influence a renter one way or another is the location of a potential apartment. Or, as Apartment Guide puts it, “the perfect apartment doesn’t feel like a ball and chain.” Is it close to everything you love? How long would your commute be? Is there enough to do in the area? These are all questions renters should ask themselves, and at Arcadia Run, they’ll know they’ve found the perfect place. Manassas is so close to all the fun – Manassas is the fun! Just take a look at our Neighborhood page for dining, recreation, shopping and entertainment options in the area.

2. It’s low-maintenance.
Apartment Guide also stresses that a new space should be relatively low maintenance. If you find yourself constantly calling the maintenance crew or are making your own home repairs, then you aren’t exactly reaping the benefits of renting in the first place. At Arcadia Run, all of our units are newly built and with the best quality. Renters know they are getting truly luxurious apartments that are easy and fun to live in!

3. It’s a looker.
When searching for a new apartment, the attractiveness and design of the space should be an important element. At Arcadia Run, all of the included features and finishes go far above the standard of other apartment complexes. With granite countertops, designer cabinets, vinyl ‘hardwood’ flooring and so much more, this is the best of apartment living!

4. It has nice neighbors.
What good is a nice apartment without a nice apartment community? While this might not be at the top of everyone’s list, having a warm and welcoming community, or not having one, can certainly make or break a decision, especially if you have a family. At Arcadia Run, neighbors are friendly and connected. Community events like the Winter Holiday Party and the Fall Festival are held right here at Arcadia Run and open to families of all ages!

As you can see, Arcadia Run has everything anyone is looking for in a new apartment: the central location close to all of the greatest things Manassas has to offer; the low maintenance designs that make for easy living; the attractive interiors with updated appliances and other luxurious features; and the growing apartment community that is so sought after by renters. Who knew you could have all of this with one apartment? Arcadia Run is ‘The One’!

Source: Apartment Guide

9 Summer Activities in Manassas

Manassas, Virginia, which is home to our Arcadia Run apartments, is also home to an abundance of activities and events throughout the year.  This summer has only just begun but there are already so many fun things lined up for the weeks ahead.  Take a look!

1. Visit the Farmer’s Market – One of the greatest perks to the warmer weather is the regular farmer’s market with fresh produce! The Harris Pavilion hosts a Farmer’s Market every Thursday from 7:30am to 1:00pm.  Stop by and pick up fresh fruits and vegetables for the entire week!

2. Catch an Outdoor Concert – With Jiffy Lube Live right around the corner, catching an outdoor summer concert is more convenient than ever.  Take a look at this summer’s line up; with so many different artists, there’s bound to be a performance you’ll love!

3. First Fridays – On the first Friday of every month, participating shops in Historic Downtown Manassas extend their hours and offer themed specials for patrons.  Shopping around downtown Manassas on a relaxing summer evening is a great way to unwind after the week.

4. Explore Culinary Attractions – Manassas has such a broad spectrum of attractions – exquisite dining options being one of them.  This summer, why not stroll around and discover a new favorite restaurant in town?  Take a look at this map to see what dining, and other attractions, are nearby Arcadia Run.

5. Manassas National Battlefield Park – If you live in Manassas but have yet to visit the Manassas Battlefield Park, you are long overdue! This famous historic site is worth visiting – especially on a beautiful summer day.

6. Get Crafty – With sites like Pinterest, it’s easy to feel crafty from time to time.  Take a look at our DIY Projects for the Home Board for a little inspiration!

7. Visit the Waterpark – Right here in Manassas is the SplashDown Waterpark, perfect for those exceptionally hot days.  It wouldn’t be summer vacation without a visit to the waterpark!

8. Bike Manassas  – On the 2nd Saturday of every month, join a bike tour that will take you around Manassas to showcase different historic sites around the city.  The tour runs about 8 miles and is appropriate for everyone over 12.  With the beautiful weather, this is a great excuse to get outside and explore Manassas in a unique way.

9. Fourth of July Fireworks – And finally, celebrate Independence Day with the City of Manassas at the Old Town Manassas Train Depot & Museum Lawn.  With live music, an apple pie baking contest, a watermelon eating contest, carnival attractions, and of course, fireworks, this will be a fun summer event for everyone.  More details can be found here!

All About the Lifestyle at Arcadia Run

Like any traditional community, Arcadia Run has its own personality, its own heartbeat, and its own atmosphere that makes it so different than the other apartment complexes in the area. In fact, it’s this same attitude and zeal that appeals to our renters – rarely do you find an apartment community quite like ours!

So, what type of lifestyle can renters expect to find when they move into their new Arcadia Run apartment?

Residents Are Active

Arcadia Run was created with the energetic professional in mind.  Our residents want to stay active and get out and explore all that this region has to offer.  At Arcadia Run, a new clubhouse with full fitness center is currently in the works and will be available for residents to enjoy. The clubhouse will feature the latest fitness equipment, a swimming pool, lounge area and more.  This, paired with the ultimate playground we know as Northern Virginia, provides endless ways for residents to stay fit.

Residents Are Social

Arcadia Run itself is a very social community.  With yearly events celebrating various holidays and seasons, getting out and mingling with the newest neighbors is second nature to our residents.   Not to mention, Manassas also offers numerous ways for Arcadia Run families to be social beyond our community.  Between the Manassas Museum, the Ben Lomond Manor House, Signal Bay Water Park, and Manassas National Battlefield Park, weekend activities are as fun as they are educational!

Also a great social event, on the first Friday of each month, participating shops and restaurants in Historic Downtown Manassas extend their hours for themed events.  So head downtown, grab a bite to eat, and shop ‘til you drop!

And Lastly, the Residents Here Want to Have Fun!

They don’t want to hang back and watch as life passes them by!  Residents at Arcadia Run are energetic, upbeat, and ready to catch the next performance at Jiffy Lube Live or try the latest restaurant in town.  And when you live in an apartment community like Arcadia Run, living life to the fullest is so easy to do.

When you build a community as great as Arcadia Run, in an equally as great city, the two together are bound to leave lasting impressions.  This unique combination of rich history and modern conveniences helps to set Manassas, as well as Arcadia Run, apart as a wonderful place to call home.  With luxury features including granite countertops, tall ceilings, new carpeting, designer cabinets, updated appliances and more, there’s no doubt you’ll quickly fall in love with the lifestyle at Arcadia Run when you move into your new apartment!

Most Popular Features In Apartments That Renters Love

If you’ve ever lived in a new apartment, you know that it pays to be picky. Even if it takes you awhile, finding the perfect apartment with all the features you love can certainly be worth the time. Though not every apartment renter has the same exact preferences, the following are features that renters generally desire. Do any of the following popular apartment features sound familiar to you?:

· Modern: Modern features in apartments are key for many renters. Homeowners may enjoy the charm of an older home, but there’s usually not much charm to be found in old, outdated apartments. Thankfully, our Arcadia Run residents are able to enjoy the benefits of our new construction apartments with modern features, such as granite kitchen counters, pendant lighting and ceramic tile in the bathrooms

· Location, location, location: Like any type of real estate, one of the most dominant factors when searching for an apartment is its location. Renters will cross off even the most beautiful apartment units from their list if it’s not close to their ideal location. For many of our Arcadia Run residents, our location in beautiful Manassas was a strong factor in their apartment choice. Close enough to enjoy all the benefits of our nation’s capital but far enough removed from the hustle and bustle of the city, our location in the D.C. metro is ideal.

· Flowing floor plan: There’s no doubt about it – renters love an open floor plan that allows for the most efficient use of space! The kitchen area flowing into the living room area is particularly attractive for both renters and homeowners, as it’s great for entertaining. Our Arcadia Run residents are able to take full advantage of this open floor plan in their apartments, as their modern kitchens open up to their spacious living areas.

· Convenient access to laundry: One of the last things that apartment residents want to deal with is lugging their laundry up and down the stairs and to the nearest Laundromat. It’s important for many renters to have access to an on-site laundry facility, but at Arcadia Run, we take it one step further with full-size washer and dryers in every apartment.

· Parking: Access to a parking spot is clearly a huge factor for renters with cars. The cost of parking when living in an apartment can be truly staggering, especially if you’re in the middle of the city. But parking may be even more important for renters in the suburbs or the metro areas of cities, since they likely don’t have the same access to public transportation as city dwellers do. We’re glad that we can offer the convenience of an open parking policy to our Arcadia Run residents, making parking for residents and guests a breeze!

· Outside area: For renters, one main attraction of an apartment could be the lack of a yard, which means no time or money spent on lawn maintenance. However, many renters may still want at least some outdoor space with minimal maintenance required, and that’s where balconies and patios come into play. Arcadia Run residents are able to sit outside and enjoy beautiful Manassas with their outdoor spaces, and we’re glad we’re able to offer this opportunity to them!

The Arcadia Run apartments offer the best of apartment living – just ask our residents, who all enjoy all the above features of an ideal apartment! And we’re continuing to expand our new apartment community, which means that even more residents will be able to experience all the incredible features available in our Manassas apartments for rent.


Choosing a Community That’s Right For You

With new apartment communities popping up all over the D.C. metro area, it seems like renters have endless selections.  However, many of these ‘apartment communities’ don’t offer much as far as a community goes, and many residents might not even know their neighbors!  At Arcadia Run, we have a different story.

Arcadia Run will soon grow to incorporate excellent planned amenities, including a swimming pool, clubhouse, fitness center and much more.  Our annual and seasonal events bring tenants together and foster lasting friendships between residents.  Think you’ll find this in any other apartment complex?  Think again!

So, when you’re looking for the right apartment community for you, here’s how you can tell you’ve found the one:

The Tenants Like It

Just take a look around; are the existing tenants happy living here?  Are they the type of people you can imagine yourself living next door to?  At Arcadia Run, it’s true – our residents do love living here, just take a look at our latest resident testimonial. If they enjoy it so much, you might too!

You Get Everything You Want

There’s no need to give and take when searching for a new apartment, especially not with Arcadia Run.  With the best features and finishes available, our apartments are every bit of luxury.  Residents don’t need to sacrifice one thing for another, they get it all with Arcadia Run!

You Can See Yourself Living There

If you can imagine yourself living in a luxury apartment, utilizing all that Manassas has to offer, socializing with your newest neighbors, and taking total advantage of the soon-to-be amenities at Arcadia Run, then yes, you’ll be a perfect fit at Arcadia Run!

Best of all, Arcadia Run offers more beyond the amenities and friendly neighbors.  Our luxury one- and two-bedroom apartments make living here the best choice.  With the newest appliances, tall ceilings, spacious floor plans, new carpeting and vinyl flooring, designer cabinets and even granite countertops, these apartments are everything residents look for and more.  Take a look at our available spaces and see for yourself – you’re going to love living at Arcadia Run!

The Art of Apartment Shopping

Shopping for a new apartment could be considered an art form – yes, seriously!  It might not be featured in a museum, but these skills are certainly helpful when finding a new space to rent.  With all of the information out there on various options, deciphering ‘the good’ from ‘the bad’ can be cause for a big headache.

To help out, we’ve put together a list of questions to ask yourself when perfecting your apartment shopping skills:

What’s the quality of the apartment/community?

Of course having a quality apartment tops the list!  ‘Good Quality’ can apply to the carpeting, building structure and status, appliances, perks, features and little things that one might not think of.  With new carpeting, vinyl ‘hardwood’ floors, granite countertops, designer cabinets, extended windows and updated appliances all in a newly built building, we’ve thought of it all!  Arcadia Run apartments are the embodiment of luxury and are as thorough as they are beautiful.

Additionally, to truly make Arcadia Run an all-encompassing community, we’ve provided various amenities for our residents to enjoy.  We plan to have a new pool, fitness center, walking and jogging trail, a clubhouse and a playground all incorporated into the community within this year.

How much space do you need? How much is available?

One of the most valuable assets in any apartment is space.  And believe us, finding an apartment for the right price is even sweeter when the layout fits your needs.  At Arcadia Run, our apartments go one step further.  Each unit features 9 foot ceilings and an intuitive design.  You won’t believe all the room you can have in one unit alone!  We also offer a variety of floor plans with either one or two bedrooms, so you have options when choosing the one that’s right for you.

Is it the right location?

What would be the fun in living in a great apartment if it weren’t located somewhere just as appealing?  Luckily for Arcadia Run residents, our community is located in beautiful Manassas, Virginia, giving residents close access to all that this great town has to offer.  With a charming downtown scene complete with restaurants, shops, parks, historical sites, and entertainment venues, and convenient to Washington D.C., what more could you ask for?

Is the community right for me?

Speaking of things to do around town, a perk to any apartment community is, well, the community!  This is especially true for families with children or social residents who want to mingle with their neighbors.  Arcadia Run is always hosting different events for residents to connect, just take a look at our Facebook page.  And, with the completion of our new clubhouse, residents can expect even more invitations in the future!

The endless searching for a new apartment stops here.  Arcadia Run apartments meet every criterion on any renter’s checklist.  It’s that simple.  Get used to getting more with Arcadia Run apartments!