Ready Your Apartment for Summer Getaways

We know you hate leaving your Arcadia Run apartment home, but summer is the time for vacations and getaways! However, there’s nothing worse than coming back home to piles of laundry or dirty dishes. Preparing your apartment for when you are gone will give you peace of mind while you’re gone, and provide an easier transition back to your daily routine. Eliminate the stress of leaving your apartment before vacation by reading some of our tried and true tips!


Empty the trash

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many people, in their rush to get out the door, forget to empty the trash. Make sure to empty all trashcans, including in the bedroom and bathroom, and put in fresh trash bags. Not only will this eliminate any odors, but also it will be one less thing you have to worry about when you come home.

Clean out the fridge

No, that left over quesadilla from last night will not be good when you get home in a week. Check your fridge for any items that will not last longer than a few days and toss them. Save yourself the hassle (and gag reflex) and check all cartons of milk or creamer, and if they have an expiration date during or right after your vacation, dump them down the drain. The same goes for fruit or vegetables that might start to wilt or grow something while you’re gone.


A few days before you leave, do a load or two of sheets, towels, etc. This way you won’t have to worry about doing them when you’re trying to sort through that seemingly never ending mountain of laundry that comes at the end of a long trip. Plus, it’ll be nice to come home to your own bed with fresh sheets and pillowcases on it so you can get a good night’s sleep before going back to work or school.


Hopefully you’re going on a nice vacation where you’ll be able to unplug and unwind from the daily grind. Before you leave, you should also unplug any necessary appliances in your apartment home. Unplug smaller items such as chargers, coffee machines, electrical toothbrushes, etc.

Leave it to us

At Arcadia Run, we understand the importance of having a fun, relaxing vacation, and that means we will do our part to help you out! We will come water your plants for you, or even feed your cats! Contact us to learn more about how we can help you out this summer when you leave for a trip with our away services.


If you follow all these tips, you’ll be on your way to a stress-free vacation this summer! Learn more about all Arcadia Run has to offer at

Prepare Your Apartment Before Leaving for Vacation

hat and spectacles

Before you head out on the open road for a summer vacation, there are a few things you should take care of at your new apartment home at Arcadia Run! Completing a handful of simple tasks before you leave will ensure that returning home won’t be a chore, so take a look at our tips below!

The day before departure

Make pet arrangements: If you aren’t bringing your pet along for the vacation, be sure to make alternative arrangements so your pet is as comfortable as possible while you’re away.

Set an email autoreply: If you rely on constant email contact for work or school, make sure to install an autoreply message while you’re gone. This will ensure that anyone trying to contact you will know that they are not being ignored or forgotten.

Organize & clean apartment: The last thing you want to do when returning from a vacation is spend hours cleaning your apartment home, so get these things done before you leave:

·     Clean out leftovers/perishables from refrigerator

·     Vacuum and sweep the entire apartment

·     Do all laundry and put clothes away

·     Change sheets

Set out all packed bags & supplies: Put everything you are bringing on your trip by the front door so that you can wake up and go. If there are things that you cannot pack the night before you leave for vacation, like food or your phone charger, write yourself a sticky note as a reminder!

The day of departure

Save energy: Save some energy and keep your apartment maintained by turning the AC down while you are gone. Also remember to turn off and unplug your electronics!

Eliminate fire hazards: Before you leave, make sure your oven and stove are off and there are no candles lit in your apartment home. If you have a coffee maker with a timer, or made coffee in the morning, you should unplug it during your vacation just to be safe.

Make your bed: After getting home from a long trip, there is no better sight than a bed all made and clean waiting for your next slumber.

Take out the trash: Any food in the trashcan can really stink up the place if you let it sit there for a few days or more. Be sure to take out the trash before you leave!

Last but not least, on the way out of your apartment, lock all windows and doors and you’re good to go. If you follow all of these steps before leaving for vacation, you will come home to a clean space that will relax you and ease you back into your everyday routine! Not renting an apartment home at Arcadia Run yet? No worries! Visit us any day of the week, or contact us here: