6 Decorating Trends to Try Now!

Photo Source: newdarlings.com

Photo Source: newdarlings.com

Looking for the hottest decorating trends to incorporate in your new apartment home? Below we have listed 6 popular trends we are crushing on right now!

  1. Mud cloth: Although the name does not have the most appealing visualization, “mud cloth” is actually a very up-and-coming pattern. This pattern is African inspired and mostly seen in fabrics for throw pillows or comforters, but we are seeing this trend everywhere now, even on clothing!
  1. Copper: This hue is a very trendy way to incorporate a hint of metallic into your apartment décor, if neither gold nor silver is your thing. Copper is a more feminine metallic because of its pink undertone, similar to rose gold. You can find copper apartment accessories pretty much all over the place, from tableware to light fixtures.
  1. Curio shelves/cabinets: The coolest way to display all of your little trinkets is with a curio shelf! These shelves have a bunch of tiny compartments built into one frame, and they come in all different shapes to express your style.
  1. Flower bombing: This may be one of the more daring trends that we have seen in recent years, but it sure is pretty. The idea of “flower bombing” is simply just covering an item or space in flowers. It is a bold trend that is sweeping the interior design world and we can’t get enough! You can “flower bomb” a lampshade, pillow, chair, or even a bed frame.
  1. Shell chairs: This vintage chair style is back and better than ever! The unmistakable design was first popular in the 1950’s and is resurfacing as the modern day “minimalist” chair. You can find shell chairs in a variety of colors to match your apartment’s design theme.
  1. Concrete: Industrial interior design has been very popular in the last couple of years. Concrete accessories lend a great hand to this trend if that is the route that you want to take your apartment décor.

To see some great examples of how you can incorporate these trends into your apartment home, visit our Pinterest board here. If you’re in the market to rent a new apartment, visit arcadiarun.com to see how you can get used to getting more with a brand new apartment home at Arcadia Run!

Tour the Award-Winning Clubhouse at Arcadia Run!

From the moment you begin to approach the Clubhouse at Arcadia Run, there is no question that inside is something amazing! The Clubhouse is where our residents get to enjoy community amenities, attend events, and hang out with other Arcadia Run residents. Let us walk you through our award-winning clubhouse in this photo tour below!

When you walk into the lobby of the Clubhouse it is similar to entering a grandiose hotel, with high ceilings and columns lining the entranceway. Directly to your right are the leasing offices of our amazing staff that work day in and day out to ensure our residents have the best experience while living here at Arcadia Run.

If you look to the left, you will see Arcadia Run’s movie theater, complete with comfy lounge chairs, a bar for eating, and a huge movie screen for our Movie Matinee nights or football Sundays!

Straight ahead is just one of the resident lounge areas, featuring a beautiful double-sided stone fireplace and plenty of seating for you and your friends.

On the right side of the lounge is our multimedia center, with computers and desk space for you to utilize while you are studying or getting some work done.

On the left side of the lounge is our bar area and kitchen, where we have wine nights, holiday/resident parties, etc.

Down the right corridor you will find our state of the art Fitness Center. The Fitness Center is made up of two separate rooms: one room with cardio machines and one room with weight and toning machines. The Fitness Center is complete with flat screen TVs and wall-to-wall mirrors to make sure your form is on point. We also can’t forget about the fitness classes that are free for Arcadia Run residents!

As you approach the back of the Clubhouse, you won’t be able to miss our beautiful outdoor patio spaces and resort-style pool through the panoramic windows. The patio spaces are complete with fireplaces and lounge furniture, which makes for a great place to enjoy breezy summer nights.

Our resort-style pool is by far the centerpiece of the Clubhouse, with pool chairs, umbrellas, and even a fountain lining the perimeter.

To the right of the pool is a playground including slides, swings, and a jungle gym, with an adjacent fire-pit for those days when the s’mores are calling your name.

To the left of the pool is a ball court, perfect for an intense neighborhood basketball game, or a solo practice session to work on your free throws.

We know from these photos that the Clubhouse looks beautiful, but even photos can’t do it justice! Stop by Arcadia Run today to tour our Clubhouse and see some of the many reasons our residents love living here! Visit arcadiarun.com for more information or to schedule a tour of our new apartment home community here in Manassas, VA!  

Tips to Declutter for Back to School

clothes on sofa

Summer is an especially busy time of year, and if you’ve had a jam-packed summer, you might have put off some tasks, like deep cleaning your apartment home here at Arcadia Run. Not to worry! We are here to help you with some of the best ways you can clear the clutter to get organized just in time for back to school! 

Make a plan: There is no correct timeline to follow when you are cleaning out clutter from your apartment home, but there are ways to keep the process organized. Do you want to de-clutter all in one day, or is it a weeklong process? Do you want to go room-by-room, or task-by-task? No matter which way you choose to approach it, stick to some kind of schedule!

Organize your storage: How many times do you open one of the many closets in your Arcadia Run apartment and think to yourself, “I have got to clean this out soon.” Well, now is your time to actually do it! Start with the linen closet, make your way through the food pantry, and then move towards other cabinets and storage spots. Reorganize items in an order that makes your life easier and helps you maintain the space. You can also check out our Pinterest board “Essential Storage Hacks” here: https://www.pinterest.com/arcadiarun/

Go through inboxes: It’s hard to organize mail and emails when you are busy all summer long! Take the time to sort both your physical mail and emails into junk, keep, and action piles. Your inbox will thank you when you need to find an important bank statement or shipping confirmation among the back to school emails that will soon be flooding your inbox.

Get to the junk drawer: Whether this is in your desk, kitchen, bedside table, or all three, it is important to clean it out every so often, especially before school starts again. You never know when you will find a missing measuring tape, spare apartment key, or extra school supplies that you would otherwise have to buy.

Clothes and shoes: If you have children, you know that they grow out of their clothes pretty quickly! Have them try on all of their back to school clothes from last year to figure out what they will need. While you’re at it, clean your closet out too! Replace basic clothing items that are damaged or too worn and worry about other clothing items you would like to purchase until after your family’s back to school routine has set in.

Identify things you need: As you work your way through your apartment home at Arcadia Run, keep in mind what you are going to need the next time you go to the store. You’ll probably realize that you need more storage bins, new cleaning supplies, or back to school supplies while you are in the process of getting the clutter out. Be sure to keep a notepad on hand so you can write everything down!

Thinking of leasing a brand new apartment home at Arcadia Run? Visit our website at www.arcadiarun.com where you can check out available floor plans, photo galleries, and what’s in our neighborhood here at Arcadia Run!


5 Ways To Have a Great Relationship With Your Roommate

At Arcadia Run, we offer a number of floor plan options to fit your lifestyle, whether you are living on your own, have a family, or are moving in with a roommate. When it comes to sharing a home with a roommate, you want to make sure that living together doesn’t cause unwanted tension, so check out our tips for having a great relationship with your roommate!

Know each other’s schedule: This is one of those things that you and your roommate should discuss right off the bat! Know each other’s work/school hours, weekly activities, etc., so that your communication runs smoothly. Make sure to send a quick text to each other if your plans change so you are both aware of the apartment status, like if the temperature should be changed, or the trash taken out.

Respect privacy: It is important to make sure you don’t invade your roommate’s personal space, as it can become awkward if they feel you are invading their privacy. Always knock on your roommate’s door before entering and ask permission to borrow things from each other.

Split responsibilities: There are some chores in a household that no one ever likes to do, but someone has to! Equally carry the weight of household chores around the apartment, like taking out the trash, vacuuming the carpet, sweeping the floors, etc. It is a good idea to make an agreement or schedule so that you are on the same page with who does what and when!

Fridge zones: A common discussion among roommates is about one of the most important things in life: food! It is important to make sure you talk about things you might share, like condiments or spices, and things you absolutely do not want to share. The best way to go about this is to create “zones” within the fridge, where you each get your own shelf and then there is a common zone for shared items.

Agree on guest boundaries: Together, discuss when you would like to host guests and who will be visiting the apartment. If your roommate is working at home, don’t have a get together as it could be distracting to their work. Make sure to let each other know if you will have overnight or weekend guests so that you can plan accordingly.

Although you may have heard some roommate horror stories, there are ways to stay friendly and live in a peaceful way! For more information on moving into a brand new apartment home at Arcadia Run, visit www.arcadiarun.com!

6 Need-to-Know Tips to Make Your Guests Feel at Home


Summer is here and chances are that friends and family will want to come visit you at your new apartment home at Arcadia Run! Although the apartment homes here are very spacious, the reality is that you probably don’t have a spare guest room for weekend visitors to claim. Thanks to one of our favorite apartment lifestyle sites, Apartment Therapy, we have collected some of the best tips for hosting guests in your apartment home!

Tip #1: Give them a spot for their luggage

Sometimes it can be a bit awkward having your guest’s belongings scattered throughout the apartment while they are visiting. You can eliminate this by giving them a space, such as a closet or dresser, which can be just theirs while they are staying at your place. At Arcadia Run, it will be easy to find a space with the plenty closets and storage in each apartment home.

Tip #2: Supply some necessities

Since guests will most likely be sleeping in a common room of your apartment home, make it feel more like a bedroom by putting a table tray where an end table would normally be. Fill this tray with things like water, a candle, tissues, alarm clock, and even a pair of socks in case they get chilly. Your guests will appreciate that you thought of everything they would grab for the moment they wake up in the morning.

Tip #3: Plan ahead

It is always a good idea to plan activities and meals ahead of time so that you are prepared when your guests arrive. The entire visit will be more relaxing for you and your guests, and they will appreciate your effort for making them feel so welcomed into your home!

Tip #4: Stock your home

Because your guests won’t have a ton of space to themselves, you can make up for this with proper supplies. When we say “supplies” we don’t mean toilet paper. We are talking about the good stuff, like snacks, drinks, movies, and games. This will give you and your guests a lot to do and you will spend less time running errands and more time enjoying each other’s company.

Tip #5: Buy a quality guest bed

If you plan to host guests frequently at your apartment home, it may be wise to invest in a great guest bed. We suggest taking a look at buying a nice sleeper sofa or a high quality air mattress. With guest beds like these, you won’t have to struggle with the idea of giving up your own comfy bed for the couch!

Tip #6: Let them help you

Often times, guests will offer to help you cook or clean and you may be tempted to say “No thanks, I got this.” The truth is, if you let your guests pitch in with some of the daily chores, it can be a great time for bonding and they will probably feel better that you are willing to include them in whatever it is you are doing; even if it requires some elbow grease. Plus – everything will get done that much faster!

With a little bit of planning and thoughtfulness, hosting guests at your apartment home will be a breeze. With all of the great amenities and things to do here at Arcadia Run, there won’t be a shortage of activities! To schedule your tour of our amazing community, visit arcadiarun.com.

Source: apartmenttherapy.com

Prepare Your Apartment Before Leaving for Vacation

hat and spectacles

Before you head out on the open road for a summer vacation, there are a few things you should take care of at your new apartment home at Arcadia Run! Completing a handful of simple tasks before you leave will ensure that returning home won’t be a chore, so take a look at our tips below!

The day before departure

Make pet arrangements: If you aren’t bringing your pet along for the vacation, be sure to make alternative arrangements so your pet is as comfortable as possible while you’re away.

Set an email autoreply: If you rely on constant email contact for work or school, make sure to install an autoreply message while you’re gone. This will ensure that anyone trying to contact you will know that they are not being ignored or forgotten.

Organize & clean apartment: The last thing you want to do when returning from a vacation is spend hours cleaning your apartment home, so get these things done before you leave:

·     Clean out leftovers/perishables from refrigerator

·     Vacuum and sweep the entire apartment

·     Do all laundry and put clothes away

·     Change sheets

Set out all packed bags & supplies: Put everything you are bringing on your trip by the front door so that you can wake up and go. If there are things that you cannot pack the night before you leave for vacation, like food or your phone charger, write yourself a sticky note as a reminder!

The day of departure

Save energy: Save some energy and keep your apartment maintained by turning the AC down while you are gone. Also remember to turn off and unplug your electronics!

Eliminate fire hazards: Before you leave, make sure your oven and stove are off and there are no candles lit in your apartment home. If you have a coffee maker with a timer, or made coffee in the morning, you should unplug it during your vacation just to be safe.

Make your bed: After getting home from a long trip, there is no better sight than a bed all made and clean waiting for your next slumber.

Take out the trash: Any food in the trashcan can really stink up the place if you let it sit there for a few days or more. Be sure to take out the trash before you leave!

Last but not least, on the way out of your apartment, lock all windows and doors and you’re good to go. If you follow all of these steps before leaving for vacation, you will come home to a clean space that will relax you and ease you back into your everyday routine! Not renting an apartment home at Arcadia Run yet? No worries! Visit us any day of the week, or contact us here: http://staging.arcadiarun.com/contact-us/.

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