“No Nails” Apartment Decor

As any renter knows, decorating a new apartment can be tricky, especially when trying to avoid damage to the walls.  Luckily, tenants have so many more options these days – the possibilities are endless!

Stand-Alone Shelving

Additional shelving is one of the biggest needs for renters.  And what better space to utilize than an open wall?  Instead of installing shelves directly to the wall (which is a tricky process), opt for a stand-alone shelving unit instead.  These can provide even more surfaces for your belongings and are available in various styles.  Not to mention, they are much easier to manage when rearranging your living space!

Temporary Hooks

If you’d like to take advantage of wall space on a smaller scale, temporary hooks may be your answer.  They can be easily mounted and removed, giving you flexibility when styling your walls.  With several sizes and colors, temporary hooks are ideal for everything from hanging a painting to holding your keys.


Wall putty isn’t just for teachers anymore! Once a difficult product to come by, putty is now a convenient way to hang prints and posters on any wall – without damaging the paint or drywall.

Wall Stickers

Wall decorations have certainly come a long way! These days, renters can find elaborate wall stickers – in various styles, patterns and colors – at any home décor store. They can be applied to empty wall space and easily removed if need be. These temporary self-adhesive designs are ideal to brighten up and personalize any space.

With these helpful tips, we’re confident your new luxury apartment at Arcadia Run will be beautifully styled to your tastes!

Still looking for that perfect space?  Phase II at Arcadia Run is now available for leasing.  With even more stunning models to choose from, our tenants will have to get used to living in one of the greatest new apartment communities in Manassas, Virginia!