Must-Have Apartment Essentials

With Phase 2 of Arcadia Run in the works, it’ll only be a matter of time before we start welcoming our newest residents.  And whether this is the first apartment you’ve ever lived in or the fifth, there is a set of ‘apartment essentials’ that all renters should have in their arsenal:

A Vacuum

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy vacuum – you just need to find one that suits you and your new apartment best.  Opt out of this essential and you could be faced with a dingy apartment and no way to clean it!

Spices & Herbs

Appropriately stocking your pantry is the fastest way to feel comfortable in your new kitchen.  If you love to cook, you’ll need all the everyday seasonings like garlic, salt, pepper, cinnamon and so on. This might take some time to build the perfect collection, but you’ll love having every spice right when you need it.

Cooking Supplies

Speaking of spending time in the kitchen, it might be important to bring utensils and tools you can actually use to cook with when you move!  If you cook regularly, it’s not a bad idea to invest in sturdier, more expensive items that will last.

Tool Box/First Aid

Despite them being necessities, items like these are easy to overlook when planning a move.  Aside from it just being a good idea to have both a small tool kit and a stocked first aid kit nearby, you’ll be thankful to have them handy if when you need them.

Storage Bins & Hangers

Space is a precious commodity no matter where you live.  Luckily for residents at Arcadia Run, space is plentiful – many apartment units even feature walk-in closets!  Regardless of the amount of space you have in your new place, it’s important to have an efficient way to store off-season clothing and other items.

Your Favorite Things

Like we mentioned in our last article, Making a New Apartment Your Home, having a few sentimental pieces in your new apartment will make you feel right at home in no time. Having your favorite blanket to curl up with on your perfectly broken-in couch are essentials in our book!

The tall ceilings, granite countertops, designer cabinetry and bright and spacious floor plans in our new luxury apartment homes at Arcadia Run make any transition easier.  Manassas, home to our apartment complex, is teeming with community events and things to do, so making new friends with your neighbors isn’t hard to do!  Take a look at the units available – make sure to check out the apartments we’re pre-leasing for Phase 2!