Declutter Your Apartment This November

Sometimes we find that our apartments are organized, but there is just so much stuff to keep track of! Although new apartment homes at Arcadia Run each come with multiple closets for ample storage space, and 42” designer kitchen cabinets for all of your kitchen needs, everyone experiences clutter at some point. Check out these 7 tips below for decluttering your space this November!

1. Utilize Wall Space

Not only do shelves help maximize space for knick knacks, mail, and supplies, but you can use them for decorations and even attach hooks to hang your coats and bags.

2. An Everyday Tub For Essentials

By the front door, place a tub or basket for things that you somehow lose right before you are about to leave the apartment. It’s a great place to put your umbrella, boots, bags, scarves, and hats.

3. Keep Your Shower Simple

If you know what products work for you, stick to a few bottles and keep them in one spot in the shower so it is easier to find what you’re looking for. When you find them getting low, replenish your stock before they run out, this way you wont get stuck washing your body with shampoo!

4. Spend 15 Minutes A Day Staying Organized

It is very important if you want to stay organized to keep up the everyday maintenance of your home. Take at least 15 minutes out of your day to organize your space and catch up with any mess you created that day or have been putting off.

5. Create Systems

When your space is decluttered, the rest will follow. Keep organized by creating systems for yourself like making Monday “vacuum day” or Thursday “trash day”. It is also important to organize your digital space such as emails and important online documents by creating folders. Another obvious but often forgotten about system is to keep your remotes all in one container close to the TV so you don’t miss that important football game that is coming on in 5 minutes.

6. Respond To Mail As You Receive It

Mail seems to be one of those things that we let pile up and then forget about. Often times it is not ideal, but if you respond to mail when you get it, there wont be late bills and forgotten coupons. If you don’t think you will use the mail or it is junk, throw it away!

7. Good Enough is Enough

There are few rare occasions that someone’s space will be 100% organized and decluttered. When you find a system and level of organization that you can live with, that is good enough!


Why Apartment Living is Perfect for Millennials

At Arcadia Run, we can attest to the fact that apartment living can be a great choice for consumers in all stages of life. Whether you’re single or have a family, in the city or in the suburbs, apartment living can make sense for many people in many different situations. But there are plenty of reasons why renting is the perfect choice for millennials in particular, including the following:

Flexibility: The flexibility of renting an apartment is ideal for millennials who don’t want to be tied down to one particular area. Once a lease is up, renters have the option to renew – or to pick up and move to a different area, city or state! The ease of renting and the flexibility offered by short-term leases are key factors in the attractiveness of renting for many millennials.

Financial freedom: Many millennials aren’t willing or able to taken on a mortgage for a home, especially when many members of this generation are busy paying back student loans while also trying to put away money into savings. An apartment can be particularly appealing when there’s the option to split the rent with a roommate (or a few roommates)!

Modern living: Many apartments offer the modern lifestyle that millennials crave. One factor in modern living is the apartment building itself, and at Arcadia Run, you’ll find modern apartment features such as over-sized kitchens, granite kitchen countertops and extended windows. Amenities are another factor that can make apartments modern, and at Arcadia Run, millennials are sure to love the resort-style swimming pool, fitness center and clubhouse coming to Arcadia Run this year!

Less stress and less maintenance: if something breaks in your apartment, you don’t have to worry about the stress of replacing or fixing it – you just call the front desk! This ease of maintenance that apartments offer is perfect for on-the-go millennials who don’t have the time to deal with these issues that often arise when owning a home.

Perfect amount of space: Single family homes can often have way too much interior (and exterior) space for busy millennials to keep up with. And unused space translates into more cleaning – and who really wants to clean space they don’t even use? Many modern apartment buildings, such as Arcadia Run, offer units that are spacious enough to live very comfortably, but they’re not unnecessarily large either.

Millennials who are interested in taking advantage of all the benefits of apartment living in beautiful Manassas, VA, don’t need to look any further than Arcadia Run! Our spacious, modern apartments units are offered in several floor plans, so you’re bound to find the perfect unit for your needs and lifestyle!