Redecorating Your Apartment Home: Tips on Deciding What to Change


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Spring is just around the corner and after you complete your spring-cleaning, you may start thinking about redecorating your Arcadia Run apartment home! Redecorating can seem expensive and stressful, but in reality it doesn’t have to be either. Figuring out a plan and deciding what exactly what you want to change or rearrange in your apartment home will eliminate the stress of redecorating. Check out some of our ideas for how to go about redecorating your Arcadia Run apartment home.

Make a Plan

One of the most common downfalls to redecorating is when you try to do too much all at once. If you live with a roommate or partner, sit down and discuss what changes you are thinking of. Go room by room and decide what you want to keep and what you want to improve. One of the best things about redecorating is that you can go at your own pace! Figure out a short-term plan that highlights what you want to get done the most, and then talk about what can wait. Once you have your plan set, then the real fun can start.

Room by Room

Once you have figured out which room you want to start redecorating first, you can decide what exactly about it you want to change. Redecorating your living room can be something as simple as rearranging the furniture, which will give the room a brand new look and layout! If you have decided to buy new furniture, such as couches and chairs, make sure that the rest of the room will compliment your new additions. Small changes, like curtains and pillows can also enhance the new look that you are going for.

Change can be hard

Redecorating is fun, but too much too soon can be overwhelming. If you are making changes to a personal space, such as your bedroom, try one or two small changes at a time. Something like changing your bedspread or duvet cover can change the whole look of your room! Spend a few nights getting used to it, and then go from there. Introducing one piece at a time, from a duvet cover to curtains to a new lamp, can ease you into a completely different look.

Use What You Have

If you are looking to redecorate but don’t want to spend an exorbitant amount of money, try using items that you already have! Pull that mirror out of the back of your closet and hang it up in your dining room, or switch your artwork around to different rooms. Print out some recent photos of that trip you went on, or from a family gathering. Swap out older photos for the new ones and rearrange the frames; it will help give your apartment home a fresh look!

Before and After

Before you start redecorating, take photos of the way your apartment home currently looks. If you end up not being thrilled with the way things turn out, then you will be able to look back and see the way you had things before. If you love all of the changes you made, take some fun ‘after’ photos and post them online, tagging Arcadia Run!

Our spacious apartment homes at Arcadia Run are the perfect place to try out some new design ideas! For information about our apartment homes, check us out online.

Redecorate Your Apartment: Fall 2015

We love the fall season at Arcadia Run and it is quickly approaching here in Manassas, VA! When the seasons change, so do your home needs. If you want your new apartment home to reflect the season, with just the right amount of your personal style, here are some easy tips to make your apartment cozy and warm this fall!

Add layers – Just like you will be adding layers of clothing to your wardrobe for chillier months, you can layer your apartment too! Add comfy area rugs, blankets, and pillows to keep your apartment warm and inviting.

Rethink your colors – If you want some trendy ideas for fall, take a look at Pantone’s Fall 2015 colors to use for room accents, like a blanket or a vase. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, repaint a piece of old furniture to add more color to the apartment.

Seasonal décor – You can never go wrong with the classic autumn décor, like pumpkins, fall foliage, and a wreath for the front door. You can go as big or as subtle as you want with these fall inspired details.

Cover it up – If you have any wooden seating in your home, consider a slipcover or seat cushion to add a little more comfort. Slipcovers can also add an instant color makeover to any couch or chair!

Replace scents – Gone are the days when your air fresheners, hand soaps, and candles smell like a fruity cocktail or the ocean breeze. Replace the scents in your home with pumpkin, spice, and everything nice!

Flowers – Bringing in seasonal fresh flowers can brighten up any room. To add a little twist, put dried flowers in a vase for a rustic feel.

Frame your summer memories – With the warm weather on the outs, you will most likely be spending more time inside. Print out your favorite summer photos and place them in frames around your apartment.