Reasons to Love the New Clubhouse at Arcadia Run

We can’t get enough of the new luxury clubhouse at Arcadia Run! If you haven’t seen the clubhouse and all of the amazing features in it, now is the time to stop by. Take a look at just some reasons to love the new clubhouse here at Arcadia Run!

The amazing interiors  

The modern rustic style of the clubhouse gives it a sophisticated look but a warm and welcoming feel. If you are having trouble decorating your new apartment home, stop by the clubhouse for some cool design inspiration!

Another space to socialize

With so many spaces in the clubhouse, there is more than one way to hang out with friends and family. Hold a gathering to watch a football game in one of the lounges or entertain friends in the bar area.

It’s easy to get some work done

With technology being everything these days, we know that our residents value accessibility to it. With state of the art computers in the main lounge, and even a conference room, you have everything you need for a hard days work.

Arcadia Run Apartments Interior Image 199021

The spacious & modern fitness center

Often gyms feel dirty or cramped and you feel like you can’t get a good workout. Our fitness center is new, clean, and equipped with modern cardio and circuit machines for quality exercise time.

A fireplace on the porch? Yes please!

The porch behind the clubhouse is a great place to relax and watch some television or just chat by the fireplace. It’s good to go out and get some fresh air, even if you are still sitting on a couch.

Arcadia Run Apartments Interior Image 198731

You can relax or play outside

In the summer months, our residents get to enjoy the resort-style pool with lounge chairs and umbrellas. On either sides of the pool, you will find ball courts, a playground, and even a fire pit!

The theater room

Want the feel of a movie theater without going too far? Great! We had a state of the art theater put into our clubhouse so you can enjoy your own movies on the big screen!

Arcadia Run Apartments Interior Image 198897

For more information on Arcadia Run, or additional photos of our clubhouse and amenities, visit!

Bring the Holidays To Your Luxury Apartment Home at Arcadia Run

Decorating your space for the holidays is so much more fun when living in a newly built, luxury apartment at Arcadia Run.  Bright, open rooms with plenty of natural light lend themselves to all types of decorations, allowing you to have the Pinterest-worthy  you dream of.

Speaking of all that natural light, why not use decorations that will really glimmer when hit with the sun? This year, metallic silvers and golds are popular and easy to find.  They’re also ideal for just about every holiday imaginable and can be carried over into New Year’s celebrations.  Who doesn’t love a versatile decoration?

If you want to decorate your apartment to the nines, but don’t feel like sacrificing space for a tree or extra holiday feature, then table décor may be your answer!  A menorah or tiny Christmas tree look great on a festive table.  But if you really want to have that tall tree, you can always opt for a half-tree or quarter-sized tree available at various craft stores.  Half the size but all the cheer!

When most people think of garland, their mind jumps to the natural evergreen that both looks and smells great.  And while natural evergreen is a classic choice, it’s not for everyone.  DIY garland made with sparkly tassels, colorful yarns, dried fruit and endless other options look great in any apartment – garland goes a long way with minimal effort!

Want even more coziness in your luxury space?  Go ahead and bring the smells of the season right into your apartment home.  With seasonal potpourri, star anise and cinnamon, along with a kitchen busy with the tastiest treats, filling your home with the nostalgic scents of the holidays is so easy to do.

This time of year, we get inundated with holiday cards from our friends and family.  A great way to display these is to hang them on a ribbon or arrange them in a wreath – great for decoration and to adore all those you love.

What’s on your apartment wish list this holiday season?  Whichever it might be, Arcadia Run delivers!  With granite countertops, extended windows, upgraded kitchen appliances, luxury vinyl flooring, and Phase 2 now offering even more floor plans to potential residents, we’ve got it all!

Choosing a Community That’s Right For You

With new apartment communities popping up all over the D.C. metro area, it seems like renters have endless selections.  However, many of these ‘apartment communities’ don’t offer much as far as a community goes, and many residents might not even know their neighbors!  At Arcadia Run, we have a different story.

Arcadia Run will soon grow to incorporate excellent planned amenities, including a swimming pool, clubhouse, fitness center and much more.  Our annual and seasonal events bring tenants together and foster lasting friendships between residents.  Think you’ll find this in any other apartment complex?  Think again!

So, when you’re looking for the right apartment community for you, here’s how you can tell you’ve found the one:

The Tenants Like It

Just take a look around; are the existing tenants happy living here?  Are they the type of people you can imagine yourself living next door to?  At Arcadia Run, it’s true – our residents do love living here, just take a look at our latest resident testimonial. If they enjoy it so much, you might too!

You Get Everything You Want

There’s no need to give and take when searching for a new apartment, especially not with Arcadia Run.  With the best features and finishes available, our apartments are every bit of luxury.  Residents don’t need to sacrifice one thing for another, they get it all with Arcadia Run!

You Can See Yourself Living There

If you can imagine yourself living in a luxury apartment, utilizing all that Manassas has to offer, socializing with your newest neighbors, and taking total advantage of the soon-to-be amenities at Arcadia Run, then yes, you’ll be a perfect fit at Arcadia Run!

Best of all, Arcadia Run offers more beyond the amenities and friendly neighbors.  Our luxury one- and two-bedroom apartments make living here the best choice.  With the newest appliances, tall ceilings, spacious floor plans, new carpeting and vinyl flooring, designer cabinets and even granite countertops, these apartments are everything residents look for and more.  Take a look at our available spaces and see for yourself – you’re going to love living at Arcadia Run!

Manassas Named One Of Best Cities in VA for Job Seekers

Our residents at Arcadia Run already know that Manassas is a great place to live and work, and thanks to a recent ranking by popular consumer advocacy website NerdWallet, the nation knows it now, too.

Nerdwallet recently analyzed 109 major cities in Virginia to find the best for job seekers, and Manassas ranked at an impressive number five. For this analysis, Nerdwallet looked at several key factors: population growth of those 16 years old and older, median household income, and the unemployment rate in the city. Here’s how Manassas stacked up:

• From 2009 to 2011, the population change in Manassas of those 16 years and older was 10.1%. This was the fourth highest population change of the top 10 Virginia cites.
• The median household income for Manassas residents, as of 2011, was $73,091 – substantially higher than the national median household income at that time of $50,502 and the Virginia median of $61,882.
• The 2013 unemployment rate is a relatively low 6.0%

The analysis also pointed out Manassas City Council’s efforts to boost the local economy through Technology Zone, a citywide program that offers incentives to new or expanding businesses. NerdWallet also called attention to the principal employers in the city, including Lockheed Martin, Prince William Health System and Micron Technology.

Economists and consumers alike cheered the recent news that the national unemployment rate in November fell to a five-year low of 7 percent. This is great news for the national economy, which continues to slowly but fairly steadily recover from the recession. Virginia’s statewide unemployment rate in October, the most recent month that data was available, was 5.6% – substantially lower than the national unemployment rate in October of 7.3%.

Manassas isn’t just a great place for those looking for work – it’s a great place for those who want to make the most of where they live, too. With its proximity to Washington, D.C., idyllic downtown and excellent variety of shopping, dining and recreation options, Manassas truly offers the whole package.

For the job seeker in Manassas who also seeks the perfect place to live, Arcadia Run apartments are at the crossroads of luxury and convenience. In addition to its ideal location in Manassas, Arcadia Run offers its residents top-notch features and various amenities. Whether you’re interested in Manassas for its job desirability, for its location, or for its charm, Arcadia Run provides a dream apartment for any renter.

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