Prepare Your Apartment for the Holidays

If you didn’t already know, the winter holidays are almost here! It can be an overwhelming yet fun time of the year, but sometimes things are forgotten when it comes to preparing your apartment home for guests and colder weather. At Arcadia Run we want you (and your apartment) to be ready to bring on the holidays, so here is a list of “to remembers” for this season!

Add the warmth – When the weather starts to get cold, your breezy summer sheets are not going to cut it. Replace bed linens with warmer sheets, like flannel, or add a fleece blanket to make sure you and your holiday guests will stay warm and comfy at night. Also consider area rugs for places like the hallway, because nothing is worse than walking on hard floors with bare feet in December!

Clean – This may be an obvious step, but it doesn’t just mean doing the dishes! During the summer and fall months, allergens, pollen, and dust can get trapped in things like carpets and curtains, or rest on the tops of surfaces. Do a deep cleaning of your apartment to make sure you start fresh this season!

Get ahead of yourself – If you expect that you will have guests visiting for the holidays, stock up on winter home essentials to make your hosting days easier. Items like extra blankets, hot chocolate or tea, and movies & games will save you some last minute trips to the store.

Convert your wardrobe – There is no need to keep your tank tops and mini skirts hanging in the closet when it is getting cold outside. Because of the abundant storage space in Arcadia Run apartments, you can rotate wardrobes according to the season, and store your flip-flops for warmer days at the pool.

Declutter, then decorate – The first thing that many of us jump to during the holidays is decorating, because let’s face it; it is the most fun part! It is important to declutter your space BEFORE you decorate to avoid making a larger mess than you started with. Visit the new Arcadia Run Clubhouse for some decorating tips and tricks!

Buy winter essentials early – Often times during the thick of the cold months, stores will run out of certain “high demand” seasonal items.  These everyday items like lint rollers, static spray, slippers, gift-wrapping supplies, and even calendars will go fast, so get them while you can! And at Arcadia Run, you will have plenty of room to keep everything.

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