Transforming Your Apartment Bathroom into a Luxurious Space

Just because you don’t live in a five-star hotel, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice living in a luxurious space! Trulia has put together several ways that you can make your apartment bathroom a spa-like retreat, and we will share with you how to utilize these tips in your Arcadia Run apartment home!

Add some colorful art: Studies have shown that blues and greens are two calming colors that you will commonly see in other relaxing spaces, like salons and spas. Paint your own peaceful landscape to hang on the wall or find accessories that embody your favorite colors. 

Invest in quick drying mats: Nothing is worse than getting out of the shower to a soaking wet bath mat, or brushing your teeth and stepping in a puddle. Quick dry bath mats will ensure that your bathroom tile does not get super slippery and your feet will stay warm and dry.

Listen to calming sounds: If you love listening to music, or the sounds of the great outdoors, there are devices out there specifically designed for your shower! Waterproof speakers, or a sound machine, will create the ultimate relaxing atmosphere as you wind down from a long day.

Low lighting: Lighting is one factor that can always set the tone of a room, and having dimmed lighting can be a great way to relax. Opt for some candles or a standalone light dimmer that can be placed on the bathroom counter or hung from the curtain rod.

Add soothing scents: Believe it or not, certain scents like eucalyptus and lavender have a calming effect on the mind. You can incorporate these scents in many different ways like candles, bath crystals, air fresheners, or even a eucalyptus or aloe plant.

Create a display: Display your products or accessories in glass jars along the countertop or a shelf. The beautiful materials of the jars will exude a more luxurious feel rather than having them in boxes or shower bottles.

Warm it up: Keep a pair of slippers and a cozy bathrobe hanging on the back of your bathroom door so you can dry off and warm up quickly after every shower or bath. Having these items will also make getting ready each day much more enjoyable in the colder months!

Creating a luxurious bathroom space is really about incorporating items that will play to your senses and relax your body and mind. For more information about leasing a brand new apartment home to create your personal oasis in, visit


6 Steps Towards the Perfect Sleep in Your New Bedroom

Everyone has their own strategies for a good night’s sleep, but if you are looking for a few pointers to make your bedroom more sleep friendly, you have come to the right place! Here are 6 more steps towards the perfect sleep in your new bedroom at Arcadia Run:

Make the space serene: Having your room decorated in a pleasing way creates a serene environment to give you a more peaceful sleep. When choosing colors for your room, light colors, especially blue, will benefit your mood and sleep.

Choose a good temperature: Studies have shown that too hot or too cold rooms will disturb your sleep and cause you to toss and turn during the night. The ideal temperature for quality sleep is between 60-67 degrees.

Block the distractions & noise: Your body’s natural sleep cycle can be disturbed by light and noises coming from all of the electronics and other distractions that are in your bedroom. When you go to sleep, keep all of the distractions to a minimum and try not to fall asleep with the television on. If you must be on your phone, computer or tablet, keep the brightness down.

Add calming scents: Certain scents, such as lavender, vanilla, and jasmine have a calming effect on your body, which may help you fall asleep faster. If you are wary about using candles or air fresheners, prepare a nice cup of hot tea with these flavors and for the same calming effect.

Keep it clean: If you tend to have a messy room, you are more likely to have some stress caused by the mess when you go to bed and then again when you wake up. Laundry is one of the top causes of a messy room, so make it a priority to keep up with your laundry routine.

Make a comfortable bed: Everyone has a different idea of what a comfy bed feels like. Finding the most comfortable bed for you is all about trial and error because you might fall asleep faster with a firm mattress than with a soft one, or vice versa. And don’t forget, the same goes for pillows!

Sometimes habits take awhile to change, so if you want to start adjusting your sleeping routines with these awesome steps, you don’t have to rush into it. Take it slow and steadily integrate these as a part of your go-to tricks for a perfect sleep!