Basic Cleaning Essentials for Your Apartment Home

When living in an apartment home that is smaller than a single-family house, it is so important to keep up with cleaning to keep the space spick and span. Not only will keeping your apartment home clean benefit your health and lifestyle, but it will ensure that the quality of features such as your countertops and floors stay looking like new. If you only want to purchase the necessities without fancy cleaning solutions or gadgets, take a look below at our list of the essential items for keeping your apartment home clean every day!


Paper towels: If you don’t have paper towels in your apartment home yet, what are you waiting for? These multipurpose towels are the best for cleaning up spills, wiping away dust, or just tidying up surfaces in your home. The best part about paper towels is that you can throw them away as soon as you are done with them to eliminate any odor or bacteria.

Disinfectant: While there are many types of disinfectants to choose from, this solution is necessary for eliminating bacteria in all areas of your apartment home. We recommend an all-purpose disinfectant to use on hard surfaces throughout your apartment home, but you can also grab an air and fabric disinfectant to eliminate even more allergens and bacteria that can get trapped in your home.

Dishwashing liquid: Not only does this come in handy to cut through grease and grime when you are hand washing larger or more delicate dishes, but it can be used for an assortment of other things. Most dishwashing liquids are strong enough to also use as a spot carpet cleaner, window cleaner, shower cleaner, and more!

Scrubbing brushes or sponges: Even though each of our new apartment homes has a dishwasher, you are going to need additional cleaning tools for dishes that need to be hand washed. Scrubbing brushes and sponges are both inexpensive tools for your apartment, and can also be used to scrub countertops, showers, etc.

Vacuum cleaner: Because our apartments include carpeted rooms, a vacuum cleaner would be a wise investment. The best part about vacuums today is that there are several kinds for you to use on both carpets and hard flooring, which can eliminate the need for a broom.

Sweeper mop: This is also an essential cleaning tool for living at Arcadia Run since there are also rooms with tile and laminate in each apartment home in addition to carpet. We recommend purchasing a multipurpose sweeper mop that can double as a dry broom and a mop. These are readily available at many stores and are compact for easy storage.


Other items that we recommend include baking soda and white vinegar which can both be used for a number of homemade cleaners when you are in a pinch or don’t have specialized cleaning solutions on hand. It also helps to have some microfiber cloths readily available for when you really need to absorb a spill or pick up a stain. Although paper towels can work fine, microfiber materials work even better!

Fore more information about our new apartment homes here at Arcadia Run, visit our website and stop by to take a tour of our (super clean) model apartment home today!

Your One Stop Spring Cleaning Checklist

It’s that time of year again at Arcadia Run: spring-cleaning! The snow has melted (hopefully), the days are getting longer, and warm weather is right around the corner! Spring forward into cleaning your apartment home with our one stop spring cleaning checklist, covering everything from supplies to lists to what to do first (and what not to do). We want to help make spring-cleaning as painless as possible for you, so check out our tips below!


Plan of attack: Make a list of the rooms you want to tackle, and in what order, before you get started. If your roommate is helping, the best idea is to divide and conquer. Assign each person a room and focus on your room before helping someone else with a larger space. If you are cleaning by yourself, give yourself a realistic timeline to get everything done.


Supplies: Figure out the supplies you will need to clean each room and if you need extras. Pick up larger quantities of items that you will get used up faster, such as paper towels. For larger items such as vacuums, determine who will need it the most and let them use it first. Tip: Try to use as many cleaning items as you can before they run out and you need to replace them. If you have small children, be sure to keep all cleaners out of their reach.


One thing at a time: Work your way around each room by focusing on one thing at a time, for example, start with cleaning your stove, then move to the fridge, then cabinets, etc. If you know that you REALLY need to organize your cabinets, start there! Taking care of the item that gives you the most stress right away will make you feel even better about spring-cleaning.


Keep, Toss, Donate: Almost everything you are going through during spring-cleaning, such as clothing, shoes, or even small pieces of decor, can fall under one of these three labels. Clothing items and shoes that you have not worn for the last year can be donated (no, you don’t really need that denim skirt from college) and some miscellaneous clutter can be tossed. Keep things that you know will withstand some wear, but toss those grimy sponges and dish towels that have seen better days. Getting rid of space-eating clutter will leave your apartment home feeling light and organized!


Wash: Now is the time to wash everything, and we mean everything! Wash all of your bedding, including duvet covers and blankets. If you are donating any clothes, be sure to wash those as well. For those who are going an extra step and organizing their closets/drawers, when in doubt, wash it again. If you read our last blog, you may have already washed your dishtowels and bath towels, but if not, don’t forget about your smaller linens!


Disinfect: We won’t get into the gross details about all of the germs that inevitably float around, but they get everywhere, including inside your apartment! Pay special attention to places in your apartment home that you touch often, such as doorknobs, remote controls, faucets, and the refrigerator door handle. Rubbing those down with a disinfectant wipe will reduce your chances of getting sick or breathing in allergens, and no one wants to be sick when spring comes around!


Take your time: Don’t stress about getting everything done at once. If you start feeling overwhelmed, take a break. Figure out what you WANT to get done, and do those things first. Save some smaller tasks for later or even another day. Going at your own pace will make cleaning less stressful and give you a chance to do a thorough job, instead of rushing through everything.


These are just a few of our spring-cleaning ideas, and feel free to add yours to our checklist! For more information about our apartment homes, visit Arcadia Run online.