Beat the Heat at Sweet Frog in Manassas!

The weather has been heating up and summer is almost here!  Whether you have been lounging at the pool, hiking through the woods, fishing on a lake, or playing at the park, there is no better way to cool off than with some ice cold frozen yogurt from Sweet Frog in Manassas!


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Offering innovative flavors such as maple bacon donut, carrot cake, honey lavender, and apple pie; and classic standards such as chocolate, vanilla, lemon, and raspberry, Sweet Frog has fun flavors to fit everybody’s tastes.    There are nonfat and low-fat yogurt options for people looking to maintain their beach bodies, no-sugar-added options for dieters and diabetics, and a variety of sorbets for those looking for a lighter treat.  Sweet Frog has a number of toppings to choose from as well, from fresh fruit and finely chopped nuts, to crunchy cookies and crumbled candy bars.


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The best part about Sweet Frog is that you serve yourself so you can mix and match any flavors you’d like.   Located in the Bull Run Plaza at 11648 Sudley Manor Drive in Manassas, just a few miles from the Arcadia Run Apartments, Sweet Frog is the perfect place to cool off this summer!