Make Your Own Canvas Art and Liven Up Your Walls!

Who said owning beautiful wall art means breaking the bank?

In fact, you’ll save money and take pride in the work you display at home if you make it yourself.
And with these easy DIY ways to create canvas art and simple wall hangings, you’ll surprise your guests when they find out your stunning artwork is the product of a couple dollars, a little elbow grease and a burst of your own creativity.

Canvas art and DIY wall hangings have been popular these days, particularly type-heavy pieces. Pick a quote you adore, choose a font that vibes with you (dafont offers a great, categorized guide to different fonts) and turn it into a stencil. From there, grab a little paint and you’re off!

 Coffee Canvas - Bungalow Classic

Image: Bungalow Classic

If you’re interested in creating something a bit more abstract, we suggest heading to a local craft store and purchasing a canvas or three. Made2Style has an excellent guide for creating beautiful canvas art at a low cost.

Canvas Made2Style

Image: Made2Style

If you’re feeling a bit more ambitious, your canvas work can take on multiple layers and hues. We love this canvas art, created merely with painters tape and a palette of paints. It’s vibrant, striking and the pattern adds an artistic edge to any wall.


Canvas - Home of Bambou

Image: Home of Bambou

Once again, a bit of painters tape and a spectrum of color can go a long way.

Tape Painting Canvas

Image: Maria Teorien 

Want to create your own artwork, but don’t want to paint it yourself? We love these canvases from Style Lush Blog. She took scrapbook paper and, using spray adhesive, transferred the sheet’s design onto a blank canvas. The result is ordered, gorgeous and pain-free!

scrapbook paper style lush

Image: Style Lush Blog

 No matter how you choose to put it together, the beauty of DIY canvas art is that you can make it entirely yours.

And that is a beautiful thing.