The One-Day Room Makeover For Your Apartment 

If you’re moving into a new apartment home at Arcadia Run, you are probably thinking about bringing along everything from your previous home. If you already live in an apartment home at Arcadia Run, then you’ve probably thought about redecorating your space. Thanks to, we have put together a guide to makeover a room (or two for the more ambitious) in only one day!

Clear out: Take everything out of the room and clear the space. This will give you a clean slate so that you can imagine what it will look like.

Clean: While the space is cleared out, clean the room! You’ll feel much better about redecorating if you are also being productive.

Rearrange the space: Plan out a new way to rearrange the furniture in the room, whether that means swapping the couches, or completely thinking of a new setup. Believe it or not, there are tools online where you can virtually arrange everything in the room before you even move the furniture.

Don’t break it up: Apartments look larger when big objects and furniture are up against the walls, so try your best not to break up the room by putting things in the middle of the space.

Move lighting: Lighting plays a surprisingly large part in the way a room looks. While you are rearranging furniture, think about where the lighting can move to best suit the arrangement.

Switch out one piece of furniture: If you have the time and money to do so, go for it and buy a new piece of furniture. A simple, updated piece will give the room a new vibe.

Cover it up: Don’t want to buy a new piece of furniture? Cover it up! There are plenty of inexpensive options for slipcovers, tablecloths, etc. to disguise your existing furniture.

Paint your furniture: Although painting furniture does take time, this could make the largest impact on a room. If you are ambitious enough to paint your furniture, there are plenty of quick fix paint options.

Accent pillows and new accessories: Accent pillows and other accessories, like art, can largely contribute to the colors in a room, and are relatively inexpensive to replace. If you want the full effect of a room makeover, this is a great way to add pattern and color.

Add greenery: Plants bring a friendly element to a room, and it is an easy way to brighten up the space with color.

No matter how you decide to redecorate the space, there are many inexpensive and quick ways to give your apartment home an update. Learn more about how you can rent a new apartment home at Arcadia Run by visiting our website today!