Topiary Treasures That Will Thrive in Your Apartment

If you’ve been cursed with a black thumb, but still love the way that plants look in your home, have no fear! You won’t have to worry about killing that beautiful plant your mother in-law gave you when you learn how to make plants thrive in your Arcadia Run apartment home. The trick is learning which plants thrive best indoor, and which plants you should leave at the store. Check out some of our favorite small plants that will add a touch of natural décor to your Arcadia Run apartment home.

Lucky Bamboo

Typically given as a gift to welcome someone to a new home or even a new job, lucky bamboo is remarkably easy to care for! It doesn’t require tons of sunlight, and can last in dim lighting if you forget to pull back the curtains during the day. Just remember to change the water every two to four weeks, and you’ll be living in a totally Zen space with the addition of this lucky bamboo.


If you’re looking for a plant that is out of the ordinary and has you dreaming of desert days all year round, invest in some small cacti! Cacti can thrive in a sunny room, but be sure not to place them in areas that get extended amounts of direct sunlight. Be sure to water them once a week while they are growing, but they’ll require less care during cooler months.

Snake Plant

No, we’re not asking you to house actual snakes in your apartment home! One of the most common houseplants, the snake plant is a tough plant that makes it conducive to any living environment. These tall leaves can tolerate dim light, as well as thrive in medium to bright light, making it a nice addition to a desk or end table. Water these plants every so often, but be sure to let the soil dry between waterings.

African Violets

Add a pop of color to your apartment home with the African Violet. Buy a few to scatter around your apartment, and watch as they bloom different shades of purple. All they require is a little water once a week but be sure not to get water on their delicate leaves. African Violets are one of the few flowers that requite little care, making them the perfect plant for your Arcadia Run apartment home.

Peace Lily

As another flowering plant that requires little care, the Peace Lily is great choice for your apartment home. This flower can survive and thrive in any type of lighting, even fluorescent lighting! The Peace Lily will also give you signs for when it is thirsty, as it will droop a little when it needs water. Nothing better than a plant that will talk to you when it needs something! Just be sure not to over hydrate it and let the soil dry between waterings.

Taking care of plants and flowers in your Arcadia Run apartment home doesn’t have to be a chore with these easy options!