Overcoming Challenges When Moving With Kids

Moving should be an exciting venture – you’re going to have a new place to decorate, a new town to explore and new neighbors-soon-to-be-friends to meet. But oftentimes, the reality of moving overshadows the excitement, especially when facing the struggles of moving with kids.

Apartment Guide recently compiled a short list of guidelines to help make moving with kids a painless experience – here are a few tips to help ease the transition!

Include Family in the Search
Including your children in the apartment search and bringing them along for tours will help brighten their spirits about moving in the first place. If they help pick your new digs, chances are they’ll feel right at home when you do move.

When moving to any new location, it’s always fun to explore and see what your new hometown has in store. Kids will be especially pleased to learn that Manassas VA, home to Arcadia Run, has so many fun things to do – from playgrounds and parks, to kid zones and community events!

Find the Positives
It can be difficult for kids to move; it could mean leaving their friends, their school and their room they’ve grown to love. But this doesn’t mean they won’t make new friends, love their new school and have a room that’s even better than their old one! Accentuate the positive points to moving – and when you choose Arcadia Run, there are several!

Keep the Favorites Close
Pack your kid’s favorite stuffed animal or nighttime story last so it’s nearby if you need it. Chances are you won’t be able to unpack every box on your first night in the new place, so it’s important to have the necessities easily accessible.

Don’t Shy Away from Childcare
When the day comes to physically move your belongings from place A to place B, it might help to find childcare for your children. It’ll make your job of coordinating the move a little easier and you’ll be able to tackle the hectic process with little distraction.

Host a Small Get-Together
Once you get settled, Apartment Guide suggests throwing a small get-together with your children’s friends, as well as any other children you’ve met in your new apartment community. This help shows your kids that moving doesn’t mean leaving your old friends behind; it simply means you have more opportunities grow your existing circle of friends!

With these tips, moving your family to a new apartment can be the fun adventure you’re hoping for. And, with the opening of our Phase 2, we’re so excited to welcome new families to Arcadia Run!

Source: Apartment Guide